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Captain Harlock - Adventures on the Edge of the Universe

Data: 125 pages, illustrated, paperback
Author: Elena Romanello
Year: 2009
Editor: Iacobelli (I Love Anime necklace)

Captain Harlock is a space pirate, who with his spaceship Alkadia faces a thousand adventures, beyond the extremes of our solar system. In the light of the time that has elapsed (it appeared in 1978), the Captain Harlock series has been in some ways far-sighted: the inability of the politicians of its future and the indifference of people bewildered by television, seem incredibly prophetic in the eyes of our time. . The mix of genres and atmospheres: from novel to western, from science fiction to romantic feuilleton is incredibly modern. This book takes the opportunity to retrace the fantastic work of Leiji Matsumoto, who like few other comic authors has been able to combine adventure and sensuality, fantasy and feelings of justice. To discover and to remember ... beyond space and time.

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