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Beethoven: the animated series

Original title: Beethoven: The Animated Series
Beethoven, Sparky, Caesar, Ginger, Mister Huggs, George Newton, Alice Newton, Ted Newton, Emily Newton, Ryce, Newton, Killer, Puff-Puff, Clyde, Mauserd
Production: Universal Studios, NBC Universal Television
Regia: Vicky Jenson
Country: United States
Year: 1994
Gender: Comedian / Comedy
Episodes: 26
Duration: 10 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The Beethoven cartoon series, inspired by the 1992 film of the same name directed by Brian Levant, was produced by the American Studios of Universal, Northern Lights Entertainment in 1994 and consists of 26 episodes each lasting 20 minutes, directed by Paul Germain and Roy Allen Smith. In Italy it was broadcast for the first time on Italia 1 since 1995.
Beethoven is a very intelligent Saint Bernard dog who, due to his hyper dynamism, often causes enormous disasters. Beethoven lives with the Newton family consisting of George, Alice and the children Ted, Rice and the girl Emily, who despite his troubles adore him. In the course of his stormy adventures, he can count on the help of his friends Huggy (the hamster of the family) and his dog friends Sparky (a mestizo without a master), Cesar (a not very intelligent dog) and the little dog Ginger.

Video of Beethoven's animated series

Episode titles
01.The good guy, the bad guy and the poodle
02.Dreams of dog
03.Beeethoven the great
04.The experiment
05.On the old farm
06.The puppy
07.Escape from kindergarten
08 A psychiatrist for George
09.The realm of rodents
10. Beethoven's Cyrano
11. The postman comet
12. A cat named Rover
13.Beethoven goes on a diet
14. The guard dog
15. Sparky's collar
16. Dogs and engines trouble and pain
17. A puppy plague
18.George's newspaper
19. The donut
20. The onslaught of fleas
21. Perfume of rival
22.All on the farm
23.White whale hunt
24. Too long a weekend
25 Good old dear George
26.The dog catcher
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