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Lego / Cartoon Network
Original title: Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Sensei Wu, Lloyd, Nya, Misako, Dr. Julien, Dareth, Cyrus Borg, PIXAL, Skylor, Ronin, Karlof, Bolobo, Gravis, Ash, Jacob, Camille, Toxikita, Shadow, Pale, Neuro, Family Guy Turner
Author: The Hageman Brothers
Production: Wil Film, LEGO
Regia: Michael Egner, Justin Murphy
Country: United States, Denmark
Year: 14 January 2011
Broadcast in Italy: 2011
Gender: Action / Adventure
Episodes: 64
duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The famous Lego bricks represent the favorite games of many children since they were placed on the market, also thanks to their ability to stimulate the imagination by creating new stories. Over the years they have evolved and the construction of houses and villages has also been accompanied by characters of various nature who soon became protagonists of video games and cartoons. In particular, in early 2011, the Company produced a nice series of Japanese inspiration, the Ninjago, which soon also arrived on the small screen, thanks to the Cartoon Network. It is an animated series that faithfully reproduces all the characters on sale at toy stores and which, thanks to an attractive animation and a lively history, is able to excite the little ones, but not only. After all, everyone likes to go back to being children.

The first animated series focuses on the battles between the "good guys", obviously represented by the Ninja and the Skeletons, the "bad guys", with a little reassuring aspect while, in the second series, the Serpentines, of the new ones, also become part of the story enemies in the form of snakes. Thus begins a story centered on the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Kai - Ninjago
Kai - Ninjago
Lego / Cartoon Network

In the first episode of the series the background is narrated; years and years before, the first Master Spinjitsu had created Ninjago territory using four very powerful weapons: the Sword of the Fire Dragon, the Shuriken of the Ice, the Nunchaku of the Lightning and the Scythe of the Earthquakes. The Master had two children, Wu and Garmadon, and he reigned for a long time trying to maintain the balance between good and evil so that peace reigned over the whole territory. But when he died, the conquered stability ended and the four weapons were divided between the two brothers. The eldest, Garmadon, also wanted to have the weapons of his younger brother; thus began a tough struggle between the two. Eventually an earthquake plunged Garmadon into the underworld and he became king. Thinking that his brother was dead, Wu became king of Ninjado and Master Spinjitsu. So following the example of his father, he reigned trying to keep peace, after hiding the four deadly weapons to prevent them from doing more harm by falling into the wrong hands. Soon, however, Wu learned that Garmadon was still alive and ready to return for revenge. The four weapons hidden all together represented a danger and the best thing would have been to divide them. So he did and handed the map over to a blacksmith, asking him to jealously keep it. Not only that, Wu guarded four valiant Ninja weapons: Jay Master of Lightning, Cole Master of Earth, Zane Master of Ice and Kai Master of Fire and son of the blacksmith.
Thus began the story. Garmadon with his army of skeletons is determined to find weapons but will have to deal with the four Ninja who train to become more powerful and face the final challenge.
The villain army attacks the village to find the map and weapons. But on his way there is an unprepared but brave Kai who tries to fight them with the weapons at his disposal. Eliminate his opponents until he is in front of Samuraki who unexpectedly pulls out 4 arms and as many deadly weapons. Kai would risk being overwhelmed if the Master did not intervene and, taking him away, he faces the enemy.

Jay - Ninjago
Jay - Ninjago
Lego / Cartoon Network

At this point the army retreats but not before kidnapping Kay's sister Nya. He is desperate but is consoled by the Master who begins to train him to make him a real Ninja. This also happens for the other 3 who, under his wise guidance, become so quick and powerful that they decide to enter directly into the Skeletons Headquarters. They learn of their shady plans to invade Ninjago and take up arms, but they are also exposed and face dozens of bone-armed enemies. But the four can count on their powerful weapons that together become really deadly. Put the remaining Skeletons to flight, they are faced by a gigantic creature, similar to a dragon. In the end, of course, our heroes will have the upper hand.

Zane - Ninjago
Zane - Ninjago
Lego / Cartoon Network

Even more engaging is the second series in which Lloyd Garmadon, son of Lord Garmandon, awakens the Serpentine but after their betrayal he decides to go to the good side becoming the Green Ninja. A cartoon with singular characters, the same puppets that are sold in Lego packs and with which many children invent their own stories. But in this case, the story is on the small screen. A colorful and exaggerated world where the characters move and speak like real heroes. First of all Sansei Wu, Master Spinjitsu, a little man with a long white beard, a yellow face covered with a large hat and two lively eyes. Energetic and lively, fast in his moves despite his age, he tries to spur his Ninja, urging them to train in order not to lose the habit of fighting. But above all wise in advising kids on the best things to do and how to manage their friendship. In fact, they all live together in the monastery perched on a spur of rock, but the four are young and often rebellious. They play the playstation and eat slices of pizza with salami and olives, like the most modern of the boys, but they do it in a typically Japanese house. Zane is the strangest of the four, he often isolates himself, closes himself in the refrigerator, has reactions contrary to those of others who consider him, therefore, a different person. He is an orphan and the only one who never receives mail from his family. Following them closely the 4 don't even seem like heroes. They are disobedient, childish and self-conscious, especially when they have to get on their dragons to go and fight.

