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From 11 October, from Sunday to Friday, at 20.40 pm on Cartoonito

Many new episodes of BEN 46, the series starring the young hero capable of transforming into ten incredible aliens, arrive on Cartoonito (channel 10 of DTT).

The appointment is for 11 October, from Sunday to Friday, at 20.40 pm. In these episodes a new alien is ready to take the field: it is Gax, a creation of the evil Vilgax. The clash will be close and full of action ... what new power will the mythical boy manage to get?
The series follows the adventures of Ben who, during a holiday with his grandfather Max and his cousin Gwen, finds a very special watch called Omnitrix. Ben will soon discover the immense power that this object can bestow on him. In fact, thanks to this, he will be able to transform into 10 powerful aliens. With the special super powers acquired Ben will be able to face numerous and fun adventures and - in a continuous mix between comedy and action - to face the terrible enemies he will meet along his way and who will want to take possession of the Omnitrix to use it for evil purposes. M

a with the Omnitrix Ben also does what every child of his age would do by getting hold of such a powerful device: use it on every occasion! Although most of the time this will not be the wisest choice. On the other hand, like every boy, Ben loves to have fun and the Omnitrix, besides being useful for defeating evil, can also be a lot of fun. The boy, in fact, will understand over time that what he really needs is not the strength of the Omnitrix and his aliens but the support of the people he loves: Gwen and grandfather Max.

The new expected episodes of BEN 10 arrive on the channel.
From 25 March on Saturdays and Sundays at 8.55am.

Ben 10 new episodes

In March Prima TV exclusively on Cartoon Network (channel 607 of Sky and 350 of Mediaset Premium) the new episodes of BEN 10, the new series starring the boy-hero loved all over the world, produced by Cartoon Network Studios and created from Man of Action Entertainment (Big Hero 6).
The show follows Ben's adventures while traveling through the United States during the summer holidays accompanied by his cousin Gwen and grandfather Max.
During the holiday, the boy finds a watch, called Omnitrix, with which he can turn into ten spectacular and powerful aliens. Thanks to the special super powers acquired Ben will be able to face numerous and fun adventures and - in a continuous mix between comedy and action - to face the terrible enemies he will meet along his way.
Dr. Animo, the villain par excellence, will be co-protagonist along with his gang of some episodes of this new batch and the focus will be even more on the action part of the show.
In these new episodes, the friendship relationship between Ben and Gwen is highlighted, and they will be more and more accomplices in their fantastic adventures.

The story of Ben 10

Ben 10 and the aliens

Original title: Ben 10
Man of Action (Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle)
Ben Tennyson / Ben 10, Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin / Kevin 11, Max Tennyson
Production: Cartoon Network Studios
Country: United States
Year: 2005
Broadcast in Italy: 2006
Gender: Science fiction / Superheroes
Episodes: 49
duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Ben 10Which kid does not dream of a magical device capable of transforming it not into one, but into ten alien superheroes?
This is exactly what happens to Ben Tennyson, the 10-year-old boy protagonist of the new series, when he comes into possession of the fantastic Omnitrix watch.
It all begins when the alien spaceship of the evil Vilgax searches the cosmos for the Ominitrix device, capable of restoring its powers. Meanwhile, young Ben Tennyson is looking forward to finishing the last day of school to go on vacation. Ben is a generous, curious and reckless boy, although with his slender physique he finds himself, he can do nothing against the bullying of school bullies. Ben will have to spend the summer camping with his grandfather Max, an enterprising man, energetic and lover of nature and his cousin Gwen, with whom Ben certainly has no good relationship, since they do not miss an opportunity to insult each other. each other. Ben Tennyson does not expect a fun-filled holiday.

