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Sleeping Beauty - Prince Phillip give a kiss to Princess AuroraSLEEPING BEAUTY

The animation movie, "Sleeping Beauty" was produced by Walt Disney Studios in 1959 and it joins the extensive list of masterpieces, realized until then. The story is based on the famous tale by Charles Perrault, but Walt Disney has changed some parts in order to make it more exciting and fun. After Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella, he was decided to make the new style of movie, to differentiate it from the other fairy tales. Walt Disney chose a innovative graphic for the backgrounds, to resume the sumptuousness and care of details typical of the medieval tapestries, while for the characters he chose a simple modern style, typical of the cartoon of the period. The creation of the landscapes and backgrounds was carried out by Eyvind Earle, a genius of illustration, which featured strongly throughout the graphic impact of the movie, each frame is like a painting. Thanks to the cooperation of his prodigious staff, Walt Disney has been successful, even in this extraordinary enterprise, even though production costs are skyrocketed, more of all the forecast, even if it was a huge success (according to the box office after "Ben Hur "), failed to cover the expenses. The movie has an innovative technique, with the Super 70 Technirama widescreen and 6 stereo audio tracks, this has made even greater the appreciation of the music of Tchaikovsky.
The story of Sleeping Beauty, tells that long ago in a faraway land, there lived a king and his beautiful queen Leah. For a long time they had desired the birth of an heir, until one day he was born a daughter, which is given the name of Aurora, because from that day, their lives seemed illuminated by sunlight. The king proclaimed throughout his kingdom, a great holiday, everyone could pay homage to the little princess. So on this great day of celebration all the kingdom the King Stefan with his queen, gave welcome to their closest friends. King Stefan has greatly enjoyed the visit of King Humbert and his young son Philip, he would a day celebrate the wedding between Aurora and Philip, in order to unify their kingdoms. At castle came also the three good fairies: Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. Flora fairy gave at the baby the beauty, Fauna fairy gave her melodious voice. The moment Merryweather, was about to deliver her gift to the Princess Aurora, broke into the castle the terrible witch Maleficent. Offended for not being invited, threw a curse. Before the age of 16, Aurora will prick her finger on the spindle of a "spinning wheel" and she dies. Having uttered these words, the witch vanished. To remedy this evil spell, fairy Merryweather gave her a spell, which limits the powers of the witch. If she is wounded from a "spinning wheel" she will not die, but she fall into a long sleep and she can be awakened only by the kiss of true love.
King Stefan, worried about his daughter's life, ordered that every spinning wheel of his reign, was immediately burned, but the three fairies, well aware of the power of the witch Maleficent, they believed attempt this compartment. So they decided to take the form of three peasants and keep baby Aurora, in a remote cabin in the woods, for the time of sixteen years. And so the king and queen, had to reluctantly leave their only baby at the three fairies, who to avoid arousing suspicion, renounce the use of their magic. Spent many years sad for King Stefan and his people, but with the approaching 16 th birthday of the princess, the entire kingdom began to rejoice, because everyone knew that as long as the castle of darkness, the Magic Mountain where she lived the witch Maleficent, echoed her anger and her disappointment, the sad prophecy, not would come true. In all these years researched the minions of Maleficent, have not produced any results, so the Queen of Darkness, relies on her raven, so that it can find a girl, blonde with the pink lips.
The three fairies had keep in the best way the Princess Aurora, who was named Briar Rose and is now a beautiful maiden. On his 16 th birthday, the three fairies want to celebrate the princess, with a cake and a new dress, but they aren't very practical of cookery and tailoring, becouse they have always used the magic and they are many difficulties with the their gifts and so combine a series of woes. Meanwhile Briar Rose, go into the woods, looking for berries and so, with the complicity of the animals of the forest, accidentally meets Prince Phillip, while not knowing his name, but then runs away remembering the recommendations of the three fairies. Inside the house, at the suggestion of fairy Merryweather, the three fairies decide to take up their wands and the their magic, to prepare the birthday party of Briar Rose, who on his arrival found a beautiful dress and a beautiful cake. Briar Rose tells to the encounter with the prince, but the fairies are frightened and reveal that she is Princess Aurora, already betrothed to the Prince Phillip , so ban to meet the boy again. Meanwhile, the witch Maleficent's raven, seeing the sparkle of the magic of the three fairies, has discovered the refuge of Princess Aurora and flies to break the news to her mistress. Also the Prince Phillip, happy and in love, announces to her father that he wants to marry a girl, that he looks like a peasant, but not knowing that she is his betrothed. The three fairies, take the Princess Aurora, at the castle and lock her in a room, awaiting the stroke of midnight. But unbeknownst to them, comes the witch Maleficent, who sting Aurora, with the spindle of a spinning wheel, letting she fall into a deep sleep. The sun is gone and King Stefan is waiting anxiously to be able to hug his daughter, but the three fairies, not to give it a regret and to make one last attempt, they drop all the inhabitants of the kingdom, in a deep sleep and they go in search of Prince Phillip, who meanwhile was kidnapped by the witch Maleficent. With the help of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, the brave Prince Phillip, with a spectacular battle, defeat the witch Maleficent, who has turned into a monstrous dragon. So with his kiss nourished by the feeling of true love, Prince Phillip will be able to wake the Princess Aurora and to dissolve the spell.

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