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Grisù the little dragon

Original title: firedamp
Grisù Draconis, Fumè Draconis, Krazy, Sir Cedric McDragon, Lady Rowena McDragon, Stufy
Authors: Nino and Toni Pagot
Pagot study
Country: Italy
Year: 1975
Gender: Adventure
Episodes: 52
Duration: 10 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The sympathetic Grisù Dragon it appeared for the first time on television in 1975 on Rai Uno thanks to the drawings of graphic designers Nino and Tony Pagot (the same authors of Calimero), who created it for an advertising campaign on Carosello. Given the success of the character, several cartoons were made lasting about 30 minutes. Grisù's dream is to become part of the Fire Brigade, which is very strange given his being a dragon and his motto is "I'll be a firefighter when I grow up!"Grisù the little dragon the father Fumè His father Fum knows it well, a respected representative of a noble lineage of fire-breathing dragons, so whoever is born a dragon is just a dragon! But much to his father's grief Gris disagrees: even a dragon can aspire to something different that will take him out of the role of evil in which a centuries-old tradition relegates him. While waiting to become a firefighter, Gris attempts many professions in which he is always willing and attentive. Unfortunately, our hero experiences firsthand how difficult it is to shake off the legacy of nature. Gris in fact, just when he is about to succeed in one of his many exploits, he releases a catastrophic flame that sends many beautiful intentions up in smoke!

Grisù the little dragonIt often happens that Grisù becomes the protagonist of heroic and courageous deeds, where he often manages to save people surrounded by some fire or dangers of various kinds, but just when the time comes for the award ceremony with a beautiful medal for valor firedamp seized by emotion, he blushes and lets out a beautiful flame typical of a dragon that incinerates what surrounds him and literally sends all his dreams of glory into smoke. Everyone present becomes furious, his father rejoices and Grisù sad and dejected goes away humiliated. But the little dragon Grisù does not give up, in the depths of his heart there is always and only one dream: to become a Firefighter!

The cartoons of Grisù the little dragon will be broadcast on Boomerang from Monday to Friday at 14.40 pm; from 13/09 to 16.40 and on weekends at 13.15

Video of Grisù the little dragon

Grisù the little dragon is Copyright © Pagot and is used here exclusively for information and information purposes.

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