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Peter Pan

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Peter Pan

Original title: Peter Pan
Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, Tinker Bell / Tinkerbell, Gianni Darling, Michele Darling, Captain Hook, Agenore Darling, Sponge, Mary Darling, Standing Bull Leader, Denteduro
Production: Walt Disney Studios
Regia: Hamilton Luske, Clyde Geronimo, Wilfred Jackson, Jack Kinney
Country: USA
Year: 1953
Gender: Adventure / Fantastic animated film
Episodes: 1
duration: 77 minutes
Recommended age: All

The character of Peter Pan was born from the theatrical text of the Scottish novelist James Matthew Barrie written in 1904, entitled "Peter Pan the boy who didn't want to grow up" and in 1911 with the title "Peter and Wendy" it became a very successful book. To tell the truth, Peter Pan made his first appearance as early as 1902 in the novel "The Adventures in Kensington Gardens" (also known as "The White Bird") also by James Barrie. It was one of Walt Disney's favorite tales, which greatly contributed to the construction of his fantastic imagination, so much so that as a child, he played the role of Peter Pan in a school theatrical representation. The plan to make an animated feature film on Peter Pan had it already after the making of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but due to the Second World War, he had to suspend the work that resumed after the end of the conflict. The film was made in 1953 under the title "The Adventures of Peter Pan" and immediately became a worldwide success. Produced by Walt Disney who followed every part of its realization, it was directed by Clyde Geronimo, Wilfred Jackson and Hamilton Luske for a duration of 76 minutes, while the splendid soundtrack is due to Frank Churchill, Sammy Fain, Ted Sears, Oliver Wallace and Jack Lawrence. Walt Disney wanted to faithfully reproduce the character of James Matthew Barrie, who until then (see the 1924 film Peter Pan) had been played by actresses. Thanks to the innovative animation techniques of the time, Walt Disney returned to Peter Pan all the characteristics of the original character: a rebellious child, who moves as light as the air.
Tinker BellThe story begins one evening, in a London apartment, when the Darling spouses prepare to go to an important dinner, but Agemine does not find her twins and her shirt. Meanwhile in the upper rooms the children Gianni and Michele play in reliving the deeds of Peter Pan and Captain Hook, the characters of their favorite fairy tale, which their older sister Wendy tells him every night before falling asleep. The three children are looked after by their wet nurse Nana, who despite being a dog, takes care of them by putting the bedroom in order and preparing the syrup they have to take every evening. Regardless of all this, Agemone Darling enters the room like a fury, looking for his cufflinks and shirt, which he finds completely messed up and transformed into a map of Peter Pan's treasure island. Agemone orders Wendy not to tell that story to her siblings any more and to move to the other room tomorrow, as she was no longer a child, having now reached the age of 12. Nana also resumed her role as a guard dog and was tied up in the courtyard. However, Wendy believed in Peter Pan's real existence, to the point that he believed he had stolen her shadow after being torn from her by Nana and that one day he would return to take her back. That same night, when the children slept alone, without Nana's protection, Peter Pan arrived in the company of the inseparable fairy Trilli, who entered the window and searched the whole room in desperate search for his shadow. It was found by Trilli inside a drawer, but being rebellious as its master, the shadow did not want to be captured.Wendy, Gianni and Michele That uproar wakes Wendy, who, happy with that meeting, works hard to stitch up the shadow of Peter Pan. Wendy confides to Peter Pan that from tomorrow she will no longer be able to tell fairy tales, as she must become an adult. Peter Pan is terrified of the idea of ​​growing up, therefore he invites Wendy to leave with him towards "The island that is not there" to tell fairy tales to lost children. Wendy is so happy that she tries to kiss Peter Pan, but is stopped by the jealous Trilli, who pulls her hair by the tail. Meanwhile, Gianni and Michele also wake up, they too eager to leave for the island of their fantasies. The only problem is that of being able to fly, but despite all their efforts they are unable to fly. Thanks to the fairy dust, which Peter Pan spreads on him through Tinker Bells, the three children can finally hover in the air and take flight from the window of their bedroom, towards The Island that is not there, crossing the splendid night city of London. The direction is simple: second star on the right and then straight until morning. Arrived on the island, the boys can see the island from above and identify the places told by the fairy tale of Wendy: the gulf of the sirens, the camp of the Indians and the pirate ship of Captain Hook, which takes him without compliments gunfire. Peter Pan orders Trilli to bring Wendy, Gianni and Michele to safety as he will have to deal with Captain Hook. The latter is obsessed with the idea of ​​taking revenge on Peter Pan, as during a fight the boy cut his hand, which ended up being fed to a terrible crocodile. From that day the crocodile has followed him everywhere, in the hope of devouring Captain Hook in full. Meanwhile, Trilli disobeys Peter Pan and arrived first in the refuge of the lost children, to say to bring down Wendy, as she is a threatening bird.Captain Hook The children throw all their weapons towards the girl and she falls to the ground. Fortunately, she is taken in flight by Peter Pan who saves her life and scolds the children for what happened. These exculpate themselves, saying that they had been ordered by Trilli. Peter Pan banishes Tinker Bell from his reign for a week and takes Wendy to discover the island towards the bay of the sirens, while Gianni and Michele, together with the lost children, go to the Indian territory. However, they are captured by the Indians and tied to the torture stake, but the lost children do not seem worried because the fight with the Indians is nothing more than a game. Capo Toro standing this time is serious, as he accuses the boys of kidnapping his daughter Giglio Tigrato and threatens to skin them. Meanwhile Peter Pan and Wendy after meeting the sirens, see Captain Hook and the inseparable sailor Spugna, who head with a boat to the rock of the skull, after kidnapping Giglio Tigrato. Inside the cave, Captain Hook tries to reveal the young squaw, where Peter Pan's hiding place is located, otherwise he will die drowned with the rising sea caused by the high tide. Peter Pan comes to his aid and confronts Captain Hook in a duel, after making fun of him. During the fight Peter Pan gets the better of it and Captain Hook has to get by, chased by the hungry crocodile and begging for the help of his faithful Sponge.Peter Pan and Giglio Tigrato After bringing Giglio Tigrato back to his camp, Capo Toro in Piedi organizes a thanksgiving party for Peter Pan and his friends, to whom he gives an Indian headdress and names him Flying Eagle. Meanwhile, Trilli who stood on the sidelines, looking at the celebrations in the distance in the Indian camp, is captured by Sponge and brought by Captain Hook. Upon hearing of Trilli's jealousy towards Wendy, Captain Hook tries to use the fairy to learn about Peter Pan's refuge, therefore he asks him to help him to kidnap Wendy. Tinkles like this, he falls into the trap and reveals that Peter Pan is in the Hangman's Tree. Inside the refuge, we find Wendy who makes lost children understand what it means to have a real mom. Disconsolate children want to go home to see their moms, but Peter Pan is furious. Waiting for them outside are Captain Hook and his pirates, who kidnap them and send a gift pack to Peter Pan containing a time bomb. After a series of vicissitudes, adventures and breathtaking battles, the three boys on board a magical vessel will return to their bedroom, just in time for the return of their parents, who will find Wendy asleep near the window.

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