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Andy Capp

Andy Capp

Andy Capp

Original title: Andy Capp
Andy Capp, Flo
Author: Reg Smythe
Publishers: The Riddler Week, Corno Editorial

Country: England
: 1957 mm
Gender: Humorous cartoon
Recommended age: All

Andy Capp's comic strips first appeared in the British newspaper "Daily Mirror" in 1957, they were drawn and conceived by Reg Smythe, a talented cartoonist. In Italy this character has been renamed with the name of Carlo and in fact many of you will have known him thanks to the publications of the "Puzzle Week" where he appeared with the title "Carlo and Alice". The publications of Andy Capp's strips also took place within the Eureka Pocket, the humorous paperbacks of the Corno editorial by Luciano Secchi (the same as the legendary Marvel superheroes).

But who is Andy Capp really? Simple ... a slacker! His main occupation is to sleep lying on the sofa, while his poor wife Flo (Alice in the Italian version) works hard from morning to evening not only for the daily housework, but also to bring the salary home, doing the job of maid. . To tell the truth Andy Capp has several passions, one of these is going to the sports bar where he always tries to get a few glasses of beer from his friends; the evening almost always ends with Andy Capp who, unable to stand up for a hangover, is taken home by some agent, or by his wife Flo herself, who grabbed him by the collar, drags him home. Inside the bar, very often football tournaments are organized and our Andy Capp always stands out for not respecting the fundamental rules besides fighting with the referee, the opponents and the teammates themselves; not infrequently many games end with a violent general brawl. In comic strips there are always some typical scenes: for example, we find Andy Capp on the doorstep arguing with his many creditors, first of all the owner of the apartment who comes to collect the rent; Andy Capp would never pay him if his wife Flo wasn't there. Arguments and excuses created by Andy Capp are always a lot of fun. Another typical scene is the one with Andy Capp lying on the sofa, while his wife, intent on housework, spurs him with constructive arguments in order to entice him into work, but it's all wasted effort, because Andy Capp remains completely indifferent. Perhaps the only "healthy" hobby our Andy Capp has is breeding carrier pigeons. Despite his many flaws Andy Capp is a character followed and loved by many readers around the world, perhaps because he reflects (exaggerating them to the nth degree), many vices of ordinary men and above all those who at least with the thought would like to pass the their life to laze around.


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