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Namor the Sub-Mariner
Sub-Mariner, Prince Namor

The comic

Original title: Namor, the Sub-Mariner
Namor, Leonard McKenzie, princess Fen, killer whale, the shark and Attuma, Fantastic Four Lady Dorma
Authors: Bill everett

Publishers: Marvel Comics, Corno Editorial
Year: April 1939
Gender: Cartoon action / superheroes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

After talking about Captain America, Fantastic Four, Hulk,e the Avengers now we present a super hero who fought and made friends with all of them: Sub-Mariner or Namor, the prince of Atlantis. Born from the imagination of Bill Everet in 1939 he can be considered the first of the long line of Marvel Super-heroes. In Italy the Sub-Mariner comics were published between 1968 and 1974 by the Editoriale Corno. Namor, the prince of Atlantis is the son of Leonard McKenzie, the captain of an American icebreaker and the princess fen of the lost continent of Atlantis. Being a hybrid of two different races, Namor has characteristics both of men and of the people of Atlantis: he has light skin like men, unlike the people of Atlantis who have blue skin, moreover he can breathe both in the air and in the water and this is undoubtedly an advantage over the two species. Namor is characterized by pointed ears, a flat head, a perpetually frowning expression and a pair of wings on his feet that allow him to fly and reach impressive speeds even in the depths of the oceans. He wears a scaly green costume and golden bracelets on his wrists, sometimes appears with a black vest with wings, placed under the armpits.Sub-Mariner, Prince NamorSub-Mariner it draws its own strength from the water and within its element it becomes invincible, but if it remains for a long time without hydrating it slowly loses much of its strength. The first Sub-Mariner books are set during the Second World War where he fights against the Germans and the Japanese. How Captain America also the books of Sub-Mariner were suspended precisely in the 40s, until around 1950, this character was rescued (it is appropriate to say it) by Stan Lee who inserted him in the stories of his characters. Namor would like to bring his population back from the ocean abysses to the mainland, as it was in ancient times, before the continent of Atlantis sank into the sea depths, for this he swore war on men and in particular on all those who destroy the environment and they pollute the waters. However, human blood also flows in his blood and this leads him to better understand the behavior of his opponents, with whom he has an often contradictory relationship. Sub-Mariner, Prince NamorDon't hesitate to conflict with superheroes like i Fantastic Four (do not miss the first episodes where between a fight and the other, he will fall in love with Susan Storm, the invisible woman), the avengers (who fought together with Hulk), Spiderman e Devil. For these characteristics and for its unpredictability Namor represents a splinter gone mad within the Marvel universe, appears when you least expect it and is always ready to complicate things, more than necessary. Yet Namor has a pure heart, and it is precisely this that drives him to fight against anyone who threatens his world. His kingdom is located in the ocean abysses, where it reigns supreme, but there are also dangers there, among which we remember the killer whale, the shark e AttumaSub-Mariner, Prince Namoralways ready to usurp the coveted throne of Atlantis After fighting all Marvel superheroes, Namor the Sub-Mariner decides to abandon the fight against the Grounders and help them together Hulk e Doctor Strange, which united will form the group of Defenders officially appeared in 1971. The story begins when Doctor Strange asks Namor for help in order to fight the threat of the Immortals, later the Incredible Hulk will also join and from time to time within this group will be part of different super heroes: Silver Surfer , Angel, Spiderman etc ... We remember that it was precisely by Prince Namor that he was brought back to life Captain America . It was in fact found by Sub-Mariner hibernating in a block of ice and worshiped as a god by the people of the Eskimos, the furious prince Namor took the block and threw it into the sea, which headed south and the ice began to melt. It was the Avengers aboard a submarine who recovered it and brought it back to life. After a long and very troubled history, Sub-Mariner loved Lady Sleep the beautiful princess of Atlantis, who thanks to her love managed to convince the Fantastic Four (at the time her bitter enemies) to help Namor, who was threatened by Attuma's army. After the film successes of Hulk, Daredevil e Spiderman, it is rumored that there is a project for a film about Sub-Mariner in the pipeline. We all wait with trepidation!

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