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Ben 10 Omniverse

Original title: Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Man of Action (Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle)
Ben Tennyson / Ben 10, Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin / Kevin 11, Max Tennyson
Production: Cartoon Network Studios
Country: United States
Year: 2012
Broadcast in Italy: 2012
Gender: Science fiction / Superheroes
Episodes: 80
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Ben 10 OminiverseMillions of children all over the world passionate about cartoons, know and love the series of Ben Tennyson, the full name of "Ben 10", the boy who, thanks to a particular and extraordinary watch of an extraterrestrial nature, manages to transform himself into many aliens different. In reality, at the beginning of the story, the aliens at his disposal are only ten and from this also derives the title of the first animated series, with the passage of time and the episodes, however, it will be seen that the possibilities of transformation become many more. The countless opportunities that Ben can have thanks to this unexpected gift literally "fallen from the sky" and which, animated with a life of its own, immediately attached himself to his arm, make him become a little super hero with the great and challenging task of defending the Earth from terrible alien threats. The television series of the American cartoon was born in 2005 from the creative minds of four cartoonists (who together form the group of authors called "Man of Action") and arrived in Italy in 2006, first on the net Cartoon Network satellite and, then, in September 2009 on Italia 1. Already from the first franchise Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle, the components of the "Man of Action", had announced the creation of another three seasons TV shows that told the deeds of this super hero, in spite of himself. And so it happens, pushed and motivated to accomplish the "enterprise" also by the great success of the story. then, as promised, three sequels to the cartoon arrive, three unreleased chapters. Following the first "Ben 10", Where the protagonist is only ten years old, arrive:"Ben 10 - Alien force"and "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien”, In which the protagonist is now a teenager who has become fully aware of his important and dangerous mission.

Ben 10 OminiverseThe broadcast on tv
And in recent months, to the delight of the many fans of the series, always the same group of American authors, has created the episodes of a fourth season entitled "Ben 10: Omniverse”, Where the main character turned sixteen. The new and last season (at least for the moment) is announced in last year's "Cartoon Network Meeting" and presented the following year at the "UK Toy Fair" and arrives on television on September 23 of this year, at 20.30 pm, when the first episode is previewed. The episode, broadcast simultaneously on Cartoon Networke Boing, was presented in nearly two hundred countries around the world, including Italy. Italian viewers were able to enjoy the beginning of this new adventure, entitled "The more things change”, An episode that was divided into two parts, waiting for the series to officially begin. To broadcast the unreleased episodes of "Ben 10: Omniverse" is, from Friday 5 October 2012, every week at eight in the evening, the Cartoon Network digital network.

Ben 10 Ominiverse Video

Rook Blonko - Ben 10 OminiverseRook Blonko - the new ally
And, in fact, as the title of the first episode says, many things change for our Ben Tennyson, the first big news is that he will remain alone, at least apparently, to protect humanity. His old friends: the beloved and hated cousin Gwen and Kevin, the childhood friend half human and half alien (to be exact: osmosian) with the power to absorb all kinds of energy, in fact, announce that they want to return to study and, therefore, they will go away leaving him alone to face the enemies. So the mischievous cousin will go to college and the Osmosian boy will follow her, but as we will immediately see, Ben will not be alone for long. To come to his aid, once again, his grandfather Max who will not abandon him even on this occasion but, on the contrary, already knowing of the departure of the two friends, will join his nephew a new companion: Rook Blonko, a "Solver", as he had been as a young man. Rook is a beginner but, despite his lack of experience, he will be a companion in adventures and a very precious ally for the now teenager Ben, a real right-hand man who will help him in his new businesses. Its strengths are many: from the great skill in the use of weapons, to the ability to transform into many different types of attack and defense tools, passing through the exceptional ability to resist fire and throw hooks that can hook onto any object. All this will be possible thanks to its blue and black leather armor made with very advanced technology. An equipment made even more effective by a versatile weapon, the Proto-Tool, modified and enhanced by the Rook himself, which will be indispensable to him to save his friend in different circumstances. Ben and Rook Blonko will be linked by a true and firm friendship, so much so that the Solver, characterized by a white face with black streaks and pointed ears, will call "Ben Friend", thus fully respecting the spirit of all seasons of the Cartoon Network Studios cartoon which, since the first episode of the series, have focused heavily on enhancing this particularly relevant and significant value for television products aimed at younger children.

