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Daltanious - The robot of the future

Original title: Mirai Robo Darutaniasu
Kento Tate, Dani Hibari, Doctor Earl, Sanae Shiratori, Mita, Jiro Komaru, Manabu Karui, Tanosuke Hata, Jimmy, Hayato Tate
Authors: Yoshiyuki Tomino
Production: Toei Animation, Sunrise, Tokyo Agency
Regia: Tadao Nagahama, Katsutoshi Sasaki
Country: Japan
Year: March 21 1979
Broadcast in Italy: 1981
Gender: Anime / Science fiction / Robot
Episodes: 47
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Robot cartoons Daltanious (original title Mirai Robot Daltanias) were broadcast for the first time on Italia Uno in 1981 for a total of 47 episodes.

Kento Tate - DaltaniousThe story is set in 1995, in a Japan destroyed by the invasion of the Akronians, coming from the planet Zaar and commanded by the mega-emperor Ormen, who sowed death and destruction all over the earth. The surviving population is poor and hungry and the kids are forced to steal in order to be able to eat something, often stealing the same goods that loan sharks have stolen from their families. Among these guys there is a group composed of Kento (the protagonist of the series), Dani, Sanae, Mita, Tanosuke, Jiro and Manabu. One day Kento and his friends, to protect themselves from the pursuit of some people from the village they had robbed, hide in the woods and enter a mysterious cave, through which they arrive at an underground space base. Here they meet Dr. Earl, an elderly and white-haired extraterrestrial scientist, who escaped from the planet Helios destroyed by the Akronians. Dr. Earl has developed a defense plan to counter the Akrons, with super robots able to team up and maximize their arsenal. Meanwhile, the Akron alien tower transforms into a gigantic robot to keep the village riots at bay. An intervention is needed immediately and Dr. Earl, to drive his machines, chooses the boys he thinks are the best; to Kento he will entrust the guidance of the humanoid robot Antares, while Dani will guide the spaceship Gumper, the two joining the robot Beralius will form the invincible robot Daltanious. But the Beralius is still missing and Antares and the Gumper initially will have to face their separate enemies. The boys under the orders of Dr. Earl begin to fight against the enemy and after a grueling fight, they understand that the secret of victory consists in acting in pairs, therefore the Gumper manages to destroy the giant robot of the Akron. Other fights will follow against the Akron robots who, having identified the space base, will send an army of robots to destroy it. Dr. Earl arrived on earth in 1945 together with Harlin, the prince of Helios who, however, due to a meteor storm, disappeared together with the Beralius, the robot lion thanks to which he can give rise to the Daltanious. Meanwhile, the enemy attacks the base and Kento and Dani on board their spaceships engage in a tough fight against the army, which, given the numerical superiority, wins and captures both the Gumper and Antares. But Dr. Earl, with a ruse, scares the enemies by projecting a virtual hologram of Beralios, so Kento and Dani manage to free themselves.

DaltaniousLater, during a battle with the Akron, Kento in serious difficulty emanates a cross of light from his body which, projecting itself into the sky recalls the robot Beralios, from this Earl understands that Kento is the son Harlin, the prince who died in 1945, who he therefore managed to survive the meteor shower. Initially, Kento's friends feel a bit of envy towards him, given his royal privileges, but soon they understand that the boy is always one of them. The Akron still attack, but now they have found bread for their teeth, as thanks to the arrival of Beralios, who can be joined with Antares and the Gumper, they will have to contend with the invincible Daltanious. During his battles the Daltanious uses the piercing fists, which fires like missiles and thanks to which he can envelop enemies with the electronic net, the cosmic blade and the protective shield, a gigantic sword and a mighty shield to face enemies in duel, the space crossbow, the disintegrating flame that emanates from the mouth, the Sigma rays that form a giant cross and finally the fiery sword that almost always uses to destroy the enemy definitively.

Kento Tate - DaltaniousMeanwhile, during the various episodes Kento and his friends will have curious and exciting adventures. Like when Sanae is attacked by hooligans on a motorcycle, which causing her to fall, injure her leg. Dani lying on their trail, Saburo recognizes his old friend of the reformatory, but the dialogue between the two boys is interrupted by the call of Kento and the urgent need to compose the Daltanious. At the end of the fight Saburo and his friends, seeing Dani's courage, will decide to put their heads right and behave like good guys, making an apology to Sanae.

NIn the episode "In the Jaws of the Monster", we find Jiro, envious of a boy who has found his mother and now has to meet her, therefore, to make fun of him, he indicates that he has seen her on the other side of the city, at purpose, to make it go astray. Kento scolds him harshly for his behavior and Juri, in the throes of a great remorse of conscience, manages to make mother and son meet again, who are kidnapped by the Akron monster.
Thanks to Kento ea Daltanious who defeats the robot, the child and his mother can hug each other and finally return happy. Thanks to his power, Daltanious manages to defeat Akron's troops, who are forced to flee the land. His next mission is to free the planet Elios and conquer the planet Zaar.
DaltaniousAfter various and difficult battles, Daltanious manages to fulfill his mission, which however has an unexpected ending. The mega-emperor Ormen, who managed to save during the last attack of Daltanious, reveals his face, which is identical to that of Ishimura, emperor of Elios and father of Harlin. It is actually an android, reproduced with the identical appearance of Ishimura that the rulers of the planet Elios had built, to replace the king at his death, until the day of the arrival of his successor. This is in order not to have a vacancy and not to cause uncertainty among the population. The biodroid Ormen, raised in solitude, harbored a visceral hatred towards those who had used him as a mannequin, only for their purposes of power, therefore at the first opportunity, he came to power and took revenge for this injustice. After one last attack by Daltanious, Ormen will die in the flames and Harlin will vow to rebuild a new civilization based on love and justice.

All names, images and trademarks are copyright 1979 Nippon Sunrise for Toei and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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Episode titles
01. Rebellion
02. Terror from heaven
03. The return of Beralios
04. Live by principles
05. The hostages
06. Gamerot
07. General Herman
08. Perfidious
09. In the jaws of the monster
10. Tragic fate
11. The trial of fire
12. Sanae in danger
13. Tanosuke falls in love
14. A friendship
15. An unforgettable party
16. The trap
17. The sound of bells
18. A love at first sight
19. The master
20. The invasion of the starfish
21. Cratus, the space warrior
22. The robot professor
23. The space tiger
24. The deception
25. Danji's forgiveness
26. <
27. An insane risk
28. Attack on the moon
29. Operation << energy>
30. Princess Florinda
31. An important meeting
32. The story of Prince Arlyn
33. Who is Kloppen?
34. The forgiveness of the warrior
35. Treason
36. Peace treaty
37. The cursed ship
38. The return of Arlyn
39. The deserters
40. The secret of Namel
41. Kloppen in crisis
42. A trap for Kloppen
43. Heroic achievement
44. Journey into the cosmos
45. Fighting against death
46. ​​Conquering Zaar
47. The tragedy of Armen
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