One day Ben sees a meteor and mistakes it for a shooting star, but it suddenly changes direction and plummets to its vicinity. Inside the crater appears a strange machinery similar to a wristwatch: it is the Omintrix that looks for the alien Vilgax. Driven by curiosity, Ben approaches and as if animated by a dark force, l

Despite his grandfather's recommendations, Ben begins to snoop around to understand how the strange clock works, so he selects a new figure. Suddenly under Gwen's gaze, she turns into a huge beast, without eyes and with a surprising agility that allows him to jump from tree to tree. Meanwhile, the radio of the camper, reports that the aliens have attacked a campsite of vacationers, cos

Meanwhile, Ben tries to transform himself into other superheroes, one of them a kind of velociraptor, super fast with a very powerful tail, capable of shattering anything.
What begins as a game soon becomes a real challenge: taking on the appearance of monsters with extraordinary powers is not just pure fun as Ben imagines. His new double life soon created difficulties and enemies, first of all the evil alien Vilgax, who would do anything to conquer the Omnitrix. Engaged in adrenaline-pumping battles, Ben discovers that sometimes physical strength is not enough to win a fight and that, to choose the right transformation at the right time, he must do something he has never done before: stop to reflect.
Each alien in which Ben can transform is in fact endowed with perfect physical characteristics and abilities in certain contexts, useless in others. To help him defeat his enemies and to learn how to make the right choices, his grandfather Max, an ex-military, and the intelligent and reserved cousin Gwen think about it.


Original title: Ben 10: Alien Force
Man of Action (Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle)
Ben Tennyson / Ben 10, Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin / Kevin 11, Max Tennyson
Production: Cartoon Network Studios
Country: United States
Year: 2008
Broadcast in Italy: 2009
Gender: Science fiction / Superheroes
Episodes: 46
duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Ben 10 Alien ForceThese series, the first consisting of three seasons and 46 episodes in total, the second of two seasons and 52 episodes plus a special, are the continuation and natural evolution of Ben 10 aired for the first time between 2005 and 2008. Between the first series and this one called "Ben 10 Alien Force" about 5 years have passed, Ben and his cousin Gwen have grown up and returned to a normal life, after previous adventures. In this series there are profound differences in the characters from the first; the passage of time in fact shows us both Ben and his cousin Gwen different, not only physically (now they are two teenagers and no longer two children) but also and above all in the way of thinking and in their reasoning, and this is especially true for Ben. But the most visible difference is that of Ken's transformation. The first series ended with Ken who had been trapped by Ben in the Total Void and had totally lost his human form, turning into "Kevin 11"; also at the beginning of this series Kevin fights against Ben, losing again, but thanks to a rude of the Immortal Knights before (who do not pay Kevin a supply of weapons that Kevin procures them), and above all to the extreme sacrifice of Magister Labrid (Solver and alien partner of grandfather Max) who manages to save his life, Kevin decides to help Gwen and Ben by taking the Magister Labrid solver badge, totally revolutionizing his evil behavior from the first series.

