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A scuola con l'imperatore

Kuzco - The Emperor's New SchoolThe Emperor's New School

After his debut on Disney Channel the January 27, 2006, comes on television "The Emperor's New School", the series written by Bobs Gannaway, and produced by Walt Disney Television with the protagonists of the Disney's movie "The Emperor's New Groove."

The main character of the cartoon "The Emperor's New School" is Kuzco, a young Aztec emperor, who in the movie is transformed into a llama, to his powerful and bad advisor Yzma. He is led into the jungle and his only chance to return home, will be to become a friend of Pacha, a peasant generous who help him to find his way lost and shake off all his pride by Emperor.
In the animated series Kuzco must attend school the Kuzco's Academy (who he founded and funded) in order to become an true emperor.Kuzco, however, has not completely abandoned his typical selfish and therefore he must learn the value of humility, abandon his luxurious castle for live with the family of peasant Pacha. There he will meet Chica, Pacha's wife, struggling with the friendly and lively children Tipo, Chaca and Chicha, that have fun for teasing to Kuzco. The new friends of school of Kuzco are Squirrel Squeaking, Llama Herding, and the beautifull Malina who will make fall in love Kuzco. Malina, while helping Kuzco to get acquainted with new classmates and professors, She has a fondness for Kronk Pepikrankenitz, a beautiful and handsome young man, but terribly stupid . Kronk is the loyal assistant of the evil advisor Yzma, which was introduced in the school under disguised of Dean Amzy, for prevent Kuzco getting a diploma and become empress in her place. At the end of this apprenticeship Kuzco learns the importance of the friendship and the humility, for understand the needs of the people who will take care of them as emperor.

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