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Pink Panther

Original title: The Pink Panther
Pink panther, investigator
Author: Blake Edwards
Production: Depatie-Freleng Enterprises
Country: United States
Year: 1964 mm
Broadcast in Italy: 1966 mm
Gender: Comedian
Episodes: 133 mm
Duration: 7 minutes
Recommended age: All

The character of the Pink Panther (The Pink Panther in the American original) makes his first appearance in 1963, within the opening theme of the film "The Pink Panther", directed by Blake Edwards and played by Peter Sellers in the role of Inspector Clouseau. The authors of the short animation are David DePatie and Fritz Freleng, the latter famous for having contributed to the realization of the famous Looney Tunes of Warner Bros, with which he also won four Academy Awards. The Pink Panther enters the scene supple and persuasive, smoking a cigarette with a long mouthpiece, with a snobbish and aristocratic attitude, which makes it very captivating. The success of the character was immediate, thanks also to the jazz music of Henry Mancini, who with the famous notes of the solo sax has become one of the most popular musical pieces of the '900. A few years later, the first cartoon series of the Pink Panther was made, which to be consistent with the character, would always be silent and accompanied by its soundtrack. Pink PantherCartoons and gags in fact do not need words, as the recurring theme is always the funny situations against poor Inspector Clouseau, characterized as a man with a big nose and a mustache, who in an attempt to spite Pink Panther always ends up getting into trouble. In one episode we find the Pink Panther who has an argument with Clouseau on the color of the exterior painting of a house: the little man with the mustache wants to paint it in Blue, while the Pink Panther, needless to say, would like it to be pink, from here spites, gags and endless paradoxical situations. Pink PantherIn another cartoon, the Pink Panther goes to a shop to buy some tools, but to test their efficiency, he tests them ... all of them, turning the shop upside down and sending the owner into a rage. In the episode Sink Pink, a fur hunter promises his wife to give her a splendid pink fur, so he builds an ark to bring all possible animals and among them, the long-awaited Pink Panther, who realizing the deception manages to save the own skin and free all animals. In the first film in reality "the pink panther" is a diamond and here we find Inspector Clouseau on the trail of the gentleman thief Sir Lytton, suspected of wanting to steal the precious jewel. Despite all his crazy attempts, the inspector will end up with a handful of flies, betrayed by his wife and by the owner of the jewel herself. In Italy the Pink Panther comics were published by the Cenisio publishing house.


The Pink Panther and CoPINK PANTHER
This is a new version of the Pink Panther at the age of 14. She is always full of enthusiasm and manages to turn every moment of her day into an exciting adventure to share with her companions, thanks also to the technological games that accompany the lives of all young people, such as computers, mobile phones or skateboards. In all the episodes and in the roccambolesque situations in which she finds herself, they are a good opportunity for the Pink Panther to use her extraordinary creativity, from which new gags arise.

Identity card
NAME: Pink Panther
BIRTH DATE: April 11, 1964
AGE: 46? ... no, only 14!
SEX: male
SPECIES: feline
SPECIAL SIGNS: unmistakable pink and plushy step

Big Nose is the obnoxious adult always ready to dictate unjustified rules. His authoritarian figure is a constant obstacle to the enthusiasm and creative impulses of the Pink Panther.
Big Nose doesn't like the Pink Panther, perhaps because he is a little jealous of his young age and is annoyed by everything that is beyond his control. Random antagonist of the Pink Panther, he is part of his bizarre world.

Hoarse is the faithful friend of the Pink Panther, always ready to rush in times of difficulty. He sometimes plays the role of racehorse, which makes life difficult for Big Noise's warlike purposes.
Sometimes Hoarse is the one who tells the story of the Pink Panther.
As a good friend he also plays the role of the Panther's good conscience, which spurs her to shake off her laziness when it's a beautiful sunny day outside.

In the wake of the great cartoon tradition such as Tweety and Sylvester, Bugs and Elmer, Wily E. Coyote and Beep Beep - that of the "predator always lurking against the impossible prey to catch" - Boomerang is pleased to present the new Ant shorts & The Aardvark.
Also produced by DePatie and Freleng, Ant & Aardvark appeared for the first time in the Pink Panther Show series of 1970 and immediately met with great success, so much so that they became part of the series itself with their individual gags. 
Ant (the ant) ​​was created to be the prey and Aardvark (the armadillo) the predator: but it is not always true that being bigger is better. This ant is too cheerful to be eaten, especially not by a slightly dull neurotic like Aardvark. 

ANT it is ultimately smarter and stronger than even an ox, let alone an Aardvark. 
How it manages to avoid being eaten, being the laziest ant in the universe, is however inexplicable. She is good, nice and cheerful by nature. Gifted with a great artistic sense, she loves playing the harmonica, painting landscapes and seeing modern sculptures even in a simple piece of wood. When grappling with a new creation, she doesn't want to be disturbed, but Aadvark often shows up to spoil everything.

AARDVARK tries in every way to capture Ant. He's a nervous, hypochondriac type. If something starts, it goes undeterred to the end, despite the setbacks. So, if you propose to climb a small hill because the ant is on the top ... and suddenly a waterfall changes its course, we know that Aard is able to keep climbing despite the flood! 

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The Pink Panther is Copyright © Fritz Freleng, David DePatie, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Turner, Warner Bros and is used exclusively for cognitive and informative purposes.

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