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the Qpiz Hearty, Lovelyn and Liebe

Original title: The Qpiz
Hearty, Liebe, Lovelyn, Tyler, Lance, Mrs Cracklepop, James, Feather, Hector, The Cherries :, Terry, Kerry, Merry

Production: Zodiak Active, Rai Sat
Regia: Alexander Belli

Country: Italy, Spain, South Korea
Year: 2010
Broadcast in Italy: February 12, 2011
Gender: Comedy / Comedian
Episodes: 52
Duration: 3 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

From February 12 on Rai2 Saturday at 9.10 and Sunday at 9.25
From February 14 on Rai Gulp every day 4 episodes at 14.15pm and 19.45pm

The highly anticipated Qpiz TV series is finally arriving on RAI. The wild and hilarious trio of sentimental superheroines (or so they believe!) Arrived from an unknown planet to bring love to earth (or at least try!), Will be aired on Rai 2 e Rai Gulp with a series of 52 pills of 3 00 .

Hearty Lovelyn and Liebe are already the protagonists of a multi-channel world suitable for teenagers: present for a few months on Top Girl, LOL and Modern Girl, with comic strips, advice and columns on love, the Qpiz are also online with the �innovative social game on facebook and with the website, full of tests, surveys and competitions, news and hilarious videos. The Qpiz are preparing for a very special Valentine's Day: After the launch on Rai 2 on Saturday 12 February, on Valentine's Day they will be the protagonists of a special on RaiGulp with 4 love-themed episodes, and will launch a contest on their website to win 20 unobtainable tickets to attend the only Italian date of the Justin Bieber concert, which will be held in April in Milan. Bieber fans, go wild! Qpiz is a multiplatform product born in Italy with a strong multicultural imprint. The project was conceived by Zodiak Active with the co-production of Rai Gulp and created by a team of screenwriters and storyboardists with projects such as The Simpson and Futurama behind them.


Zodiak Active is the new division of Zodiak Media Group dedicated to the global development of the Group's digital and branded content activities. To seize all the opportunities of a rapidly evolving media scenario, Zodiak Media Group has in fact integrated all the Group companies previously active in these sectors - including the Italian Neo Network and the English RDF Contact - in a single skills and revenues which, with approximately 31 million in annual turnover and an international and expert team of over 160 professionals, is positioned today as one of the most important players in the world in the area of ​​digital & branded entertainment. Zodiak Active is the main point of contact for partners who want to develop innovative branded entertainment projects and thanks to the talent and production resources present in the Group - a global network of over 45 companies active in 18 countries - it accompanies the most important global brands in the development of innovative communication projects. Zodiak Active is also at the forefront in the conception, development and production of multiplatform content and services, built both around the Group�s successful international formats and originally developed and dedicated to new digital audiences. Zodiak Active has local offices in London, Milan, Genoa, New York and Rio de Janeiro.


All characters and images of Qpiz are copyright Zodiak Active and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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