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Star Wars booksStar Wars saga edition. Role playing game. Basic manual

Data: 286 illustrated pages, paperback
Year: 2008
Editor: Twenty Five Edition

Experience the great emotions and dive into the most famous space fantasy saga of all time. Defend the Republic from the sinister plots of the Sith, join the Rebellion against the oppressive power of the Empire and save the New Republic from the tyranny of the yuuzhan vong. The only limit to adventures is your imagination. Full Game Rules for Gamers and Game Masters. Characters, creatures, weapons, vehicle gear and droids from all six Star Wars movies (including Episode III: Revenge of the Sith) and the vast universe of comics, novels and computer games. Color battle map to fight with miniatures ...

Star Wars booksStar Wars. Pop-up guide to the galaxy

Data: 12 illustrated pages, bound
Author: Reinhart Matthew
Year: 2008
Editor: Blacksmiths (Star Wars necklace)

From droids to lightsabers, from the history of the Rebel Alliance to the Millennium Falcon, a complete and three-dimensional guide to the world of StarWars. On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the release in theaters of Star Wars (1977), a pop-up book signed by Matthew Reinhart, co-author with Robert Sabuda of the Prehistoric Encyclopedia series, arrives in bookstores. Age of reading: from 8 years.

Star Wars booksStar Wars: A New Hope-The Empire Strikes Back-The Return of the Jedi. Vol. 1

Data: 572 illustrated pages, bound
Author: George Lucas
Year: 2008
Editor: Sperling & Kupfer (Serial necklace)

The classic Star Wars trilogy: from Luke Skywalker's escape from the planet Tatooine to the destruction of the Death Star in "A New Hope"; from the capture of Han Solo and Lela to the thrilling duel with Darth Vader in "The Empire Strikes Back"; from the lair of Jabba de 'Hutt to the final battle of the Alliance Rebels in "Return of the Jedi". The eternal struggle between Good and Evil, between the Force and its Dark Side, in a saga that is now a myth

Star Wars booksThe attack of the clones. Episode II. Star Wars

Data: 335 illustrated pages, bound
Author: Salvatore RA
Year: 2005
Editor: Sperling & Kupfer (Serial necklace)

The second episode of the Star Wars saga opens with the worrying crisis of the Republic: although it has been ruled by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine for ten years, inside it the separatists are threatening war and the Senate appears divided. A very fragile situation, which at any moment could plunge the galaxy into chaos. Meanwhile, Anakin Skywalker, now XNUMX years old and Obi-Wan Kenobi's apprentice, is angering the Jedi Council for his intolerant behavior to the rules and for the never dormant passion for Senator Padm . Unfortunately, events are turning for the worse and Masters Yoda and Mace Windu sense that the dark side is increasing, tarnishing the ability of the Jedi to see the future. is not responsible for the contents, shipments and services offered by the shops listed here. Cartoni online is not a commercial site, but merely suggests articles and services regarding the world of cartoons and comics with external links.