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Gli aristogatti
The Aristocats
The Aristocats © Disney


The animated movie The Aristocats comes out in theaters in 1970 and is the first without the presence of Walt Disney. The directed is by Wolfgang Reitherman and the movie is inspired by the story by Tom McGowan and Tom Rowe.

The history of the Aristocats is set in Paris in 1910 and starring from the cat Duchess and her kittens, Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse, who live pampered and spoiled by the old lady Madame Adelaide. The lady love to roam the streets of Paris with her cats, on horse-drawn carriage led by Edgar Butler. Duchess is a very elegant and refined cat, who cares about the education of her kittens, and is always ready to remember, good manners. Madame Adelaide is pending of lawyer George Hautecourt, an eccentric and sprightly nonagenarian, who when he arrives, he sends in trouble the poor Edgar, in trying to accompany he from the lady. Hautecourt George is a close friend of Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, from the days when the Lady was successful, as singer of Carmen at the Opéra National de Paris. Madame Adelaide has called he, because she want to make a testament and having no living relatives, she decided to give all her possessions at her beloved cats. Later after their death, the assets will pass to the butler Edgar. This through a pipe connected to his room, listen the speech and learned with great dismay the news, considers unfair who the lady, she privileged Duchess and her kittens. Not wanting to wait fifteen years, to benefit from that wealth, he decides to get rid of the cats and puts the sleeping in their bowls.

Toulouse, Marie and Berlioz - The Aristocats
Toulouse, Marie and Berlioz © Disney

Meanwhile in the living room, the cat Duchess held at bay, the exuberance of the kittens who play fighting among themselves. The caring mother cat, reminds them that they are Aristocats and they should not behave in an improper way, giving bites and claw between them, but be lovable and have the gentle manner. So Duchess wants who her kittens are applied in the study of the arts: Toulouse the red kitten, he devoted himself to painting, the white cat Marie to singing, Berlioz the gray kitten to the piano. Toulouse paint with his paws, a portrait expressionism which vaguely resembles to Edgard, while Marie is exercised in singing the musical notes, and Berlioz to exercise to the piano. Though both passionate about music from Berlioz and Marie, there is dislike and every occasion is good for fighting and teasing. Edgar arrives and serving the inviting bowls with "cream to cream to Edgar," that kittens do not lose time to lick. The humble mouse Roquefort, attracted by that beautiful bouquet of cream, asks to Duchess if he can take this opportunity to dip his biscuit in one of the bowls, so the cats invite him to dinner, all unaware of the fact that milk contains a powerful sleeping potion. The poor Roquefort, falls into a deep sleep before they have even gone back to his lair, and with he also the Aristocats. In the middle of the night, the clumsy butler, closes the cats in a bassinet, and a crackling edge of a sidecar, he left for the campaign, with the aim of eliminating them. The noise wakes up the two guard dogs Napoleon and Lafayette, experts in pursuing the car and motorcycles and so do the unfortunate Edgar, who panicked, dropped the cradle of the cats, that falls near a bridge. After a spectacular and fun melee, Edgar manages to escape the fierce dogs, full of bites. Duchess meanwhile, wakes up and realizes not to living in her house, so desperate goes in search of her kittens, which fortunately, have remained nearby, but a violent storm forces them to take shelter inside the small basket.

Thomas O'Malley and Duchess - The Aristocats
Thomas O'Malley and Duchess © Disney

The noise of the storm, awake even Madame Adelaide, who notices the disappearance of her beloved cats. In terror, brings excitement to the mouse Roquefort, who wearing his red cape (detective-style) and goes in search of his friends Aristocats.
The next morning, Duchess is awakened by the song sung by a cat-accented Irish, he is Thomas O'Malley a red stray cat , who is enchanted by the gentle eyes of Duchess and wastes no time in her courtship. When he realizes that the beautiful cat, has three puppies, sees vanish a romance possible. But Thomas O'Malley is also a cat gallant and proposes to accompany and defend the Aristocats for their return home. During their journey the cats have to overcome many adventures, where meets the geese Adelina and Gwendolyn Blabla. Arrived in Paris Thomas O'Malley, Duchess and the kittens, they stay in a old shabby house, where Scat-Cat and his gang of cats love to play jazz music. At the sound of the song "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" The Aristocats are involved in an exciting dance, where born a tender feeling between Duchess and Thomas O'Malley.
After greeting Thomas O'Malley and be returned to their luxurious home, the Aristocats are again captured by the cruel butler, who closes them in a bag and throws them into the kitchen oven. Fortunately, Roquefort mouse assists in the capture and rushes to warn Thomas O'Malley. The red cat tries to stop Edgar and sends Roquefort to seek help from to Scat Cat and his gang. Succeed Thomas O'Malley and his friends at liberate Duchess and her kittens?
The film "The Aristocats" is one of the most fun of the Walt Disney Productions, mainly for the characters and the jazz music engaging by Sherman brothers.

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