Azmuth - Ben 10 OminiverseThe sequel to Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
The events of "Ben 10: Omniverse" will start from the end of the last episode of "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien", by title "The latest nemesis”, In which Azmuth, the creator of the Omnitrix, asks Ben to return it to him to give him another more powerful and suitable for his new adventures and needs. The location where the story will take place will not change, which is once again Bellwood, the hometown of the Tennyson family and where Ben and his mentor and guide, grandfather Max, and where, until recently, Gwen also lived. and Kevin. And even if the sixteen-year-old, sincerely sorry for this unexpected departure, would be ready to fight the villains as a brave lone super hero, this will not happen thanks to the intervention of his grandfather and more. Ben will be surrounded by many friends and allies who will not only help him in the course of the various undertakings, but will accompany and support him with sympathy and complicity, thus preventing him from facing dangers and difficulties without the support of trusted, loyal and packed with amazing skills and abilities. Thus, unlike what it might have appeared at the beginning of the sequel, friendship will not miss this time either and will always be a fixed point and a distinctive and pregnant theme of the series dedicated to the boy who, thanks to the fortuitous discovery of the Omnitrix, can transform into an alien capable of protecting humanity from harm.

Ben 10 OmniverseThe new enemies
Ben will have new allies and meet old friends, such as the remarkably aged Azmuth, but also old enemies, such as the mad scientist Dr. Animus, to start other exciting adventures. Also in "Ben 10: Omniverse", therefore, the main characters will have to defeat the bad guys but, now, for little Tennyson there will also be an extra chance of victory: he can take a step back in time to get in touch with himself at the age of ten and with his friends during the time they were also children, in this way Gwen and Kevin will also appear again in this last chapter. An extraordinary novelty that will allow him to meet that little boy who has been chosen to wear an extraterrestrial artifact that has made him a super hero, unique in the universe, and endowed with powers that are tempting to so many fearsome enemies. These frequent flashbacks, which will tell some adventures that Ben had experienced when he was still a child, and these journeys into the past, which will characterize some episodes of the sequel, will serve to help his XNUMX-year-old alter ego to save the world but also the Ben of the present. , the "adult" one, to fight the new enemies.
Khyber the enemy of Ben 10 OmniverseThe bitter enemy of the moment is called Khyber and he is a collector of extraterrestrial weapons and for this reason his mission will be to go in search of Ben 10, to get hold of his watch. In reality, Ben will not know his true identity and, even, in some circumstances even his friend Rook will doubt his existence, even if he too will fully realize the danger of this mysterious presence always on his heels. Khyber is a very evil creature with a rocky appearance, he has a tool similar to the hyper-technological Omnitrix called Nemetrix, which he will use to transform his "pet", an alien dog always at his side, into terrifying predatory monsters that he will unleash in search of our brave protagonist. It will pose a real danger to Ben and Rook who, meanwhile, will be busy looking for a secret city. Just during a mission the boy and his inseparable friend, exploring the subsoil, will discover that some enemies of the past are allying and organizing in search of revenge. But if on the one hand there will be a difficult enemy to fight, on the other hand there will be many and invincible aliens that Ben Tennyson can rely on to counter those who threaten the Earth and its inhabitants.

