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Orange Road


Original title: Kimagure Orenji Rodo
Johnny, Sabrina, Tinetta, Manuela, Simona, Sergei, Ercole, Luigi, Michael and Kazuya Hatta, Paolo, Akane, Renato, Aldo

Production: Pierrot
Author: Izumi Matsumoto
: Osamu Kobayashi

Country: Japan
Year: April 6 1987
Broadcast in Italy: January 24 1989
Gender: Comedy
Episodes: 48
duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

"It's almost magic Johnny"was born as a manga comic in Japan in 1984, but its original name is" Kimagure Orange Road ", from the imagination and pencils of the designer Kazuya Terashima (aka Izumi Matsumoto), who certainly has the gift of reaching the hearts and sensibilities of adolescents. The publication of the comic in Italy took place in 1992 by Star Comics, after the success of the cartoon "It's almost magic Johnny".


"It's almost magic Johnny"is the story of Johnny (Kyosuke in the original manga), a boy with esp powers, that is, able to read minds. Johnny is madly in love with Sabrina (Madoka in the original manga), a girl as beautiful as she is rebellious and initially indifferent Johnny's feeling. Between Johnny and Sabrina there is Tinetta (Hiraku in the original manga), Sabrina's best friend who, however, is very much in love with Johnny and who would like to become his girlfriend, but Johnny is basically an indecisive with a tender heart. to further complicate the story is Yusaku, a suitor of Tinetta who sees Johnny as smoke in his eyes. Particularly funny are Johnny's cousins: Kazuya and Akane, also gifted like Johnny to read minds and even to change their appearance, therefore knowing the crush their cousin feels for Sabrina, they combine all the colors.

Just think that Johnny was once transformed into a goldfish and was looked at and admired by everyone, including Sabrina. Johnny, however, remains constantly undecided does Tinetta and Sabrina, the first considers her a sensitive and sweet girl with whom he has established a good relationship, the second attracts him to the point of making him lose his head.


Johnny is in the third year of middle school and as mentioned above, he is endowed with esp powers inherited from his mother: he is able not only to read minds, but also to always move objects with the strength of his mind and to teleport his body everywhere. . Sabrina is Johnny's classmate and initially she is certainly not the sweet girl of the last episodes of the series, in fact she initially frequents a gang of thugs, but little by little, especially after meeting Johnny, she begins to change and refine her ways, this is because in the end, she too begins to have a tender feeling towards Johnny. Sometimes Sabrina enjoys playing the keyboard in her cousin Sam's rock band. Tinetta is two years younger than Johnny and Sabrina and is in the first grade of middle school. She is the best friend of Sabrina and she too initially, despite being a sweet and sensitive girl, is in her group of thugs. But when she meets Johnny it's love at first sight and she radically changes her attitude. Johnny, just arrived in town after a transfer, decides to take a walk and meets Sabrina.


A friendship begins immediately between the two, but Johnny immediately falls in love with her. On his first day of school in that city, Johnny discovers that he is the classmate of the beautiful Sabrina, but discovers that in reality Sabrina is also a feared hooligan. Inside the school he also knows Tinetta. Johnny and Sabrina start dating for study and also for work, as Sabrina works in a bar and Johnny never misses an opportunity to woo her. But Johnny continues to be undecided about his feelings, he doesn't want to lose Tinetta, but at the same time he is very much in love with Sabrina. We leave you with this dilemma. Will Johnny be able to make up his own mind and follow his truest feeling?


All the characters and images of Kimagure orange road are copyright Izumi Matsumoto and right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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Episode titles
01. A new city
02. The lecture
03. The first night in the disco
04. A terrible misconception
05. The secret
06. Do we study together?
07. Gossip!
08. The two models
09. The kidnapping
10. The premonitory dream
11. The wedding
12. A sudden departure
13. A new look
14. Everyone in the ring
15. A little lie
16. Do you believe in UFOs?
17. Double appointment
18. The indomitable wave
19. The Forbidden Island
20. Sports holidays
21. Summer memories!
22. The cross-country race
23. Jealousy
24. Qualities
25. The eternal indecisive
26. Transformations
27. A strange wound
28. From today we change!
29. I want mom!
30. Simona falls in love
31. What a strange couple
32. The splitting
33. The mushroom of truth
34. A visit to the grandparents
35. Duel in the snow storm
36. Super Johnny
37. The perverse camera / Johnny robot
38. Merry Christmas!
39. An extraordinary new year
40. TAP Gun
41. A magic clock
42. The friend of the heart
43. Rock music
44. Valentine's Day
45. A bad shot
46. ​​Holidays on the snow
47. Journey into the past
48. The temporal dimensions
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