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Original title: Shinzo ningen Kyashan
Tetsuya / Kyashan, Luna Netsuki, Dr. Azuma, Midori / Swanee, Briking (Bryking Boss), Sagure, Akubon, Barashin.

Production: Tatsunoko
Author: Tatsuo Yoshida
: Takao Koyama, Yoshiyuki Tomino, Yuji Nunokawa

Country: Japan
Year: October 2th 1973
Broadcast in Italy: 1980
Gender: Science fiction / Superheroes
Episodes: 35
Duration: 25 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Kyashan the android boy (Shinzo ningen Casharn is in the Japanese original) is one of the first science fiction series of Japanese cartoons, in fact its production by Tatsunoko dates back to 1973 and consists of 35 episodes. Despite having appeared a few times on the television screens of various local broadcasters, Kyashan is still remembered with much nostalgia, as the series anticipated what would be the themes and characters of classic Japanese superheroes such as Grendizer, Tekkaman, Capitan harlock, Hurricane Polymar and many others.
The story of Kyashan the android boy begins when the famous scientist Azuma, considering the serious pollution of the earth, builds 4 androids in order to clean it of all the waste.

Kyashan and Flender

The androids are under the guidance of Briking Boss, the most powerful and intelligent robot, who unfortunately, due to a violent storm, is struck by lightning and goes mad, thus rebelling against its creator. The other androids Sagure, Akubon and Barashin (reminiscent of some Nazi generals), ally with their commander and declare war on humans to defend the cause of humanoids. The scientist Azuma realizes the serious threat and his son Tetsuya reminds him that the only way to fight these androids is to turn himself into a cyborg too. Thanks to the highly technological machines Tetsuya will be transformed forever into Kyashan the powerful android boy and the same fate will befall his mother Midori who will be transformed into the mechanical swan Swami, who however will be able to summarize his original appearance and give valuable advice to Kyashan by projecting his image on the night sky.

Briking Boss

Despite everything, Briking manages to capture the scientist Azuma, who is locked up in their prisons and forced to design other evil androids. This will be one more reason for Kyashan to battle the army of androids and support there will also be the faithful dog Flender, a robot that can transform into any type of vehicle if necessary: ​​a motorcycle, a tank, a plane etc ... Furthermore Kyashan will also have the help of his girlfriend Luna Netsuki, who thanks to her magnetic ray gun will be able to disintegrate the enemy robots. Meanwhile, the human race, being attacked by an army of androids that sow death and destruction, is in total panic and no armed force can get the better of the powerful robots.


This means that Kyashan himself, being also an android, is seen with hatred and fear, which will lead him to be disowned by human beings, despite the fact that he does everything possible to defend them. Kyashan is an android who fights by exploiting his strength and skillful fighting skills, draws his energy from the sun, thanks to the front plate located in the helmet, this also allows him to emit very powerful solar rays capable of destroying enemy androids , but at the same time discharged all the energy, it becomes helpless.

Kyashan, Swami and Flender

Each episode will give us fantastic emotions and adventures, conducted behind a skilful script, where Kyashan will be able to win the individual battles, but will feel powerless in the face of an endless army of robots that have now invaded the entire planet. But Kyashan has the great merit of being able to free his father Azuma who, thanks to his brilliant mind, invents a device that manages to capture the magnetic waves of the passage of Halley's comet which, reflecting on the satellites in orbit, will destroy all the robots on earth. We will then witness the final clash between Kyashan and Briking Boss, where Briking will be able to defeat the android boy, who, however, thanks to the stored solar energy, with a powerful radiation will be able to disintegrate him, but this heroic gesture will make him lifeless until the arrival. of his saviors. The earth will then be saved and the cities will be rebuilt thanks to the new robots.

Kyashan is copyright Tatsunoko and those entitled and are used here for cognitive and popular purposes.

Episode titles

01. Kyashan the android boy
02. A battle in the moonlight
03. Kyashan, Luna's boyfriend
04. Luna will fight alongside Kyashan
05. Kyashan doesn't give up
06. The sun is life for Kyashan
07. Cicero, the legendary hero
08. Warugadar
09. Concert for a battle
10. Magnetic storm in the desert
11. The statue of the devil
12. A train loaded with iron travelers
13. The traitor
14. The great refusal of Hatenai
15. Goopy's revenge
16. Love with wings
17. The lullaby of a robot
18. An elephant against robots

19. The terrifying robot
20. The giant robot
21. The choice of Luna
22. Romeo
23. Escape from the robots factory
24. The challenge of robots
25. Kyashan the immortal
26. The secret of Kyashan
27. The missing gun
28. The knights of Karlman
29. The robot on fire
30. The great robots hunter
31. The city where the cyborgs are made
32. Pore
33. Swanee the robot swan is in danger
34. The ace of robots
35. The biggest war on planet Earth

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