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Kid-E-Cats - Sweet kittens

Kid-E-Cats - Sweet Kittens - The animated series

Original title: Kid-E-Cats - Sweet kittens
Cookie, Chica, Pudding, Mom, Dad, Narrator, Rocket, Cupcake, Nerino, Leo, Boris, Grandfather Alfaro, Grandmother, Bruska
Author: Dmitry Vysotsky
Metrafilm Studio
Country: Russia

Year: 2015
Broadcast in Italy: 5 November 2018
Gender: Comedy, adventure, didactic
Episodes: 104
Duration: 5 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 3 to 7 years old

Kid-E-Cats - Sweet Kittens ("Topu Koma" in the Russian original) is a Russian animated series for preschool children, produced by CTC Media and created by Studio Metrafilms. The Kid-E-Cats cartoons have been broadcast for the first time in 148 countries on Nick Jr. since the end of November 2017. Since 2019 they have been broadcast within Cartoonito.

The series tells the adventures of 3 little kittens who live in a small town. Biscotto, Pudding and their little sister Chica, enjoy playing and discovering the world like all children. They are greedy for sweets and every day their curiosity guides them towards new adventures. With the wise advice of their caring parents, puppies solve all problems and all problems are solved. With their friends Razzo, Tortina, Nerino, Leo and Boris, they play and encounter fun and interesting adventures.

All the kittens living in the city have different and original personalities, but they always get along well when it comes to making a common decision. Gattopoli is a safe and peaceful place where little kittens, under the care of their parents, learn to think and make autonomous decisions, and empathize with their friends.

Kid-E-Cats characters - Sweet kittens

Biscotto is the most restless and hyperactive kitten. He is brave and the first to come up with bold ideas. His flaw is that he always wants to act alone, without focusing on solving one problem at a time. He is passionate about sports and loves outdoor games, such as soccer, badminton and archery, just like his grandmother. He's the second-born kitten.

Pudding he is a curious and very knowledgeable kitten for his age. He reads a lot, but since he's just a kitten, his knowledge is purely theoretical. He solves puzzles and loves riddles and sometimes even manages to beat Dad and Mum Cat. Just like his name, he's a bit chubby. He is greedy for sweets which he fills his pockets with. He is the largest kitten in the family, but everyone takes care of him.

Girl she is the little sister of Pudding and Biscotto, and is the most sensitive of the 3 kittens. She is smart by nature and very pragmatic when it comes to solving a practical problem. She tends to imitate her mother's behavior, which is why, despite being the youngest, she has a protective attitude towards her siblings, whom she always tries to get along with. In fact, his typical phrase is "I know what to do!".

Dad Cat is the father of kittens. He works at the candy store and is very personable.

Mamma Gatta is the mother of kittens. She always cooks a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Boris is a gray and sick cat, and is one of the Kid-E-Cats friends. Boris is passionate about the circus world

Tart he is a pink cat, one of Kid-E-Cats' friends, he likes beautiful and elegant things.

Nerino is a black cat, one of Kid-E-Cats' friends, and loves scary and terrifying things

Rocket is a black and white cat, one of Kid-E-Cats' friends and loves space: he would like to become an astronaut

Dart is a red cat, one of Kid-E-Cats' friends and loves math

Smustard is a purple cat, one of Kid-E-Cats' friends and loves sweets

Images of Kid-E-Cats - Sweet kittens - The animated series

Pudding, Chica and Biscuit - Kid-E-Cats - Sweet kittens

Pudding, Chica and Biscuit - Kid-E-Cats - Sweet kittens

The Kid-E-Cats Family - Sweet kittens gathered at the table

The Kid-E-Cats family - Sweet kittens gathered at the table

Daddy Cat and the kittens Chica, Biscuit and PuddingPapa Cat and the kittens Chica, Biscuit and Pudding

Mamma Gatta and the kittens Budino, Chica and Biscotto
Mamma Gatta and the kittens Budino, Chica and Biscotto

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Video Kid-E-Cats - Sweet Kittens - The animated series

Kid-E-Cats - Sweet Kittens | Trailer

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