Cole - Ninjago
Cole - Ninjago
Lego / Cartoon Network

They lose their weapons, fall, stumble but eventually they fly up to go and fight. The Serpentines, however, have the power to hypnotize their opponents and manage to do so also with Cole who in this way confronts his friends trying to eliminate them with his weapon. The three Ninja don't know what to do, torn between the danger of hurting their partner and being eliminated by him. But to solve everything the Maestro arrives with an ancient flute capable of canceling, with his sound, the power of the Serpentine. Unfortunately, however, while everyone was away, the monastery was completely destroyed. Cole, Kai and Jay blame Zane for that disaster but Wu steps in to make peace between them: too late because the boy is now gone with his dragon. Everyone begins to miss her but suddenly Zane returns with a surprise: he has found a new home and has cooked for them. The Maestro is proud of him and his boys.
Now, however, they have to put their new home in order and use the powers to try to get everything in order before Wu returns. To complicate matters, Jay's parents also arrive, who with their attitude embarrass the young man in front of his friends. Jay brings his parents to know their new headquarters and, in the evening, the two leave for their home. But when they arrive, they are faced with an unexpected and dangerous fact. Lloyd after the betrayal of the Hypnobrai manages to awaken the Fangpyre, snakes that transform every object into an animated being, and takes them right to Jay's parents, forcing them to join their army.

Nya - Ninjago
Nya - Ninjago
Lego / Cartoon Network

The story goes on between fights and tests of friendship until, after yet another disappointment on the part of the coils LLyod joins the Master and the Ninja. Obviously cohabitation is certainly not easy because Garmadon's son is spiteful and wants to excel over others and the Ninja are unable to accept him in their group. But Wu warns them of greater danger. In fact, the four Serpentine tribes are about to meet and Phytor, thanks to the map stolen from Lloyd, is about to find the last two tombs whose opening would allow him to set up an unbeatable army. But Ninja don't have a map and finding graves could prove impossible. However, Nya has found the solution. In fact, she noticed that the other tombs are all along the symbol of the Ninjago snake and therefore together they manage to trace the position of the last two.
The Master divides the four ninjas by sending them to the two identified points and gives them the flute capable of neutralizing the effects of Phytor. Nya, however, must stay home to check on Lloyd. The boys leave for their mission. Cole and Zane on one side and Jay and Kai on the other face having to fight snakes and this time it really seems to be going badly for all of them. But suddenly a mysterious Samurai comes to their aid. The four return home and tell Wu everything. Unfortunately, the loss of the sacred flute during the fight makes them even more vulnerable while, in the meantime, the Serpentines are dangerously approaching Ninjago. Phytor is trying to bring together all the tribes to launch the final attack and the four are right in the middle of his speech, trying to disturb the coils while avoiding the dangerous agreement.
Back home, they all gather around the dinner table and this time Lloyd also seems to have really become one of them. Suddenly, however, the boy disappears and everyone goes out to look for him. The undertaking seems difficult and its traces lead to an abandoned area which has become the meeting place for snakes; here they discover that Lloyd has been captured and everyone is worshiping the Great Snake. But it is an ambush because they too are taken and brought into the middle of a fighting arena and they soon realize that they have to deal with the Samurai. Start a battle with no holds barred. But in the end the Samurai returns their golden weapons to them and disappears. The four boys manage to escape and wonder about the identity of the mysterious character. But Master knows it is Nya, Kai's sister.

Cartoons therefore full of twists, as in the case of the Green Ninja or the Samurai X, obviously with a happy ending, which end with the victory of the good guys. But they also convey important lessons, such as the value of friendship and solidarity, the sense of belonging to a group and the beauty of being able to return all together to your home, refuge and place where you can feel safe. It really seems incredible how perfectly transposed these well-known and loved games into cartoons. Characters completely identical to those that can be found in stores, make it possible not only to see the stories on the small screen but also to continue them live, giving free rein to the imagination of children.


Ninjago season 2

From 2 October 2017 from Monday to Friday at 17.25 pm on Cartoon Network.

On the occasion of the release in theaters of the film NINJAGO (October 12), Cartoon Network (channel 607 of Sky and 350 of Mediaset Premium) offers programming to relive the exciting adventures of the second season of NINJAGO, the TV series that narrates the heroic deeds of the four brave ninja.
Created by Master Spinjitsu, the land of Ninjago emerged thanks to the power of the four most sought after and powerful weapons ever existed: the Sickle of the Earthquake, the Nunchaku of Lightning, the Ice Shuriken e the Sword of Fire.
It was impossible to have full control over all four at the same time, except for the powerful Master, who established a perfect balance between good and evil on Earth. After his death, however, events took an unexpected direction.
In fact, his two sons, Wu and Garmadon, were the successors of the powerful weapons that were divided equally to continue balancing the earthly order.

Garmadon, blinded by the desire for omnipotence, however, wanted to take possession of all the swords, leaving his brother no choice but to defeat him and lock him up in the Kingdom of the Underworld.
Wu thus became the new Spinjitsu Master, and decided to hide the four Spinjitsu weapons in a safe place. Peace reigned, but not for long: Garmadon was still alive and ready to take revenge.
The wise Master thus decided that it was safer to divide the weapons and hide them separately, entrusting the map of their position to a blacksmith, as well as father of one of the main characters: Kai.
To safeguard the good of humanity, moreover, Wu decided to prepare a team made up of four brave ninjas: Jay, Master of Lightning; Cole, Master of the Earth; Zane, Ice Master; and Kai himself, Master of Fire. Together, they will train hard to defeat Garmadon.
Ninjago is a series full of twists and turns, capable of transmitting important teachings, such as the value of friendship, solidarity and a sense of belonging to a group.

Ninjago is copyright © Lego / Cartoon Network and the rights holders, the names and images are used here for information and dissemination purposes.

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