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Marmalade Boy


Original title: Mamaredo Boi
Miki Koishikawa, Yu Matsuura (Yuri), Ginta Suo, Arimi Suzuki, Meiko Akizuki (Mary), Satoshi Miwa (Steve), Tsutomu Rokutanda (William), Suzu Sakuma (Susy), Kei Tsuchiya (Alessandro), Shin'ichi Namura ( Nick), Jin Koishikawa, Rumi Matsuura (Koishikawa), Youji Matsuura (Christopher), Chiyako Koishikawa (Katia)

Production: Toei Animation

Author: Wataru Yoshizumi
: Akinori Yabe
Country: Japan
Year: March 13 1994
Broadcast in Italy: January 27 1997
Gender: Comedy
Episodes: 63 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19


Marmalade Boy the Japanese manga written by Yoshirumi Wataru and published in the monthly 'Ribbon' in 8 episodes. Obtained the favor of the public, the anime of the same name appears in '94, divided into 76 episodes, which will break the hearts of young viewers, soon unleashed fans. In Italy it was broadcast in 1997 on Canale 5, with the title 'Small heart problems', substantially losing its original essence, due to cuts and distortions of various kinds (some episodes will not even be broadcast). While in comic version it was published between '98 and '99, at Planet Manga, in 16 volumes. The comic "Marmalade boy"and the cardboard"Small heart problems"have notable differences. Here I report the names of the characters changed in the version" Little heart problems ". Yuu (Yuri), Meiko (mary), Nachan (Nick), Satoshi (Steve), Kei (Alessandro), Ckiyako (Katia), Yoji (Bart). The title Marmalade boy it comes from the nickname that Miki gives to Yuu, as the latter enjoys teasing and teasing her continuously; According to the girl, Yuu is similar to orange marmalade: sweet in appearance, bitter in taste.

Miki Koishikawa - Marmalade Boy

The main protagonists of Marmelade Boy are precisely Miki Koishikawa (a very pretty, nice and outgoing teenager) and Yuu Matsura (a beautiful boy, instead shy and a little on his own), who will find themselves living under the same roof, due to of a bizarre family situation, which will clarify later. At first friends, the two will discover that they are in love with each other; but their young and fresh love will have to overcome many trials and vicissitudes, within which important themes (adolescent and otherwise) will unfold, which will mark the inner maturation of the protagonists. At the bottom of the story the sentimental past of their respective parents (Rumi and Jim Koishikawa; Ckiyaco and Yoji Matsura), who after returning from a trip to Hawaii, will organize a dinner (where Miki and Yuu will meet for the first time), used to excuse to inform the boys of their divorce and imminent marriage (according to this order: Rumi-Yoji; Ckiyoko-Jim). They will also be made aware of the unanimous decision to all go and live in one villa. At first Miki disagrees, but she is fascinated by Yuu's beauty and his confidentiality. Thus begins their new life and with it the first difficulties. In fact, Ginta, a lifelong friend of Miki, with whom he is in love, realizing the feelings that the girl has for Yuu, tries to win her back (Ginta and Miki had been together in middle school, but then he betrayed her trust and they parted) .

Miki Koishikawa - Marmalade Boy

With the complicity of the tenacious Arimi (Arimi in lower school was engaged to Yuu, with whom she is still in love), he pretended to be with her to make Miki jealous, who in fact will become jealous (as indeed she will be) jealous of the confidential relationship between Arimi and Yuu). But a decisive stage in the evolution of the story occurs when Yuu finds a letter from his grandmother, in which the same exhorted his father not to marry his mother, because she is pregnant with another man, namely the illustrious architect Miwa. Having carried out some research to discover the identity of his real father, the young man will discover that the architect's son is a high school friend of his, Miwa Sotoshi, of whom he will become a great friend. It will be through him that Yuu will be able to meet Mr. Miwa - on this occasion Miki will accompany him to be close to him in such a delicate moment - but the architect will deny that he is his father and that he has had a relationship with his mother. , despite having fallen in love with it at the time of the University. Our friend, taken by despair and melancholy, will go to seek some solitude by the sea, where Miki will join him: thanks to a wonderful sunset they will confide their mutual feelings of love, which they will seal with a romantic first kiss.