Although sometimes Kevin gets carried away by his old fraudulent and malevolent habits, such as "The enchantress spell" or "The exchange", his actions, this time, are mainly aimed at finding a way to return to its human form. From the end of the second part of the first episode we therefore have a very close trio that unites to fight the Supreme and help the Solvers waiting for the advice of Grandpa Max. A second difference lies in the figure of grandpa Max.
In the first series grandfather Max was the reference point and the guide of both Ben and Gwen and was always present in every episode, (in "An old flame" he was even the absolute protagonist) while in this series he appears for the first in the fourth episode in the form of a hologram with a message to be delivered to Ben and in the sixth episode he helps Ben, Gwen and Kevin to free Gwen's brother, Ken, from the Umalieni and disappears completely destroying a factory, of the Supreme, of Xenocytes (which they are crab-like parasites with only one eye the size of a turtle that transform humans and non-humans into Umalieni) with many Umalieni; it will only reappear towards the end of the second season when Ben finds out that Grandpa Max was not as dead as everyone had believed, but that he had been transported to the Total Void. Nonno Max still remains hidden from the end of the second season to the beginning of the third, returning to be the protagonist towards the end of the series and in the last two episodes (Vendetta and the two parts of "The final battle). The whole series is however focused on relationship that is created between Ben, Gwen and Kevin, respect between the two cousins ​​(who in the first series were always quarrelsome and also a little jealous of each other's powers), affection between Gwen and Kevin and of solidarity between Ben and Kevin, which will lead them to be increasingly united to each other even in extreme situations, such as that of Kevin's failure to reconvert at the beginning of the third season; for as many as 15 episodes Kevin, despite blaming Ben ( exactly as in the first series) of this state of his, he continues to help him and fights the Supreme at his side.
Ben 10 Alien Force "therefore also has this other point different from the previous one, which is then continued in the subsequent" Ben 10 Ultimate Alien "or that of feelings; the children have grown up and the dislikes and jealousies that existed between Gwen and Ben are almost disappeared, giving us two cousins ​​who (almost) always get along and help each other; the increased age also has natural effects, both in Ben and in Gwen: the former in fact has feelings ( partially reciprocated) against a girl, Julie, who appears occasionally and almost always on the occasion of the presence of an alien cub called "Nave", to whom Ben is forced to reveal his ability to transform through the Omnitrix; as for Gwen, however, this begins to have a "sympathy" for Kevin, and this can be understood in the aforementioned episode "The enchantment of Enchantress" where Gwen becomes a furious beast not so much for the fact that Kevin has participated in the deception of the Enchantress, as for the fact that the latter to subject Kevin to his own wishes kissed him.

Another difference in this series compared to the previous one is in the true protagonist, the Omnitrix worn by Ben; in "Ben 10 Alien Force" in fact Ben to the various original alien forms contained in the Omnitrix (which we remember is that bracelet in the shape of a watch that, adjusting itself to Ben's voice, allows the transformation of the boy into the form invoked by him when the omnitrix he allows it for a maximum of 10 minutes), when he found it while camping with Grandpa Max and Gwen and the various aliens that were added gradually in the series, he has ten new alien forms obtained by mixing the powers of those already present with the return of some forms already seen in the previous series when Ben uses the Omnitrix to repair the genetic damage of the Supreme in the second part of the episode "the war of the worlds", where Ben acquires the information that the Omnitrix contains the DNA of each sentient species in the galaxy, for a total of 1.000.903 alien forms, such as Noah's Ark. In this series (and in the following one) the Omnitrix does not repair Ben from the blows and wounds suffered during his transformation into the chosen form, since after his return to the human form he feels all the consequences.
The whole story of the series revolves around the three boys who from episode to episode meet new characters (like Simian that we will also find in the following series "Ultimate Alien") but for each of the three seasons there are two stories that run parallel: the first, which embraces all three seasons, refers to Ben's struggle against the Supreme, first as a mere "hero" (in the first season), then when Magister Ghilhil (supreme master of the Solvers) elevates Ben himself, with Gwen and Kevin, members of the team of honorary Solvers, so that they can fight to save the Earth legally and help not only the world but also the other forms in the universe (season two and three). The other stories are contained within each season: in the first one we witness the preparation of the group, with the three who live stories that bring them closer together and that make the boys understand how important unity and doing can be good; for Ben this happens in the episode "The robotic glove", where he rebels against JT, Ben's old friend in elementary school, and Cash, two bullies who play in the rival soccer team who never miss an opportunity to harass and make fun of Ben; after Ben defeats Cash (who had accidentally found a glove that had transformed him into a robot previously defeated by Ben), a mutual non-aggression pact is made between JT, Cash and Ben. For Gwen the episode that makes her understand how important unity can be is that of "Nonna Verdona", where she learns the origin of her powers when she meets her grandmother Verdona and where she refuses to go to her home planet, where she would could acquire greater strength and awareness of his powers and of his being, to maintain his earthly features and to remain on earth together with his cousin and Kevin.

