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Nick Raider

Original title: Nick Raider
Nick Raider, marvin Brown, Arthur Rayan, Jimmy Garnet, Philip Vance, Ward Mulligan, Alfie, D'angelo, Lieutenant Bowmann, Doctor Blum, Violet Mcgraw, Sarah Himmelman, Mary Ford, Brenda Stacy
Author:Claudio Nizzi

Publishers: Sergio Bonelli Editore
: Italy
: June 1988
Gender: Police cartoon
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Nick Raider he is the first character who in 1988 inaugurates the detective and detective genre at home Bonelli. Created by the screenwriter Claudio Nizzi, (already known for the wonderful stories of Tex) Nick Raider is a private investigator New Yorker from the Manhattan Central District Police Department. As for the graphic aspect, the face of Nick Raider very reminiscent of the actor Robert Mitchum, always wears a white waterproof jacket, jeans and goes around forever with tennis shoes, in order to always be ready to chase the criminal on duty.

Nick Raider

Of course, there is no shortage of car chases that Nick Raider does aboard his Pontiac Firebird, performing very often, daring actions. Nick Raider he carries out his work as an authentic mission, to redeem the memory of his father, also a policeman, but with a sad story behind him. He is not interested in career or glory, but only in justice towards the innocent, which also leads him to heated arguments with his superiors. Reading the stories you can understand how the psychological profile of the character is very complex, as there is never a clear distinction between good and evil and if there is a culprit this must be sought in the events of life, which have led a person to make crazy gestures, or to a social system that churns out desperate people in search of "illegal shortcuts" in order to emerge. Nick Raider therefore he does not reason with his fists to extort confessions (as Tex would do), but always identifies himself with the psyche of the guilty, trying to find the motive that triggered the crime. In any case, he could not act autonomously as he must comply with the practice of the "police procedural", which obliges him to carry out investigations using a precise deontological regulation. Each script is careful and rigorous to the logic of the facts and nothing is left to chance.
His inseparable friend and colleague of a thousand investigations is Marvin Brown, a black boy with an easy joke who always tries to play down even the most difficult situations and manages to give a breath of joy to the stories, but if necessary when there is no joking, he always knows how to give concrete and important help to the his friend Nick Raider.

Nick Raider

In addition to Marvin there is also the shy detective Jimmy Garnett, a computer expert, who always manages to come up with useful information on the suspect on duty.
The three must comply with the orders and directives of Philip Vance the commander of the Central District, who more often than not acts too superficially, without taking into consideration the events as a whole, which sends into a rage the people who find themselves operating concretely on cases, such as Nick Raider e Marvin. This leads to disagreements between Nick Raider and Vance, which are quickly smoothed out by the old man Arthur Ryan the lieutenant friend of both, who behaves in a fatherly manner with all his colleagues and is the one who with his great experience, concretely directs the team of the Central District.
Despite Nick Raider prefer the life of an inveterate single, the only girl to have undertaken a serious love story with him is the journalist Violet McGraw, who with her courage and intelligence, combined with her great charm, manages to convince Nick that she is the ideal woman for his lifestyle.

Nick Raider

The enemies and Nick Raider must face from time to time are the classic ones of the noir and detective genre, such as drug dealers, serial killers, criminal organizations such as the mafia, the Japanese yakuza, the "Black Cross", criminals for love or money and robbers and terrorists of all kinds. The little dwarf will help Nick and his team Alfie, who by attending criminal circles and having his circle of acquaintances can make his "blow", always being aware of the facts.
Among the various episodes to remember in addition to n.1, "The nameless victim" where is it Nick Raider investigates the death of his colleague Richard Varelli, we also remember the beautiful "Murder in Central Park" drawn by Ivo Milazzo and scripted by Claudio Nizzi. Here we investigate the murder of the young Helen Curtiss which took place in New York's Central Park; despite the evidence leading to Ray Mitchell, a boy who had long since ended a romantic relationship with the victim, Nick Raider he will be able to find the real killer. Also "Chinatown"it is a register to report where our detective has to contend with the Chinese mafia, while he is"The Geronimo case"the mysterious killer strikes with a Navajo arrow and has to do with the world of western cinema.
This January Nick Raider crossed the line of 200 numbers with the book "Dakota project"completely in color (as per Bonelli tradition), where the wedding between Nick Raider and the beautiful Purple, but even here the unexpected is not lacking and Violet is kidnapped by the mafia Don Vito Saracyno.

Nick Raider is copyright © Sergio Bonelli Editore and is used here exclusively for information and information purposes.

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