Yuu Matsura - Marmalade Boy

Back home as boyfriends, they decide to tell the episode to Ginta and Arimi, who luckily won't take it at all, because in the meantime they found themselves in love with each other (and intent on arguing with the cousin of Ginta, Tstomu, Arimi's eternal suitor). Finally, Christmas arrives and Yuu (always him!), Animated by the desire to find out who the father is, will rummage through the family albums, there he will find a photo that portrays the parents according to the current couples; he deduces that the natural father is the same as Miki's, therefore that he is the girl's brother, but he will not tell her anything so as not to hurt her. However, crushed by the weight of this discovery, he moved away from her, moving to Kyoto under the pretext of attending the University. After some time, Miki perceives the separation of her boyfriend, and goes to visit him in Kyoto to clarify the situation. A girl who claims to be Yuu's new girlfriend opens the door for her. Shortly after he will join her at the station, without denying what happened: then they leave with death in their hearts. Meanwhile Yuu returns home for the summer holidays, where he finds a serene Miki. In fact, after having spent a very sad period, she decides to turn her back on her love story and starts dating Kei, a skilled musician known in the ice cream shop where the girl works part-time. In reality the serenity is only apparent, since when the two will have the opportunity to speak, Miki will confess to Yuu that she still loves him, bursting into tears. He, unable to bear to see her in this state, reveals his secret to her. The shock will be great, but the thought of staying away will be more unbearable. So they decide to take a trip to Kiushu and act like old times. After an unforgettable day, the two lovers decide not to leave each other and to marry, even without parental consent.


When they return home, they communicate this decision to them. Long last! (we add ...) Since only in this way will the misunderstanding be cleared up: the parents - engaged according to the current couples already at the University - left for a whole series of misunderstandings, so banal that they were even ashamed to tell the truth to her children: Chiyako was pregnant with Jim, but due to the stress she lost the baby, nevertheless she still married Yoji and soon after Yu was born (who is therefore not Miki's brother). The Marmelade Boy series ends with a second trip to the Hawaiias of the parents and with Yuu and Miki who will spend the winter blissfully in their Kyoto house. I spend a few lines to remember the beautiful and romantic Meiko, Miki's best friend and with whom he will share joys and sorrows. Meiko will have a secret relationship with a teacher, Nachan. When their love is discovered, he will be expelled from the school, moving to Hiroshima. Sotoshi will take advantage of this absence and will try in every way (but in vain) to win Meiko's heart. Meanwhile the young woman, who suffers from the estrangement of her lover, writes an autobiographical novel: "The desolate city in winter", winner of the first prize of a competition for young writers. In the end Meiko, in love with Nachan more than ever, decides - also thanks to Miki's solidarity - to leave for Hiroshima and reconcile with her great love, in spite of everything and everyone. The two will get back together and will decide to get married as soon as she has finished high school.

by Helga Corpino

The characters of Little heart problems

Miki KoishikawaMiki Koishikawa
The protagonist of the story, a sensitive and cheerful 16-year-old girl who studies at Toryo high school. She is surly and temperamental, but she is also a very responsible girl. She is in love with Yuu, even if at first she doubts her feelings, because Yuu only seems to want to make her angry. She is a very scared girl of her first love. When he was in second grade, he confessed his love to Ginta in a letter, but through a misunderstanding he rejected her, and since then their relationship has cooled to friendship. When she finds out that Yuu is probably dating another American girl, she feels very sad, which makes her think of Yuu. Although the anime is not explained in the manga it is said that Miki was born in London and only spent a year there before returning to Japan.

Miki's blood type is A, and her zodiac sign is Aries. His birthday is March 28th. His seiyu is Kouda Mariko (the same one who plays Moment's song in its Japanese version).

Yuu MatsuuraYuu Matsuura
A tall blond boy with light brown eyes, very calm and withdrawn. He is smart and good at sports. He finds it difficult to express his feelings, but with Miki he gains confidence and is a little more open. He works in the Junk Jungle coffee shop, where they also sell clothes. When he was 12, he discovered that what he considered his father was not like that. Yuu doesn't have many friends, but he has a special friendship with Satoshi Miwa, they came to think that they were brothers, even if they proved that they are not. Miki has come to feel jealous of the relationship between Yuu and Satoshi, even though she thought that between them there was something more than just a friendship relationship. He is very popular with girls, they all fall in love when they meet him, since they consider him very handsome. In the middle of the anime he went to the United States to study architecture, thus creating a new problem to overcome in his relationship with Miki.

