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Mobile Suit Gundam


Original title: Kido Senshi Gandamu
Amuro Ray (Peter Rei), Char Aznable (Maggiore Scia), Bright Noah, Mirai Yashima (Flammet), Sayla Mass (Seira Masu), Fraw Bow (Mirka), Kai Shiden, Hayato Kobayashi, Ryu Jose, Garma Zabi, Kycilia Zabi (Kirisha), Dozle Zabi, Gihren Zabi (Giren), Degwin Zabi, Ramba Ral, Crowley Hamon, Icelina Eschonbach (Esterina Essenbach), Matilda Ajan (Macirda), Haro (Pallina)
Authors: Yoshiyuki Tomino, Hajime Yatate
Production: Sunrise

Regia: Yoshiyuki Tomin, Ryoji Fujiwara, Shin'ya Sadamitsu, Hiromi Kuno, Osamu Sekita
: Japan
Year: April 7 1979
Broadcast in Italy: February 9 1980
Gender: Anime / Science fiction / Robot
Episodes: 43 mm
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

By the same authors of Daitarn III, the series of Gundam, with the title "Kido Senshi Gundam "(translated"Gundam, warrior with mobile armor") and after a resounding success it was broadcast in Italy in 1980. The series created by Nippon Sunrise, directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, was divided into 43 episodes and it is one of the most beautiful science fiction sagas that has been made by Japanese cartoonists. The substantial difference between Gundam and previous robots (eg: Daitarn III, Grendizer, jeeg etc ...) is that the latter have been characterized as samurai, where the technological aspect is somewhat left to chance, while Gundam it is a realistic cartoon and therefore every mechanical scheme responds to a very precise scientific logic, just think that the story is based on theories and hypotheses of future life, developed by different scientists and writers.

GundamThe story of Gundam is set in the near future, when due to the overpopulation of the earth, men have had to build stations orbiting the earth called "Sides", which are considered as real nations, as millions of inhabitants live there. But as happened on earth, even in space there are states (or rather satellites) that want to hegemonize other people's spaces as well. In fact, the principality of Jion (formerly Side 3) commanded by the Zabi dynasty, wants to subdue all the other satellites, which in order to defend themselves, joined in a confederation of space islands and started a ruthless war in which millions of civilians lost their lives . The principality of Jion is merciless and often uses improper weapons for its battle, as if that were not enough it is equipped with a particularly effective weapon: the Mobile Suit humanoid robots. GundamThis is where Peter (Hamuro) Rei, the protagonist of the series as well as the pilot of the Gundam. It all begins when on Side 7 the arrival of the White Base is awaited with Tem Rei on board, the father of Peter (Hamuro) who has designed a weapon capable of countering Mobile Suits: the Gundam RX-78. Unfortunately, however, the spacecraft is attacked by the enemy Mobile Suites and dozens of innocent people lose their lives during the battle. Seeing himself in a desperate situation, Peter (Hamuro), albeit inexperienced, enters the Gundam RX-78 and thanks to a manual, he manages to take control of the vehicle and tear down a Mobile Suite, which, however, during the explosion causes numerous victims among the inhabitants of the colony, including Peter's father (Hamuro), the scientist Tem Rei. Peter (Hamuro) despite the state of shock, with the Gundam he manages to defeat the second Mobile Suite, but this time without blowing it up. The survivors of the colony are loaded aboard the White Base and Peter (Hamuro) and his friends Kai, GundamHayato, Seira, Mirka and Flammet, after having distinguished themselves positively in that particular dangerous situation, are enrolled in the Confederation army. But the battle against the White Base does not end there and Char wants to see clearly about this mysterious Gundam that has taken out its Mobile Suites. Once entered the base to observe the Gundam, Char is discovered by federal soldier Seyla Mass (daughter of John Zum Daikun, the architect of the independence of Side 3, the principality of Jion killed by the Zabi family), who spares him as he doubts that it may be the brother who has never known. Thanks to that hesitation Char escapes into space aboard his Musai, but Peter (Hamuro) Rei chases him with his Gundam, which, however, cannot stop him. Meanwhile, the White Base heads towards Luna Two, a satellite of the moon, and spots the Papua supply ship, which, however, is about to transfer weapons to Char's Musai. Gundam and the Core Fighter piloted by Ryu, manage to sever the connection that communicates Papua with the Musai and Gundam defeats Commander Gadem's Zac. The White Base arrives on Moon Two, but they are not greeted by Wackein, so once again they cannot refuel. The base commander who accuses Bright of letting a boy use a secret weapon like Gundam, has Bright, Peter (Hamuro) and his friends locked up in a cell. Meanwhile, Char arrives on Luna Due and places explosive charges on the satellite, whose explosions allow Peter (Hamuro) and the others to escape and take possession of the Gundam, who manages to make Char escape aboard the MusaiGundam and to save Luna Due. The White Base then moves away from Moon Two and heads to earth, but just before its entry into the atmosphere, it is attacked by Char and his Zacs. Gundam comes out to defend the base, but risks big because if it comes into contact with the Earth's atmosphere it will explode due to friction, as happens to one of the Zacs. Peter (Hamuro) thanks to a manual discovers that the Gundam it is equipped with a cooling system to avoid heating in contact with the earth's atmosphere, therefore activated the control manages to land in North America, together with the White Base, but in enemy territory as it is controlled by the troops of Garma Zabi, Jion officer.

