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Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo © Disney Pixar

You must prepare to film event of the Release date, who will be released in December and in all probability sbancherà the box office in America. We are talking about the new animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures' all in 3D graphics, like the previous masterpieces Toy Story and Monsters Inc. The film tells the story of two clownfish Marlin and his son Nemo. Marlin is very protective about Nemo, because his beloved goldfish Carol and her other children, were devoured by a huge fish, so Nemo is the only family member been alive.

Finding Nemo
Findin Nemo © Disney Pixar

This hyper-protective, however, makes the fish Nemo very nervous and limited in its desire to know the marine world. Despite the careful watch of Marlin, Nemo ventured inside a barrier reef, is caught off the coast of Australia and will end in the aquarium of a dentist in Sydney. Her father is desperate and in the company of Dory, a funny forgetful goldfish, who believes he can speak the language of whales, you will desperately looking for Nemo.

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo © Disney Pixar

Driven by the desire to find Nemo, Merlin will address what he has always feared: the 'ocean. It will then begin the hilarious adventure, where our protagonists meet quirky characters, imaginative and poetic like sharks who want to stop eating fish, the giant turtle Crush, Bruce the shark and terrible dangers of every kind, all accompanied by a soundtrack written by Thomas Newman, while the ending theme is sung by Robbie Williams. The animation and the places are so realistic that the viewer has the feeling of swimming in the ocean, along with the myriad of fish. Each sequence is not only a masterpiece of computer graphics, animation and entertainment, but an ideal film to be watched with the whole family, as the journey of Merlin,

Finding Nemo
Findin Nemo © Disney Pixar

because represents the experience of parents towards their children who start to grow and want be independent.

Title:  Finding Nemo
Nation:  Usa
Release date:  2003
category:  Animation
Time:  100'
Direction:  Andrew Stanton
Web site:
Production:  Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
Distribution:  Buena Vista International Italia.
Released :  May 30, 2003

All names, images and trademarks are copyright © Dinsey Pixar

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