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Rocky Joe

Original title: Ashita no Joe
Jo Yabuki / Joe, Danpei Tange, Yoko Shiraki, Mammuth Nishi, Tohru Rikiishi, Noriko, Wolf, Carlos Rivera, Carlos's agent-manager
Author: Asao Takamori
Production: Mushi Productions
Directed by: Osamu Dezaki, Yoshiyuki Tomino, Noboru Ishiguro, Soji Yoshikawa, Hideo Nishimaki, Kazunori Tanahashi, Norio Kitashima

Country: Japan
Year: 1st April 1970
Broadcast in Italy: April 1982
Gender: Sportsman
Episodes: 79 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

The Japanese cartoon of Rocky Joe (original title Ashita no Joe) was produced in 1970 by Mushi Productions under the direction of Osamu Dezaki, which in Italy was broadcast for the first time in 1982 on Rete 4 and renamed Rocky Joe, to recall public attention to Sylvester Stallone's cinematic success. The story of Rocky Joe was taken from the manga comic written by Asao Takamori and drawn by Tetsuya Chiba, published between 1968 and 1973 in the Japanese magazine Shonen Magazine, which was a huge success. In Italy the comic was published in 2002 by Star Comics.Rocky JoeRocky Joe (Joe Yabuki his real name) is a 15 year old boy who lives in one of Tokyo's most deprived and slum neighborhoods. The straggler, homeless and homeless boy lives by means of petty thefts and daily struggles for survival, but one day while walking down the street, he stumbles upon the body of a drunkard lying on the ground; this is Danbei Tange, a former alcoholic boxer, who observed him during a fight against a gang of his peers, sees in him the makings of a champion and decides to train him to redeem himself from the failures of his own life. Unaccustomed to discipline and a sense of sacrifice, Rocky Joe doesn't like the teachings of old Danbei Tange and follows him only to have a hot meal and some company.

Rocky Joe versus Toro RikiBut one day due to a scam against Ms. Yoko Shiraki, he is locked up in a reformatory and from that moment on, the rebellious boy's change begins. Even at that juncture Dambei will represent the only point of reference for Rocky Joe, as he will continue to give him boxing lessons in the form of correspondence, which the boy will begin to follow. His training ground will be the challenges and fights with his schoolmates and in particular with Toro Riki (Tooru Riikishi in the original manga), also with the ambition of boxing and with a "forbidden punch". After a series of vicissitudes, after leaving the reformatory the two will really end up meeting in the ring and giving rise to a violent and dramatic clash. Here Toro Riki, who to face Rocky Joe has undergone a very hard diet to climb the category, will lose his life, not before throwing a devastating punch that will knock Rocky Joe to the mat, making him lose the match by knockout

Rocky Joe versus Toro RikiAfter this dramatic encounter, Rocky Joe feels sad and bitter for causing the death of his friend-enemy Toro Riki, so he decides not to fight anymore. But soon, with the passage of time, Rocky Joe realizes that it is impossible to give up an activity that has marked his life since he was a child and that has characterized his personality. He then returns to be trained by Danbei Tange and to prepare for boxing matches with various and dangerous opponents including Tiger Osaky, Arajima and Nango. During the fights with these unscrupulous boxers, Rocky Joe will initially be blocked by the fear of killing, which will lead him to not express his full potential. In 1980 the second series was produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha, also directed by Osamu Dezakidi entitled "Rocky Joe - The last fight"and consists of 47 episodes.

by Gianluigi Piludu

Rocky Joe and all names, images and registered trademarks are copyright 1968 Asao Takamori / Tetsuya Chiba 2002 Star Comics and those entitled to it and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Episode titles

