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A tutto gas

Original title: Yoroshiku Mechadock
Marco, Ivano, Luca, Marcello, Riccardo, Pedro, Paola, Manuela, Romina, Nonna Betty, Roby, Giulio, Nabe, Sara, Paul
Production: Tatsunoko Productions
Regia: Hidehito Ueda
Country: Japan
Year: 1984
Gender: Sportsman
Episodes: 30
duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old
A tutto gas

The series A tutto gas (original title Yoroshiku Mechadock) was broadcast for the first time in Italy in 1992 on the various regional television broadcasters. The cartoon produced by the Japanese Tatsunoko in 1985 is made up of 30 episodes each lasting 25 minutes. Someone may remember the acronym "A tutto gas", sung by Giampi Daldello. The genre is the automotive one that refers to very successful souls like Grand Prix the champion and Ken Falco. The protagonists are Marco, Ivano and Luca, three friends with a passion for engines and mechanics. Marco has the dream of becoming a Formula 1 driver, Ivano is a genius of mechanics and Luca is a great generous worker who is always ready to help his friends. The three have fun transforming small cars, to make them into racing cars, able to compete with any sports car. Once in a seaside resort, they will make friends with Marcello, Riccardo and Pedro with whom, after various experiments, they manage to create a car capable of racing on any road, from a simple subcompact: they call it Mechadock. Given the extraordinary capabilities of the car, Marco will decide to participate in the Grand Prix, which after various vicissitudes and difficulties will manage to win.

Episode titles
1. Young mechanics
2. Wild girl
3. Turbulent Saturday
4. The mysterious thief
5. A breathtaking biturbo
6. The cannonball
7. The challenge begins
8. Challenge to the death
9. The legendary pilot
10. Running for victory
11. The pirate radio
12. Congratulations, Ivano!
13. The mystery of the pendant
14. The snow rally
15. You will rise, RX-7!
16. Ciak, turn around!
17. Goodbye Madam Master!
18. A dirty deception
19. The CR-X has disappeared!
20. Trust is everything
21. The last lines
22. The dream comes true
23. Pedro and grandfather
24. Marco is a thief
25. Goodbye, my friends
26. A wrong choice
27. The great gathering
28. The challenge is renewed
29. The secret of Nabe
30. Nabe's legacy

A tutto gas

At full throttle it is copyright © Tatsunoko Productions, 1984 and of those entitled, names and images are used here for information and dissemination purposes.

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