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La bella e la bestia
Beauty and the Beast Disney
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The animation movie of Beauty and the Beast was released in 1991 by Walt Disney Pictures, directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. After the success of the Little Mermaid in 1989, Disney produced another beautiful animated masterpiece, based on a classic fairy tale (but with significant differences from the original), which won him an Oscar in the 45 th Cannes Film Festival, as Best Soundtrack written by Alan Menken and for the song Beauty and the Beast, sung by Howard Ashman Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson.

Once upon a time a young prince, lived in a beautiful castle in a kingdom far far away. The prince Adam had everything that any man could desire, but he lacked was generosity, because the wealth had made him callous and selfish. A cold winter evening, a poor old woman knocked on the door of the castle and handed him a rose as a gift in exchange for some 'refreshment. The prince had contempt for the beggar and sent her away. The old woman scolded him, because true beauty isn't the appearance, but the kindness. Prince deaf to those words, turned her back, but at that moment the poor beggar turned into a beautiful fairy. The prince apologized, but now she had realized the selfishness of his heart, so punished him turning into a hideous beast with a spell and turned the castle with all its people. Now the appearance of Prince corresponded to the brutality of his heart, so he ashamed and locked himself in the castle for long years. The only contact with the outside world, it was thanks to a magic mirror, which allowed him to see what was happening outside the walls of the castle. The fairy's pink was truly a magical rose and its petals would remain intact until the 21 th birthday of the Prince. If by then had learned to understand the meaning of love and this was reciprocated, before the last petal fall, his appearance would resume the human form, otherwise would remain a Beast for the rest of his days. More years passed, and more the Prince lost hopes, because he was convinced that because of his appearance to Beast, no woman, could never fall in love with him.

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Meanwhile in the nearby village of the France, lives Belle, a dreamer and romantic girl, who always reads books and imagine a world different from the monotonous daily reality that her surrounds. The inhabitants of the country consider she strange and look at she with some diffidence, because she is also the daughter of an eccentric inventor. She is observed by Gaston, a hunter admired by the whole village, for his strength and his courage. The young man is always accompanied by Le Fou, his faithful servant droll. Gaston intends to marry Belle, because he considers the most beautiful girl in the country, but he is completely invisible to Belle's eyes, because he is rude, arrogant and devoid of a generous heart. Gaston does not understand, because Belle to spend her time reading the books, instead to think of her husband, but she looks the pure soul, which is not in the inhabitants of the country, much less in Gaston.
Belle lives with her father Maurice, in a small country cottage, but all over the people he is considered a madman , because he spent time with his inventions, which almost never works. The character of Maurice, is very different from the original fairy tale, because he was a wealthy merchant, who had two daughters, besides to Belle.
After building a machine capable of chopping wood automatically, Maurice left for the fair, hoping to win the first prize. During the trip he decided to take a shortcut, but in the evening is lost and he is being chased by a pack of wolves. To escape the jaws of the ravenous beasts, took refuge in a dark castle. There he call help, but the huge rooms seem uninhabited.
To his astonishment is greeted by Lumiere, a speaker candelabrum and Cogsworth a pendulum clock also animated. Lumiere wants to host Maurice, but Cogsworth is afraid of contravening to the strict rules of the landlord. Lumiere and Cogsworth are just some of the living objects of the castle, Maurice also know a coat hanger, a stool, a teapot (Mrs. Potts) and a small cup (Chip), happy for his presence and serve him with very courtesy. But the presence of Maurice, is not acceptable from the landlord: the Beast arrives threatening and asks for clarification on how he could enter, a stranger at the castle. Seeing the monster, Maurice is terrified and the Beast, he encloses of the castle prison, because he thinks it's a villager, who arrived at the castle to spy on him.
Meanwhile, Belle has to defend himself by courting of Gaston, who arranged the marriage, complete with a wedding feast, the invited and the priest. Lacks only the approval of Belle, but for him this is only a formality. She considers the marriage with Gaston, like a terrible nightmare, therefore rejects him. This infuriates the arrogant man, who feeling offended is now willing to do anything to achieve his purpose and take this refusal as a challenge.
When the horse Maurice returns home without his master, Belle realized that something serious must have happened to her father. Belle galloping on horseback that shows the way and decides to go to the castle of darkness. Finding my hat on the threshold of the gate, he realizes that his father is right there, and so enters the castle. Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and all the characters to the enchanted castle, are mobilized to welcome Belle and direct the girl at the prison, where her father was imprisoned. Maurice invites Belle to get away from that place as soon as possible, but at the same moment arrives the Beast, brusque and ominous, He asks why her visit. Belle begs the Beast to free his father, and is willing to do anything, just to know out of jail, so she offers to his place. The Beast is surprised by the gesture, but seeing a little hope, for the chance to break the spell, he decides to accept. The Beast send away Maurice from his castle and decides to become the owner of Belle. Lumiere suggests to Beast, to host Belle in the best room, where she met Mrs. Potts, Chip and Madame De La Grande Bouche Wardrobe. The girl have the opportunity, to enter in all the rooms of the castle, except on the west side, which is strictly prohibited.
Meanwhile Maurice, comes to the local tavern, where is Gaston and his goons, and asks for help to rescue his daughter from the prison of the Beast. At first he is laughed at and considered madman, but Gaston intends to exploit the man, to get in order to marry Belle and so studying a diabolical scheme. He agrees with the director of a mental hospital for declared insane and interned Maurice.
Meanwhile at the castle, the Beast also though with some reluctance, invites Belle to dinner, so all the servants take care of the girl, because they, glimpsed the hope of being freed from the curse. So Madame De la Grande Bouche Wardrobe encourages Belle to choosing the best dress, while Lumiere and Mrs. Potts, suggest to the Beast, polite and gallant behavior. Belle is distraught by the situation, and so decides to take refuge in the room, and decline the invitation to dinner of the Beast. He is furious because is despised. He has almost reached the 21 years of age and the rose begin to lose the petals, The Beast is afraid of illusion, that the girl falls in love with him because of his appearance repulsive.

