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Original title: Brendon
Brendon D'Arkness, Falstaff, Christopher, Anja O'Flanagan, Margareth D'Arkness, Boris Nagel
Author: Claudio Chiaverotti
Film script: Claudius Chiaverotti
Drawings: Corrado Roi, Massimo Rotundo, Giuseppe Franzella, Giuseppe Ricciardi, Lucia Arduni

Publishers: Sergio Bonelli Editore
: Italy
: June 1998
Gender: Fantasy Comic, Dark
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Brendon was born as a comic in June 1998 by the screenwriter of Dylan Dog, Claudio Chiaverotti and graphically created by Corrado Roi, author of the splendid covers, also a designer of the famous nightmare investigator. As well as Dylan Dog, Brendon is a "dark" character, characterized by two black-rimmed eyes that reflect the soul of a lonely and disenchanted man, but with noble and generous feelings. Brendon he is like a medieval knight of fortune living in the distant future when, after a gigantic catastrophe due to the impact of an asteroid on the earth, the earth's population has almost died out and the few survivors have regressed to a barbaric and medieval level of life. Violent and cruel creatures called "mutants" have been born due to earth changes, although there are exceptions among them. Brendon D'Arkness was educated in the discipline of weapons by Boris, a knight of fortune who will replace the father figure he missed in his youth. The tragic event that determined the turning point in the life of Brendon, was the killing of his mother by the sect of the "Black Moon", an evil organization that through rituals with human sacrifices, comes into contact with the kingdom of the afterlife and which worships an infernal snake god. Brendon, armed with a double-barreled pistol, takes an example from Boris and also becomes a hedge knight always ready to help the weakest and those who are oppressed by the followers of the Black Moon, by marauders or by monsters from the afterlife. in exchange for some money. From this we deduce that the atmospheres of the adventures of Brendon are of a fantasy-horror type, with violent scenes very often characterized by monstrous beings from the afterlife, while the scenarios that surround it are desolate lands with little vegetation and ruins of old houses where you can guess medieval architectural motifs that at times, recall a past civilization, now decayed.

Brendon lives in an old castle, in the company of a robot butler named Christopher (resembling the puppet that appeared in the Dylan Dog episode "Seven Damned Souls") who survived the gigantic planetary catastrophe, which destroyed all traces of technology. Like any self-respecting knight-errant, Brendon also has his inseparable steed and he takes the name of Falstaff, a splendid black stallion characterized by a white star on his forehead, which accompanies him in most of his adventures. Among the many mysterious characters that appear in Brendon's stories are Zeder, a sorcerer who has the power to make people's souls travel through time and space. Just like Dylan Dog, Brendon is also a heartthrob and in his adventures we always meet female characters, very charismatic and fascinating, like the woman with the metal mask or Anja O 'Flanagan (met in n.2 "Tears of darkness"), a ruthless warrior of the Nympha amazon army, forced to fight and aflected by an inner drama linked to the past, who will have an intense love affair with Brendon and will find an answer to his life. Another character that we find in the adventures of Brendon is Dr. Emid Nox, who from the appearance may seem anything but a doctor, in fact he is an alcoholic with a scruffy appearance, but who, if necessary, manages to heal the wounds of Brendon. Among the various enemies that Brendon met on his way in addition to the Black Moon sect we also remember the mighty Skarr, a bloodthirsty follower of the sect, Arzhel the angel of death, Trevanian the mad scientist, the scarecrow on the shark and many others bizarre and monstrous creatures that punctually appear at every bi-monthly issue of Brendon. In addition to the aforementioned designer Corrado Roi, with his sponged chiaroscuro (Dino Battaglia style) has the merit of giving the character a "dark" and gloomy characterization, we also remember other designers who collaborate in the creation of this fascinating character: Massimo Rotundo, author of n.1, Giuseppe Franzella, Giuseppe Ricciardi, Lucia Arduni and many others.

All names, images and registered trademarks are copyright © Sergio Bonelli Editore and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Video of Brendon the comic of Sergio Bonelli

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