The new hose reel - Ben 10 OmniverseThe new aliens of the Omnitrix
In the unstoppable battle against the evil ones he will be able to count on new aliens who, thanks to their exceptional characteristics and their powers will become fundamental for him. From the powerful and brand new Omnitrix will come characters indispensable for this latest series. Let's start with the first alien used by Ben in the first episode of "Ben 10: Omniverse": the new "Rotolone". It will look a little different from the previous representations, in the drawing more similar to a cartoon and with bigger eyes, but it will have the same characteristics and capabilities. First of all, as the name suggests, it can roll and, assuming the shape of an unassailable sphere, overwhelm anything, bouncing and generating intense shock waves. It can also create very violent tornadoes simply by spinning. Let's continue with the transformist multi-block alien "Manufacturer”, A distinctive element of this character will be the ability to take the shape of any object and, therefore, to change shape by bending, widening and stretching to transform itself continuously. The help that will come from "Eat energy”, An alien capable of absorbing energy attacks and regenerating them in explosive discharges, and he will be able to use the ends of his arms, legs and hair, used as connectors, to recharge with the energy taken from his enemies. If, then, Ben needs to use superhuman strength and he needs a great skill in jumping, he can use the alien. Two for Two - Ben 10 Omniverse"Dueperduand ”, his appearance looks familiar but in“ Ben 10: Omniverse ”he will appear as a new character in appearance and for the incredible and extraordinary power in the combat phases. To make objects light or heavy, depending on the needs, then, you can use "Planetary”, The tiny planet with a liquid core that will be able to generate gravitational fields and, thus, decrease or increase the gravity of things. In the new Omnitrix, he will have at his disposal not only aliens but for the first time also a Evo, a monster, which his fans have already met in a special episode of another cartoon series produced by Cartoon Network in 2010, "Generator Kingx ”, which also featured Ben Tennyson. It is about "Shocksquatch”, It will look like an electric yeti with great strength that can produce energy and hurl it at enemies in the form of powerful bolts. There will also be room for the flamboyant "Inferno”, The first alien that Ben transformed into when he accidentally found the Omnitrix during an unforgettable summer vacation with his grandfather Max and cousin Gwen. The humanoid "Inferno" will present itself with the body covered with molten lava, will be able to throw fireballs generating them from the fists and resist frost and heat. For him the only danger will come from everything that has the ability to extinguish the fire (water, sand, foam) which, if used in large quantities, can even kill him. Finally, among the aliens that will appear for the first time in "Ben 10: Omniverse", viewers will find "Ball Weevil”, With a very similar appearance to a yellow beetle, which will have the characteristic of causing explosions by spitting solid material. Very similar to a chicken, then, it will be "Kickin Hawk”, A new alien that will have extraordinary strength and agility plus very sharp and sharp claws. It will also be very agile "Super Insect”, An insect with a humanoid appearance and a green color which, moreover, will have the ability to create explosions every time it makes a jump.

The graphic style
The new version of that watch that Ben accidentally found himself attached to his arm and that he could no longer take off, therefore, will allow him to face new adventures with strength, courage and many allies, which are fun but also dangerous, fantastic and exciting. In fact, the last chapter of the saga dedicated to Ben Tennyson and his exploits once again tells a story linked to the genre of science fiction and fantastic so loved by the younger audience. Furthermore, if there are any news regarding the story and the protagonists, there are also some regarding the way of drawing the cartoon, not only the protagonists (humans, aliens and monsters) but also the places where you carry out the actions. Already from the first episodes of "Ben 10: Omniverse" aired, it can be seen that the style of representation of the characters is different from the previous series which was drawn by Dwayne Mac Duffie. In this new adventure, however, due to the death of Mac Duffie, which took place last year, the concept art and design manager was Derrick J. Wyatt (designer of other very popular and very successful animation series such as: "Transformers Animated", "Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated", "Teen Titans"), who said he was hired to add more humor to this latest chapter.

The humor behind it all
Eh, already humor, another distinctive feature of this American franchise and which the authors cannot do without this time either. So even if the tones become more dramatic and dark, especially in the last seasons of “Ben 10”, at the base of everything there is always fun, humor and the strong value of friendship. Even in "Ben 10: Omniverse", in fact, our boy with the green eyes and the brown tuft will continue to not always have the right familiarity with his extraterrestrial device, despite almost seven years have passed since he found it and "forcibly" he had to wear it. Ben, entertaining viewers, on some occasions, will take the appearance of the wrong alien and not useful for what the situation requires or the Omnitrix will work in a completely different way from his wishes, causing fun and hilarious moments of comedy. Small, unpredictable and unexpected "mistakes" which, however, will eventually be compensated by the skills and courage of Ben and his reliable allies to whom he is always linked by a deep and sincere friendship.

The merchandis of Ben 10 Omniverse
Of course, the world of merchandising also revolves around the television series, which always takes the opportunity to exploit a successful cartoon. And, as was to be expected, it also happened in this case and, so, in the wake of the American animation series, the production has planned the launch of a collection of products for children and fans of the genre related to "Ben 10: Omniverse". The new toys (playsets, action figures, vehicles and role-playing games) dedicated to this latest block of episodes were presented at the “Toy Fair 2012” in New York last February and are already on the market. In addition, the “Giochi Preziosi” toy house offers the new video game based on the series broadcast on Cartoon Network. You can play with Ben and his fellow adventures on PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, DS and Wii. The video game of "Ben 10: Omniverse" has the same drawing style of the cartoon and the players will be catapulted into the fantastic world of Ben 10. Between transformations and fights, in an engaging and thrilling game, they will have to defeat the evil plans of the very bad Khyber who is intent on destroying the world.


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