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Terry and Maggie

Original title: Mirakuru Garuzu
Maggie, Terry, Nelson, Karver, Prof. Kaspar, Rita, Yari, Ruth, Emma, ​​Princess Marie, Alberto Sette, Marcello

Production: Asatsu, Japan Taps, Nippon Animation
Author: Nami Akimoto
: Hiroko Tokita

Country: Japan
Year: January 9 1993
Broadcast in Italy: March 1996
Gender: Comedy / Maghette
Episodes: 51 mm
Duration: 25 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The cartoon "It's a little bit of magic for Terry and Maggie"it's taken from the manga comic"Miracle Girls"by the author Nami Akimoto, published in Japan in 1991 in Kodansha's Nakayoshi magazine, while in Italy it was published in 1997 by Star Comics. The anime consists of 51 episodes, produced in 1993 by NAS, JT and NTV , was broadcast on Italia 1 starting from March 1996.

Diamante is a small country located in Europe. In this kingdom, a mysterious flower is about to bloom that will play a decisive role in the future of the twins Terry and Maggie. The two girls live with their parents and attend the first year of high school. Despite being twins, they are very different in both appearance and character. Maggie (Mikage in the manga) is a sweet and romantic long-haired girl, who especially loves studying chemistry (although most of the time she combines some explosions). Terry (Tonomi in the manga) is a short-haired, outgoing and sporty girl and is engaged to Nelson, a playful boy, who loves to excel in all sports. Both are endowed with paranormal ESP powers (such as Johnny of Orange Road), that is able to read other people's thoughts, therefore they cannot hide their secrets, moreover they can also teleport their bodies, simply by joining their little finger. The only ones who know their secret are Karver and Nelson. Maggie learns from Terry's thought, of Karver's upcoming departure for London, why the boy wants to further his studies thanks to the winning of a scholarship. The day before Karver's departure, Maggie is very sad and almost can't forgive him, but the boy explains his motivations and his great dream since he was a child, to be able to study in Europe. Before leaving, he gives Maggie a watch. Just in that instant in the village of Diamante, the legendary flowers bloom and so too in Terry and Maggie's garden.

Terry and Maggie

The next day Karver, Terry and Nelson wait for Maggie at the airport before Karver embarks. Maggie is late because she was writing a letter to deliver to her boyfriend. During the frantic race, he collides with a shady individual and between the two there is an erroneous exchange of letters. So Maggie delivers the wrong letter to Karver before he leaves. The letter that Karver reads was written by terrorists, who want to hijack the plane, and in fact the guy who had collided with Maggie, draws a gun and threatens the passengers. The girls advised by Nelson, learn the news of the hijacking from the news. Maggie thanks to her ESP powers reads the thoughts of the passengers on the plane and rushes to the airport. The terrorists want to carry out a demonstration action visible from all over the world, so they threaten the pilot to read their statements contained in the envelope and communicate them to the news. Unfortunately for them, they deliver Maggie's letter, which they mistakenly exchanged, so the pilot reads in the vision world the sweet phrases Maggie wrote for Karver. The latter tries to take the letter from the hijackers, but is hit by one of the terrorists who shoots him, touching him on the arm. Maggie senses the danger and together with her sister Terry, they teleport inside the plane. Thanks to their arrival, which creates so much amazement and confusion, the hijacking is prevented, but the girls will immediately return to their dimension, without really appearing in the eyes of the passengers. Only Karver understands that it was all thanks to Terry and Maggie. Meanwhile, in the kingdom of Diamante, the ancient legend of the twins Emma and Marie will be able to relive thanks to Terry and Maggie and their bond with the magical flowers that have finally blossomed, both on the kingdom of Diamante and on the garden of our protagonists.

Terry and Maggie

All characters and images in It's a little bit of magic for Terry and Maggie are copyright Nami Akimoto, NAS, JT, NTV and their rights holders. are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

A little magic video for Terry and Maggie


Episode titles of It's Some Magic for Terry and Maggie
01. An unexpected departure
02. The hijacking
03. My heart is in London
04. Sales at department stores
05. A question of sensitivity
06. Sensitive for a day
07. Sunspots
08. The little lion
09. Holidays on the snow (first part)
10. Holidays on the snow (second part)
11. A timeless love
12. The rock concert
13. The exchange
14. Uncontrollable powers
15. The splitting
16. The marathon of memories
17. Return to the past
18. The unicorn
19. A special birthday
20. The typhoon
21. Trip to the mountains
22. The first love
23. Alice in Wonderland
24. Karver's girls
25. The rain fairy
26. Change of school
27. The baseball team
28. The challenge
29. Picnic with the ghost
30. Always united
31. A busy summer (first part)
32. A busy summer (second part)
33. The game of couples
34. The sweater
35. The new schoolmate
36. A dangerous guy
37. Friendship concerned
38. Delusions of greatness
39. An invitation to London
40. Yari against Nelson
41. A journey into the past
42. Terry's outburst
43. Ciak, turn around!
44. Daddy's Girl
45. Mrs. Kaspar
46. ​​A sighed letter
47. The magical girls
48. Toh who sees you again
49. A long awaited return
50. Wedding preparations
51. Destiny is fulfilled

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