Although the anime version changes in the manga, Yuu instead of leaving for the United States, will go to study in Kyoto. Here she discovers that Miki's father is her father, so she decides to end the relationship with Miki (since they are half brothers).

But in the end it turns out that it was all a misunderstanding, because the baby that her mother would have with Miki's father was lost, so it all worked out and in the end they got married.

MeikoMeiko Akizuki
She is Miki's best friend, has wavy brown hair and comes from a wealthy family. Always try to be happy and smile even if he is going through a bad time and feeling bad. She is in love with her teacher, Shinichi Namura ("Natchan"), with whom she has a secret relationship. But when their relationship is discovered, the professor resigns and decides he must go to another city. Since then he has been feeling very sad, even if thanks to his optimism he always tries to overcome it.

Miki initially gets angry with Meiko for hiding her relationship with Shinichi, but reconciles shortly after. While Namura is on her way to Hiroshima, Meiko maintains a brief relationship with Satoshi Miwa, but fails because Meiko's love for Natchan is stronger. He writes a book about his life and with it he manages to win a prize. So she decides to become a writer.

GintaGinta Suou
Ginta has short brown hair, he is forgetful and shy. He has been Miki's classmate for years and has always been in love with her. From a misunderstanding their relationship has moved away, but from the arrival Yu feels jealous and tries to have something more than friendship with Miki.

When she meets Arimi, she decides to try to break the relationship between Miki and Yuu, but as time goes by they fall in love with each other, forming the second stable relationship in the series. In episode 38 they declare themselves. He's in the tennis club.

Arimi Suzuki
She is a girl with bluish green short hair, very flirtatious and feminine and of great beauty, she also has a group of admirers. Study in another institution other than Miki and her friends (Sakaki High School). Study athletics. She is in love with Yuu and, even he rejects her, Aeimi tries to conquer him. She is very jealous so she doesn't get along very well with Miki at first. Ginta's cousin is in love with her, but she always rejects him and when he falls in love with Ginta and they start dating, a problem arises between him and his cousin. The guys fall in love with her, but nobody pays attention to what she really wants, to her true feelings and that's why she has always felt alone, even if things change with Ginta.

All names, images and registered trademarks are copyright Yoshirumi Wataru - Ribbon and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Episode titles Little Heart Problems - Marmalade boy
01. Dear diary, let me introduce myself!
02. A stolen kiss
03. Afternoon with Yuri
04. Ghinta's confession
05. The legend of the medallion
06. William's bet
07. Everyone on a trip!
08. Competition for sales
09. A tender weekend
10. Birthday party with William and company
11. A difficult choice
12. Love and friendship
13. War in love
14. The long goodbye
15. Decisions
16. Alex Troublemaker
17. The marathon
18. Steave does not give up!
19. Afternoon at the cinema
20. Where are you, dad?
21. Together again
22. I love you
23. Clouds on the horizon
24. Fragile like happiness
25. At work!
26. The medallion is gone
27. Let's study together
28. Yuri's song
29. When love beats
30. The masquerade party
31. Alexander's lies
32. The song of hearts in love
33. The return of Nik
34. Angela
35. Appointment with memories
36. A busy Christmas Eve
37. The new year is going to be great
38. Snowflakes
39. What will I do when I grow up?
40. Successful pages for Meri
41. Chasing happiness
42. The day of lovers
43. Happiness flies away like autumn leaves
44. Hello Michael
45. When you are away
46. ​​A dream day
47. A new life
48. True love
49. You are always in my thoughts
50. Surprise kiss
51. When the sea talks about you
52. Gray solitude
53. Have I lost you forever?
54. Goodbye Yuri
55. Without you
56. Pale notes of melancholy
57. I'll console you little Miki
58. The two suitors
59. Alessandro, are you love?
60. Hold me close to you
61. Truth blooms in the warmth of hearts
62. A friendship that smells of love
63. Forever you and me


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