As for Kevin, the pivotal episode (besides the second part of "The return of Ben 10" previously mentioned) is "Kevin's great revenge" where, after having stolen Nonno Max's camper, he is nevertheless helped by Ben to find the alien device for which he had stolen by discovering that this was nothing more than a container with a message from Grandpa Max for Ben urging him to fight the Solvers and that the best method is to form a united team, team a which Kevin definitely adheres to. The story of the second season is instead focused (except the episode "Good copy, bad copy" where the galvanic Albedo appears who will be the protagonist in the following season and whose actions will also influence the series "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien") on the fact that Ben , Gwen and Kevin have been formally authorized to defend the Earth, to fight against the Supreme and to prepare for the final battle against them and it takes place mainly on planets other than Earth; in this context, the episode "Soli together" appears to be very important, the second of the season, the fifteenth of the series, where Ben is trapped together with a high commander of the Supreme, Reinrassic III: in this episode in fact, both must put aside their mutual resentments for being able to survive the attacks of the creatures present on that planet, coming to save each other's life with Ben who helps Reinrassic III to return to normal after his arm was cut and that for this help he no longer felt "pure "; this step is fundamental because in the episode "War of the Worlds", which ends the season, it is understood that the Supreme are attacking the other living forms in the universe as they are weakened by their own idea for the genetic purity of their species bringing the same to infertility and disease as there had been blood relations. Reinrassic III becomes a fundamental pawn in that, after Ben has used the Omnitrix to be able to reprogram the DNA of the Supreme by associating it randomly with the various forms contained in the Omnitrix itself to be able to give new life to the species, he manages to convince his people that he is better to feel impure and live than to succumb and be condemned to extinction, becoming Supreme of the Supreme rank with which he can recall the general fleet of Supreme who had left for Earth to launch the final attack

The third season hinges on the explanation of many mysteries (such as in the episode "Primus" where the operation of the Omnitrix is ​​understood) and on the closure of the many options that have remained open both in the seasons and in the previous series: Vilgax and Albedo are in fact the characters on which the whole plot is intertwined, in fact both wanting Ben's Omnitrix with the first who also wants revenge for what happened in the first series and which opens the season with the episode (divided into two parts) titled "Vilgax's revenge", where by fighting following the "galactic code", he defeated the strongest aliens in the galaxy and also defeats Ben who manages to recover by transforming himself into a form he had never known; Albedo is very important as it is the link, as well as cause and effect, of the third series of Ben 10; in fact, after appearing in an episode of the second season, he is the disruptive protagonist of the episode "" The final battle "which closes the series as he manages to steal an enhanced version of the Omnitrix called Ultrimatrix, which however is blocked if not comes into possession of the original Omnitrix, to have him allies with Vilgax but his plan is upset by the betrayal of Vilgax himself who manages to take possession of the Omnitrix just marched from Albedo to Ben, and who is preparing to assault the Earth. Ben defeats Vilgax destroying the Omnitrix and convinces Albedo to deliver him the Ultrimatrix which, among other things, has enhanced versions (Ultra) of some forms of Aliens, managing to finally free Kevin from his mixed state of earth - metal - wood in which he was imprisoned from the first clash with Vilgax.

BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE: "The Final Battle"
Sunday 10 October 2010, at 19.00
+ special programming from 7 to 21 on Cartoon Network

The time has come. Up CARTOON NETWORK, is celebrated on 10.10.10, with the expected last two episodes, in first tv viewing, of BEN 10 ALIENA FORCE. In fact, this year's calendar has a single date, October 10, 2010: a day when it was impossible not to celebrate Ben Tennyson, a real phenomenon among children.
Especially the males, passionately follow the adventures of this (super) hero who at just 10 years of age has discovered that he has incredible powers (transforming into 10 different aliens with 10 super characteristics) to save the Earth and his loved ones (including Grandpa Max ) from an extra-terrestrial invasion. Difficult for a peer not to identify himself.