That night, Belle decides to go between rooms of the castle, looking for something to eat, she comes in the kitchen and Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and the other characters, organize a delicious banquet, singing with a beautiful dance to the tune the song "Be our guest" where Lumiere tells, the curse that has transformed the castle and its inhabitants.
Belle is a girl who has always dreamed of the adventure into reading books, and now she feels a burning desire, to browse among the rooms of the castle, and in particular in the west wing forbidden. Despite Lumiere and Cogsworth, attempting to dissuade her from her purpose, Belle is able to evade their surveillance and she sneak into the forbidden room, where she find the enchanted rose, inside a glass case. The Beast is aware of her presence and orders her to go out. Belle is terrified and flees from the castle, but during his escape at night, between the frozen snow, is attacked by a wolf pack. Unexpectedly, the Beast comes to her rescue and fights off the wolves like a lion, to save the girl. After having procured deep wounds, he drop to the ground exhausted. Belle has appreciated the noble gesture of courage and generosity, so she back to the castle, where she can heal the wounds of the Beast. Between Belle and the Beast, starts to rise to a tender feeling of mutual courtesy and attention. With her great enthusiasm, Belle is invited to visit the immense library of the castle, with tall shelves full of books, all at her disposal. On the song "Something There", the two begin to experience a feeling of deep friendship. That night, Belle and the Beast are prepared with the best clothes for a special dinner, later, on the notes of the beautiful song "Beauty and the Beast" sung by Mrs. Potts, the two lovers dancing in the royal glittering hall.

Beauty and the Beast dancing
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Now Belle is happy in the company of the Beast, however is always concerned about her father. The Beast shows Belle the magic mirror, with which can see what is happening outside the walls of the castle. Belle asks to see her father and finds him shivering in the snow, desperately looking for his daughter. She understands that her father needs care, so the Beast, in spite of himself, free Belle from the prison and gives her the magic mirror.
Belle rescues his father and brings him back home, but here comes the director of the asylum, which will take him away, with the complicity of the whole village, who believes he madman. In this way, Gaston could free him in exchange for his marriage to Belle. To convince the villagers about the existence of the Beast, Belle displays he through the magic mirror. Gaston is jealous, therefore he intimidating the people, inviting them to enter into the castle for slay the fearsome beast.
So the villagers feeling threatened, they come with their torches and armed with pitchforks, at the foot of the castle, to the tune of "The Mob Song" sung by Gaston.
With a large tree trunk they break through the door and introduce they into the castle, but are attacked by all the magic objects, who fighting fiercely against the peasants and forcing them to flee. Meanwhile, Gaston, has entered in the Beast's room. He hurts him with an arrow and hit him repeatedly. The arrival of Belle returns the strength and pride of the Beast, who he begins to fight against Gaston and to have the better of him. However, Gaston manages to mortally wound the Beast, which falls into Belle's arms, just when the last petal of the rose magic, falls withered. Belle desperate cries his death and declares all her love for him. In that instant, the spell is dissolved and the Beast takes on the human aspect of the handsome Prince Adam. So is dissolved the curse of the castle and all its people regain their human form.

The Poster of Beauty and the Beast  by John Alvin
Beauty and the beast
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Animation movie
Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise
Walt Disney Pictures
Buena Vista
John Alvin
Dubbing Beauty and the Beast
Belle Paige O'Hara
The Beast Robby Benson
Lumiere Jerry Orbach
Cogsworth David Ogden Stiers
Mrs. Potts Angela Lansbury
Gaston Richard White
Le Fou Jesse Corti
Maurice Rex Everhart
Chip Bradley Michael Pierce
Madame De la Grande Bouche Wardrobe Jo Anne Worley
Babette the Featherduster Kimmy Robertson
Songs and singers Beauty and the Beast
Belle Paige O'Hara
Gaston Richard White and Jesse Corti (in the role of Le Fou)
Be Our Guest Jerry Orbach, Angela Lansbury
Something There Paige O'Hara
Beauty and the Beast Angela Lansbury
The Mob Song Richard White
Beauty and the Beast Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson

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