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Legs Weaver

Original title: Legs Weaver
Rebecca Weaver, Nathan Never, Sybyl Danning, May Frayn, Janet Blaise, Sigmund Baginov
Authors: Michele Medda, Antonio Serra, Bepi Vigna

Publishers: Sergio Bonelli Editore
: Italy
: 1991
Gender: Science fiction comic
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Legs Weaver appears for the first time in 1991, inside n. 1 of Nathan Never as agent of the Alfa agency and friend of the character of Sergio Bonelli Editore created by the trio of Sardinian screenwriters Michele Medda, Antonio Serra e Bepi Vineyard, while its graphic creator is the Roman designer Claudio Castellini. The strong personality of this heroine all grit and irony (inspired by the actress Sigourney Weaver protagonist of Alien), have made her deserve a title of her own since January 1995 with the register "The Black Ladies", scripted by Antonio Serra and designed by Gianmauro Cozzi e Teresa Marz a, while the covers were all made by the talented Mario Atzori. The real name of Legs Weaver is Rebecca Lawrence Weaver, but she carries the nickname of Legs (what does it mean legs) from the time she was locked up in Blackwall Prison for twenty years.

Legs Weaver

Here she learned to defend herself and temper her character, until Reiser, the head of the Alfa agency, released her by paying the bail and enlisting her in the ranks of her Alfa agency. Legs, even before his imprisonment, at the age of 18, he attended a military academy for the training of special agents and here he met the perfidious Corinne, who initially showed herself as her best friend. Corinne with a ruse convinced Legs to marry her father Oliver, the elderly founder of the academy, but he was the victim of a murder and the blame fell on Legs who was then locked up in Blackwall prison. The culprit was his daughter Corinne, who in this way could immediately pocket the enormous inheritance of her father, without suspicion of any kind as justice had already found its scapegoat. How Nathan Never also Legs she is a woman of the future who lives in the East City megalopolis built on several levels (seven in all), where the marginalized and the most total degradation are found on the lower floors. Legs he lives in an apartment with his friend and colleague May Frain, the sensual and beautiful ex-thief, who together with the other two sisters April e July she was recruited by the Alfa Agency following her repentance. Another tenant of Legs รจ Harvey an intelligent and heart-throb dragon, the result of an incorrect genetic engineering experiment. To remember also the young Rick, the shy and in love neighbor of Legs, who manages to give us some hilarious gags every time he meets super-agent athletics. Legs disproportionately loves weapons and combat, in fact she is an expert in a futuristic martial art called Jeet-Kun-Doo and very often he trains with Nathan Never.

Legs Weaver

All this he needs to keep up with the various criminals he has to face in his missions to the scream of "Yatta !!!", which carry it around not only on earth, but also among planets, orbiting stations and even on a parallel dimension called Waldur, where adventures acquire a typically fantasy atmosphere. Among his main enemies we remember The Black Ladies, protagonists of n. 1 of Legs; a sect of Amazonian women with powerful tentacles and headed by jahna, whose purpose is to eliminate all men from the face of the earth. Among the various enemies we also remember his Legs alter-ego, coming from a parallel world and Caym also coming from another dimension who has put himself at the helm of the Club of Sin. There is no shortage of criminal organizations and traffickers such as Suckrbell. Among the various numbers not to be missed we mention in addition to n.1 "The Black Ladies" also "The Waldur dunes","Legs at the Olympics","The thousand faces of Legs","Difficult loves" is "Pirates of Mars ", the 100th edition of Legs celebrated last March.

Legs Weaver

The character of Legs Weaver, the names, images and registered trademarks are copyright Sergio Bonelli Editore and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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