The battle against Char continues, but Gundam once again defeats his opponents. Impressed by its power, Commander Garma asks Char to work with Peter (Hamuro) Rei to uncover all the secrets of Gundam RX-78. Char uses this opportunity to take revenge on his superior Garma, as the son of Degin Zabi, the murderer of his father, John Daikun. The inhabitants of the White Base, who have not yet been able to stock up on food, are beginning to feel bad and desperate. On board the Core Fighter, Peter (Hamuro) Rey travels to South America to ask Jabrow for help, but is attacked by Char's troops and after a tough battle must return to the White Base, which attempts to head for the west coast. After finally managing to stock up on food and weapons and after a battle in which Garma, an accomplice Char, loses his life, the White Base flies to Central Asia in order to join Marshal Lebil's army to battle Colonel Makube's troops. Meanwhile Char is replaced by Major Ramba Rall and Hamon who immediately get to work in a tough battle against Gundam, where there are neither winners nor losers. Peter (Hamuro) however, in a moment of anger against the orders of his superiors leaves the White Base and launches a solitary attack against a secret position of Jion, which however was of little strategic importance and only ends up giving information to the opponents on the position of the White Base and on the characteristics of the Gundam. Meanwhile, Ramba Rall, who entered the White Base, is discovered by Seyra and, recognizing her as the daughter of his king John Zum Daikum, takes his own life, while his companion Hamon, seized by desperation, lashes out with a "kamikaze" attack against the White Base, which is saved by Ryu's Core Fighter, who sacrifices his life. Reached the army of Marshal Lebil, the union of the two forces manages to free Europe from Jion's troops, where the White Base receives food and repairs again. After the deaths of Ramba Rall and Hamon, Char returns to his war against Gundam and the White Base. Once in Jabrow, Peter (Hamuro) and his friends are given a very risky task, that of shielding the enemy, with a shower of fire, while the army will head into space towards Side 6. After a very hard fight risky for the White Base, the operation succeeds and Peter (Hamuro), reached Side 6, finds with pleasant surprise that his father is alive and can therefore hug him again. In Side 7, Peter (Hamuro) will meet Sara, a girl from Side 3. We discover that Sara and Peter (Hamuro) Rey share the same characteristics, in fact even Peter (Hamuro) as he has often shown on various occasions, possesses powers of telepathy or rather it is an ESP, a being able to enter minds with the power of thought. This characteristic is typical of the Newtype, of the men from Side 3, artificially created that John Zum Daikum had studied, in order to possess characteristics that fit perfectly within the space colony. Sara takes part in the attack operations against Char together with Gundam, aboard her Elmet and easily defeats the enemy Mobile Suites.

During a violent confrontation between Gundam and Char, Sara loses her life to save Char's, with whom she feels a strong bond. Just as Peter (Hamuro) Rey was dealing the final blow and Char, the Elmet stands as a shield between Char and Gundam and the latter is unable to stop the killing blow in time, killing her friend in spite of herself. Meanwhile, Char and Seira have a face to face, thanks to which we can understand the birth of the Principality of Jion. Side 3 independence advocate, John Zum Daikun, had created a superior race of men; the Newtypes, endowed with special Esp powers, in order to be able to live in harmony with the world in which he found himself, thanks to his propensity for peace and his great intelligence. Unfortunately, John Zum Daikun was poisoned without his knowledge by Degin Zabi, whom John on his deathbed named as his successor. The only one aware of the heinous crime was Ramba Rall. Meanwhile, thanks to the arrival of the Confederal army and the Gundam, the Principality of Jion asks to sign the surrender, but violent conflicts arise within the Zabi family, in which Degin Zabi and his son Obakua lose their lives, while his sister Kiriscia is killed by Char. Deprived of their commanders, the troops of the Principality are definitively defeated. Finally, we witness the final battle between the Gundam and Char aboard the Ziong, but their fight will be suspended by Seira. Peter (Hamuro) will then reach the White Base and bring all the inhabitants to safety. Peace can finally return among the inhabitants of the orbiting stations.

Gundam and all names, images and trademarks are copyright 1979 Nippon Sunrise and of those entitled and are used here for information and information purposes.

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Titles of Gundam episodes
01. The great Gundam
02. Destroy Gundam
03. Major Scia attacks Gunda
04. Escape to Luna Due
05. Return to Earth
06. Garma against Gundam
07. Peter Rei pilots the corefighter
08. The battle of the salty desert
09. Gundam flies!
10. Garma dies!
11. Revenge!
12. The threat of Zion
13. Good news for Peter Rei
14. Sabotage
15. The deserter
16. Seira pilots the Gundam
17. Peter Rei abandons Gundam
18. Kyrisha's secret weapon
19. Ramba Ral attacks!
20. The revenge of Peter Rei
21. Hamon's revenge
22. Makube against Gundam
23. Without respite
24. Attack of the Flying Dragons
25. Gundam: Operation Odyssey
26. The return of Scia
27. A spy on the White Base
28. War on the oceans
29. Deadly ambush
30. The saboteurs
31. Zanzibar on the attack!
32. Gundam attack!
33. Assault on the White Base
34. Peter Rei returns to the father
35. Well done Flammet!
36. A tough battle
37. Gundam must win
38. Gundam wins again
39. Gundam is invincible
40. Lara against Gundam
41. The enemies of Gundam
42. Good Gundam!
43. No one is stronger than Gundam!
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