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Shaman King - Yoh and Amidamaru

Original title: Shaman Kingu
Yoh Asakura, Manta Oyamada, Anna Kyoyama, Ren Tao, Amidamaru, Ryunosuke Umemiya, Horo Horo, Lyserg Diethel, Chocolove, Faust VIII, Spirit of Sword Byakko, Hao Asakura, Jun Tao, Silva the rebel, Iron Maiden Jeanne, Namari
Author: Hiroyuki takei
Regia: Seiji Mizushima
Production: Xebec
Country: Japan
Year: 4 July 2001
Broadcast in Italy: August 29, 2005
Gender: Action / Fantasy
Episodes: 64 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The Shaman King cartoon it is broadcast on Italia 1 at 14,05 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The series, created in 2001 by Nippon Animation, Mizushima Sijie and Shueisha is composed of 64 episodes each lasting 20 minutes and is based on the manga comic by Hiroyuki Takei, which in Japan has been a huge success. The Shaman King manga has been published in Italy since 2003, thanks to Star Comics, and is composed of 32 volumes.
Shaman KingShaman King is the story of Yoh Asakura, a 13 year old boy who aspires to become the King of Shaman (Shaman King), winning the Shaman Fight tournament thanks to his Amidamaru spirit. The shaman fight consists of a fight that takes place every 500 years, between the most powerful shamans in the world, all aided by their guiding spirit. Despite everything Yoh is a boy like many others who attends the first year of middle school, at the Shinra private institute and who loves listening to music in complete tranquility, while observing the stars. Yoh Asakura is engaged to Anna Kyoyama, a peer who lives with her grandmother and who possesses the extraordinary Itako power, that of invoking all kinds of spirits, in any dangerous situation.

Shaman King - MantaYoh's inseparable friend is Manta Oyamada, a nice little boy of short stature, very studious and the son of a well-known industrialist, who knows all spirits and their characteristics, thanks to his encyclopedia. The meeting between Yoh and Manta took place in a cemetery, when Manta saw Yoh sitting on a tombstone, looking at the stars. Yoh was soon surrounded by his friends: the spirits of the dead. Needless to say, Manta ran away terrified by that vision. The next day he told his schoolmates what had happened, but they took him for a visionary liar and mocked him. Soon Manta met Yoh himself, who had recently arrived in that school, but he pretended not to know him, denying the meeting in the cemetery and the presence of the spirits. Manta decides to follow the mysterious Yoh, who eventually reveals his true identity as a shaman. Shamans are the only human beings capable of relating with the spirits that populate the Earth, speak with them, live with them and use their powers for more or less noble purposes. Shaman King - Yoh and AmidamaruManta decides to return to the cemetery to meet Yoh, but in his place he meets a gang of thugs led by Ryu and is beaten. Manta, however, is avenged by Yoh and the spirit of the samurai Amidamaru, who after giving a sound lesson to the baby gang, decides to become Yoh's guiding spirit. From this moment the adventures of Yoh, Manta and the spirit Amidamaru begin, who will see them around the world to face different shamans, in order to become Shaman King.

The first fight occurs with the Chinese shaman Ren Tao and his spirit Bason who uses the fighting technique "Chuka zanmai", but is defeated by Amidamaru after a hard battle that sees him adopt the techniques of "Amidaryu Gokojin" and " Shinku Buddagiri ". Having rested from this grueling struggle, Shaman King - HorohoroYoh meets his girlfriend Anna, who is also enrolled in the Shinra school. Yoh and Anna receive an invitation ticket to the screening of the film by well-known martial artist Pyron Lee. At the cinema they are attacked by the spirit of Pyron Lee, who is led by Jun Tao, Ren Tao's sister, all plagued by deep family dramas. Unfortunately Yoh is in serious trouble due to the various techniques adopted by the spirit such as rocket kick and kick bombing, but Yoh thanks to the help of Anna, manages to get into the spirit of Shamon, the old teacher of Pyron Lee and the defeats thanks to Eiju techniques. Meanwhile, the start of the Shaman Fight tournament is announced by the passage of a comet and Yoh is admitted to the races after having passed the test against Silva. The first fight of the tournament takes place against Horo Horo and his Kororo spirit, the shaman belongs to the tribe of Ainu and wants to save the Koro Pokkuru spirits. After Horo is defeated Horo and Yoh become friends. from here on there will be a succession of battles and struggles against the strong and extravagant shamans such as: Faust VIII who descends from the same inventor of Necromancy.

Shaman King is copyright Hiroyuki Takei- Nippon Animation, Mizushima Sijie and Shueisha and of the right holders and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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