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Urusei Yatsura


Lamu '

Original title: Urusei Yatsura
Ataru Moroboshi, Lum, Shinobu Miyake, Kosuke Shirai, Ryunosuke Fujinami, Mr. Fujinami, Sakurambo's family, Sakurambo, Doctor Sakura, Tsubame Ozuno, The principal, Onsen Mark, Professor Hanawa, Professor Sanjuro Kuribayashi, Ataru's parents, Shutaro Mendo, Ryoko Mendo, Tobimaro Mizunokouji, Asuka Mizunokouji

Production: Pierrot, Studio Deen
Authors: Rumiko Takahashi
: Mamoru Oshii, Kazuo Yamazaki

Country: Japan
Year: October 14th 1981
Broadcast in Italy: 1983
Gender: Comedy / Science fiction
Episodes: 195 mm
Duration: 25 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Created by the mind of the Japanese screenwriter Rumiko Takahashi, Urusei Yatsura (original title "Urusei Yatsura") makes its first appearance in 1978 on the pages of the Japanese comics weeklyShonen Sunday. The success of Urusei Yatsura came about three years after its publication, so it was decided to turn this manga character into a cartoon of 216 episodes. The success of Urusei Yatsura it is mainly due to the characterization of the character, to the funny, bizarre and spicy stories, which manage to fully exploit all the potential of the fascinating green-haired alien. In fact, Lam is a beautiful extraterrestrial girl, fabulous long water-green hair, big eyes of the same color and a breathtaking physique, highlighted by a yellow striped bikini. It is characterized by two small horns that allow it to fly and launch strong electric discharges.

The story of Lum begins when the alien people of the planet Uru, decide to conquer the earth, therefore with their spaceship, stationed in orbit around the earth. In order to avoid unnecessary innocent victims, the commander of the spaceship Uru, Lum's father, gives a chance to the earthlings, establishing a competition between the two champions of their respective planets. Urusei YatsuraFor the planet Uru is chosen Urusei Yatsura, while for the planet earth an electronic supercomputer chooses Ataru Moroboshi, a guy who is definitely a champion ... but of bad luck and cowardice. If in this race Ataru Moroboshi, will be able to touch within 10 days the horns of Lam , the earth will be saved. Ataru is known by all the students of Tomobiki as a lazy and listless boy who, instead of studying, wastes time after girls. When the choice falls on him he trembles with fear, at the thought of having to face an alien, but when the fascinating Urusei Yatsura, he almost faints with happiness from that sweet vision. Urusei YatsuraAtaru Moroboshi he thinks that touching Lum's horns will be child's play, but he hasn't come to terms with the extraordinary abilities of the girl who is able to fly and give violent electric shocks. Meanwhile, the days pass without the boy being able to come close to Urusei Yatsura, the earth therefore seems doomed. Ataru is sad and feels the weight of all humanity on his shoulders, the only one who comforts him is his classmate Shinobu, who to encourage him promises him that if he wins the challenge she will marry him. At those words Ataru finds grit, ideas and invents a stratagem to capture Urusei Yatsura. Just the last day available, thanks to a powerful suction cup gun of his invention, Ataru, rip off Lum's bra, who in an attempt to take back the garment, is grabbed by the horns by the boy who, saving the earth from the invasion, shouts: <I won. I can finally get married!> Ataru was obviously referring to Shinobu, but Lum believes Ataru intends to marry her. Despite the defeat Lum is happy and hugs Ataru, filling him with kisses and swearing him eternal fidelity, while Shinobu, who witnesses the scene, indignant and furious, turns his back on the boy, giving him the "hard-earned Dongiovanni". Urusei YatsuraFrom here on will begin the adventures and misadventures of Lum, who will try in every way to seduce Ataru to convince him of the seriousness of his marriage intentions. In fact, on planet Uri, marriage is a very serious matter, therefore Urusei Yatsura he will fight with all his strength to keep his beloved next to him "darling" Ataru Moroboshi. In order to achieve its purpose, Urusei Yatsura he persecutes Ataru, going to live in his house and even following him inside the high school, which will cause several of his schoolmates to lose their heads. Ataru however, continues to chase his ex-girlfriend,Urusei Yatsura Shinobu who tired of the constant presence of Urusei Yatsura, falls in love with one of his classmates, the handsome and very rich Shoutaro Mendo, who is in turn in love with Urusei Yatsura. Among the many very nice characters that appear in the cartoon of Urusei Yatsura we remember Sakurambo, a Buddhist monk friend of Ataru who foretells disastrous events and who, together with his beautiful niece Sakura, fights supernatural beings. A nice constant presence is also Jariten, the cousin of Lam who flutters here and there and is always ready to defend Lum in case of danger, spitting fire like a dragon.