Sunday 10 October 2010 we will not only attend the "Final Battle" of the last season: the whole programming of the day will in fact be dedicated to the young hero, a TV hit in every country where it is broadcast. All the productions of the character will be aired: the morning, one-episode-behind-the-other of Ben 10 and the afternoon of the adolescent Ben di Forza Aliena, in addition to the films in live action scheduled during 10.10.10 (h 8.40, 14.30 and 19.55).

At 19.00, however, after 3 seasons, the time has finally come to find out how the Ben 10 Alien Force series will end. Despite all the tests already passed, Ben, Gwen and Kevin, helped by Grandpa Max, have not yet managed to completely eliminate the alien threat, since Vilgax is still in circulation and is doing everything to take possession of the Omnitrix and the Earth. The Final Battle will confront Good and Evil once and for all, in a very difficult challenge to the last. But it will not be the end. These last two episodes mark a fundamental step towards the third brand new Ben 10 series entitled Ultimate Alien, arriving on the channel between the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011.

THE FINAL BATTLE: some anticipation. In an attempt to return to his original form of Galvanic, Ben's alter ego, Albedo, steals from his mentor Azmuth the Ultimatrix, a powerful new version of the Omnitrix ... but discovers that, as it has not yet been developed, the device it only has the same alien forms as Ben Tennyson's Omnitrix and cannot access the latest generation forms. Thanks to the help of the evil Vilgax, Albedo then tries to take possession of the Omnitrix and allies with Chimera Sui Generis, she is no longer interested in the device but only in conquering the Earth and destroying Ben. Albedo manages to kidnap Gwen and Kevin and force Ben to face him to free them.

BEN 10 ULTIMATE ALIEN: unpublished and exclusive series

Original title: Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Man of Action (Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle)
Ben Tennyson / Ben 10, Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin / Kevin 11, Max Tennyson
Production: Cartoon Network Studios
Country: United States
Year: 2010
Broadcast in Italy: 2011
Gender: Science fiction / Superheroes
Episodes: 46
duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old
The third series, "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien" is formed by two seasons with 54 episodes in total and instead has a completely different trait in that Ben no longer acts in silence and incognito, but as a superhero acclaimed by the whole world; defeated the most powerful enemies such as Vilgax and Albedo (although the latter reappears in the episode "Ben 10 Live", Ben has to deal with the return of the Immortal Knights and with a new and very dangerous enemy, Aggregor who appears in passing already in the first episode "Ben becomes famous" and which has invincibility as its objective, but to do this he must be able to possess a very powerful weapon, called "Map of Infinity" and made up of five distinct fragments. Aggregor, thanks also to wrong operations and to the inattentions on the part of Ben, Gwen and Kevin, he manages to take possession of all five pieces but the three, helped by a furious Azmuth who disputes them precisely for having allowed this, succeed in the episode "The Forge of Creation "to block Aggregor with the consequence that Kevin returns to being that of the first series, irascible and vindictive and until the end of the first season, where for the good of Kevin Gwen he fights against Ben who is decis or eliminate him, he becomes the main actor who, once defeated by Ben, returns to being the boy Gwen has fallen in love with. The feelings, in fact, as in the second series are overwhelmingly present: between Kevin and Gwen it is understood that there is a tenderness that is not manifested until the second part of the episode "absolute power" in which they finally kiss, as he had already done Ben with Julie in the first episode (but in the second season Eunice appears who proves to be a Unitrix, prototype of the Omintrix with which Ben falls in love)