First series
01. The meeting
02. The gang of scammers
03. The angel of the slums
04. Joe's paradise
05. Mail boxing
06. Behind the bars
07. The trial
08. Joe's hell
09. Riki's forbidden punch
10. The escape
11. Improvised actors
12. Sport re-educates
13. Punch number 3
14. On the carpet!
15. Boxing what a passion
16. Danpei, the coach
17. Weight ... dormouse
18. Tired and not tired
19. Lesson of humility
20. Joe's change
21. Meeting suspended
22. Goodbye, Riki
23. Finally free
24. Tange boxing club
25. Stray dogs
26. Grocery store clerks
27. The bridge of tears
28. Joe and the Wolf
29. Joe's impatience
30. Try for professionals
31. The heroes of the slums
32. Win ... win
33. A bouquet of violets
34. ... And the money is nowhere to be seen
35. Heavyweight heart
36. The wolf sharpens its fangs
37. A very hard workout
38. An oak tree in the snow
39. Triplet match shot
40. Wolf bites Joe
41. And meanwhile Riki trains
42. A champion is always a champion
43. It is not easy to reduce weight
44. The bull and the lion
45. Swing backwards
46. ​​Difficult hours for Riki
47. Joe and Riki by weight
48. The meeting with Riki (1st part)
49. The meeting with Riki (2st part)
50. The meeting with Riki (3st part)
51. The death of Toro Riki
52. The funeral
53. Joe leaves boxing
54. In the alleys of the city
55. The Wolf again
56. Rocky Joe is back in the ring
57. The ghost of Riki
58. Challenge with Tiger
59. The conspiracy
60. The weak point
61. The meeting with Tiger Osaky
62. The meeting with Arajima
63. The last challenge
64. The meeting with Nango
65. The Tange boxing club closes
66. Joe's departure
67. An adventurous journey
68. Domesticated meeting
69. One day license
70. Joe and Carlos
71. Carlos versus Nango
72. Back in the ring Joe
73. The sparing partner
74. Return to the bridge of tears
75. Carlos versus Arajima
76. At the first minute
77. I want to fight with Rocky Joe
78. The meeting with Carlos
79. Goodbye Rocky Joe!

Second series
01. The return of Rocky Joe
02. Return to the ring
03. The conspiracy
04. The weak point
05. Difficult moments
06. An old tactic
07. The gym closes
08. Carlos's secret hit
09. The dream continues
10. The Christmas present
11. The New Year's meeting (1st part)
12. The New Year's meeting (2nd part)
13. A true friend
14. Looking for an opponent
15. Bad news
16. The title is still a long way off
17. A sudden arrival
18. Eyes of ice
19. Tobi man or robot?
20. Weight problems
21. Uncle Frank's trick
22. At any cost
23. The ice beast
24. An exciting meeting
25. Miracle in the 6th round
26. Memories of an old champion
27. Boxer heart
28. Rocky Joe in Hawaii
29. Defense of the title
30. The challenge on horseback
31. The sign of the champion
32. Return home
33. Another challenge
34. The accident
35. The lone champion
36. Alex's strategy
37. The tiger
38. A risky workout
39. The boxer played
40. The goal is near
41. The arrival in Mendoza
42. Alex's fears
43. Mountain training
44. I love you Rocky Joe
45. The battle begins
46. ​​Rocky Joe doesn't give up
47. The grand finale

Rocky Joe - The Last Round - The 1981 anime film

Rocky Joe - The Last Round is a 1981 animated film directed by Osamu Dezaki. The subject is based on the manga of the same name by Asao Takamori and Tetsuya Chiba. It is a montage of the main events of the second series. return of Joe Yabuki to the ring after the death of his friend and rival Tooru Rikishi until the clash for the world title with the Mexican champion José Mendoza).


After the death of his friend / rival Rikishi, Joe returns to Danpei's house and resumes training, but he doesn't look like the same person anymore, he is very upset and cannot get over the shock. During the matches he struggles to deal blows to the face and for this he suffers a series of defeats on points. Finally, in the meeting with a Japanese boxer, Joe manages to hit the opponent in the temples (the same blow that had been fatal to Riki), but this causes him a crisis that forces him to throw up in the ring and is therefore disqualified. His career at this point seems to be at an insurmountable stalemate, but another opportunity presents itself when he agrees to act as sparring partner to Venezuelan boxer Carlos Rivera, number 6 in the world rankings.

Original language Japanese
Country of Production Japan
Year 1981
Duration 110 min
Gender sports
Regia osamu dezaki
Subject Asao Takamori, Tetsuya Chiba

The theme song of Rocky Joe - the lyrics of the song and the chords for guitar


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