All characters and images of Lum are copyright Rumiko Takahashi and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Episode titles

Lum, the girl from space

01. The character from another galaxy
02. Lum must return to Earth
03. Ten, the boy in the galaxy
04. A swallow and a penguin
05. Ray, the monster of the city
06. Woe to a Don Juan
07. The child in the kite
08. The meaning of life
09. Sakura mysterious beauty
10. A terrible virus
11. The love triangle
12. A little devil
13. The magic tape
14. Voodoo dolls
15. Adventures on Neptune
16. The envy of men
17. How to become a woman
18. Hell of athletes
19. A breathtaking Christmas (1st part)
20. A breathtaking Christmas (2nd part)
21. The play boy Ataru
22. The victory of the orcs
23. The two suitors
24. The example of Wakamaru
25. Adventure in Hawaii
26. The infernal binge
27. The duel
28. Compatibility test
29. The great battle
30. Return match
31. My private lessons
32. Thrill of terror
33. Four-dimensional photography
34. A dangerous path
35. Ran's revenge
36. A friendly invitation
37. The diary of Ataru
38. The infant of space
39. Spring problems
40. Peach blossom
41. The two Ataru
42. Ataru's Nightmare
43. Engagement party (1st part)
44. Engagement party (2nd part)
45. The king of frogs
46. ​​Lost in the caves
47. The magic earmuffs
48. The little caterpillar
49. Ten in love
50. Hungry Dracula
51. Lum and male discipline
52. The gardenia in love
53. The sorceress of the rain
54. The broken horn
55. The revolt of the characters
56. Hanawa sensei is coming
57. The water monster
58. Ataru in danger
59. She comes!
60. The school monster
61. Copies of Ataru
62. That magnificent summer
63. Sayonara
64. The typhoon arrives
65. Spicy sauce
66. Those cats on hot roofs
67. Ever since you left
68. Gluttons from the school, unite!
69. School party
70. The enigma of the purified mountain
71. The sleeping beauty
72. Terror 73. Mendo's sister
74. There's a cat on
75. The rate reward
76. A fascinating job
77. The end of year party
78. Stories from the past
79. Recovery lesson
80. Lesson of manhood
81. A kiss to the snow queen
82. A terrible Valentine's day
83. The sphere of love
84. Masked fight
85. The space virus
86. Rinosuke is coming
87. The changing of the guard
88. The appointment
89. Happy birthday
90. The queen peach
91. The princess of the crows
92. Message in the bottle
93. Old
94. Strange adventure
95. Ciak, turn around!
96. Reaction 97. Eternal rivals
98. ... and then there was no one left!
99. The fireman mother
100. An indigestible cake
101. Housewives
102. Summer Christmas
103. The ghosts
104. Rinosuke's mom
105. Drawback of jealousy
106. The challenge of Ten
107. Precarious balance
108. Revenge of the robot
109. The fear of the dark


110. Mushroom, mushroom of my ... plots!
111. The best child in the universe
112. It happened one night ... between Lum and Ataru
113. Rinosuke's drama
114. Who will be Miss Tanobiki?
115. The sin of Ataru
116. Mendo and Lum
117. The snowman
118. The fairy tale of the time gone by
119. The broken dream
120. Benten against everyone
121. So many Lum
122. The professionals ... of the binge
123. Deadly adventure
124. Eye does not see ...
125. Sakura's childhood
126. Ran's memories
127. Dream of youth
128. Lum's amnesia (part 1)
129. Lum's amnesia (2nd part)
130. Parallel worlds
131. Dreams of invasion and escape
132. Ran's great love
133. The magic lipstick
134. Clash at Mendo's house
135. Benten and Rinosuke
136. Oyuki's Wrath
137. The strange love story of Lt.
138. Treasure hunt
139. The gloves of hate and love
140. Lum's transformation
141. Lum's film
142. Sakura the exorcist
143. Terror in the swimming pool
144. The return of Princess Kurama
145. A fox for a friend
146. Rinosuke's mother
147. The night of ghosts
148. A forbidden actor
149. Panic in the city
150. A strange love
151. Kid, the flying man

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