In this series, the sense of duty on the part of the whole group is also very present: in the 33rd episode, for example, Ben 10 finds himself fighting with the arachnascimpas of the planet of Simian as these, with his habit of shady business , brought and sold a xenocyte) to a criminal who then turned all the arachnascimpas into Umalienes. Ben 10 therefore finds himself deciding whether to help the one who has tried to eliminate him by selling him with a stratagem to the Supreme to prevent these humaliens from spreading throughout the entire universe, or to leave alone; this distrust of his, but especially Kevin's distrust, dates back to the previous series when Simian deceived the three boys into believing that there was a crystal on the moon that reproduces the symbol of his family on the planet of origin, when instead that crystal was not other than a source of energy that Simian himself wanted to sell to the Supreme. This sense of duty is also testified in the episode "Training course" in which the three boys are called back by the Academy of Solvers for a regular training course; despite the fact that they had actually earned their badge by defeating the most dangerous aliens, they undergo training as normal recruits in which they earn the instructor's respect by saving his life. In this series there are also references (even very explicit) to real life facts: the main example is given by the episode entitled "Prisoner number 775 is missing" where Ben, Gwen and Kevin find themselves in the south of the state of Nevada in the famous "Area 51" after Sir George, the first Immortal Knight, made the entire base disappear except the base which is used as a prison for all aliens who are captured by the US Air Force. The series ends with the appearance of Azmuth who gives Ben a new Omnitrix, after he has had to fight a bitter war with Diagon, a powerful demon who suddenly comes from a different dimension and who wants to conquer the whole universe subduing all the inhabitants of the various planets making them his slaves, the strongest enemy he has ever had to face. In fact, Diagon can only be defeated by the Ascalon Sword, created by Azmuth, in the possession of Sir George and with which Sir George himself had defeated him millennia before by taking away his heart, source of his strength, and relegating him to the parallel dimension, almost capable of convincing Well to found a new world with him; only the providential intervention of Julie, who manages to bring Ben back to himself and prevent the Earth from remaining submissive.


(by Sebastian Montes, Scooter Tidwell, Cartoon Network Studios, USA 2007, 68 ')
Plot: In an attempt to free Gwen and Max from Dr. Animo's clutches, Ben accidentally activates the self-destruct mechanism of the Omnitrix. With Tetra's help, Ben and Gwen enter outer space in search of the creator of the Omnitrix to save the universe from destruction.


In the live action film the young Graham Phillips is Ben, the role for which he was nominated for the Young Artist Awards in 2008. In the US, the first TV of the film was a success: it was the most watched show in the history of the channel.
(Ben 10 Race Against The Time by Alex Winter, with Graham Phillips, Haley Ramm and Lee Majors, USA 2007, 91 ')
Plot: After finding the Ominitrix, a mysterious watch that transforms him into 10 different alien heroes, Ben Tennyson (Graham Phillips) spends the entire summer in the guise of a hero with the help of his wise cousin Gwen (Haley Ramm) and Grandfather Max (Lee Majors, interpreter of the show "The 6 million dollar man"). The film begins when their summer adventures come to an end and Ben is about to return to being a normal boy between school, family and friends, that is to everyday life ... if we can talk about "quiet everyday life" for a 10-year-old raider capable of transforming into a variety of super aliens. In fact, the villain is lurking: Eon, Ben's nemesis from another galaxy, appears to claim the Ominitrix. Special effects, adventure, action and suspense are guaranteed.

Ben 10: Alien Swarm by A. Winter, with R. Kelly, B. Corbin, Cartoon Network Studios, USA 2009
High technology, motors, special effects in computer graphics, action and suspense: these are just some of the ingredients of the last Cartoon Network production whose story is taken from the adventures of the new Ben 10 Alien Force cartoon. In Ben 10 Alien Swarm, our now hero is ready to embark on a new adventure together with his team: his cousin Gwen, the former enemy Kevin Levin and, for the 1st time on the screen, the mysterious character of Elena. Mission: save Earth from a dangerous alien threat and find Grandpa Max safe and sound. After the success of Race against time, Alex Winter was confirmed as director. Writer, John Turman (Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer and The Hulk). Ryan Kelley (Smallville and Letter from Iwo Jima) is Ben teenager, Barry Corbin (It's not a country for old people) Grandpa Max.

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