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City Hunter


City Hunter - Ryo Saeba

Original title: Shiti Hanta
Ryo Saeba, Kaori Makimura, Umibozu, Miki, Saeko Nogami, Mick Angel, Doc, Reika Nogami, Hideyuki Makimura, Kazue Natoria
Production: Sunrise
Regia: Kenji Kodama, Takashi Imanishi, Kiyoshi Egami (series 4), Hiromi Yamguchi, Atsuko Kase
Country: Japan
Year: 1987
Broadcast in Italy: 1997
Gender: Police
Episodes: 140 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

City Hunter - Kaori MakimuraCity Hunter is an anime based on Tsukasa Hojo's manga comic (the same as Cat eyes) produced by YTV Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation and Nippon Sunrise and broadcast in Japan in 1987. It arrived in Italy in 1997 and was broadcast by various private broadcasters. It is the story of Ryo Saeba nicknamed Hunter (in English it means hunter), as he is a detective always on the hunt for some malefactor. Hunter lives in a building in the city of Tokyo with his friend Kreta, sister of his friend Jeff, who after being fatally wounded by a gang of criminals, on the verge of death asks Hunter to take care of the girl. Despite Hunter go crazy for all beautiful girls, love towards Kreta is only of an emotional type, even if the latter is very jealous of all the girls that Hunter meets during his adventures and in particular of Selene and Reika, two attractive policewomen , very skilled in their trade, who turn our detective's head spinning and who always know they can get any help from Hunter. To track down Hunter, they write a message on the station information board that reads XYZ. In the series of City Hunter the author also makes many references to the famous cartoon Cat's Eyes as the place where he meets with his friends and customers is the Cat's Eye Café, owned by Kelly, Sheila and Tati, but the three thieving sisters do not c 'is no reference. Often in his enterprises, City Hunter - MikiHunter is aided by the brash Falcon, a former mercenary very skilled in fighting and fighting, and by his girlfriend Miki. The genre of the series is typically detective and adventurous, but it is also full of funny humorous gags especially when Hunter he has to woo some girl. In one episode, for example, we find Hunter struggling with a psychopath who has kidnapped the well-known TV journalist Sayaka Asagiri from the city of Mega city, threatening her with a knife. Hunter will have to clear all the charges that fall upon him.

City Hunter and all names, images and trademarks are Copyright © YTV Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation / Nippon Sunrise and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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