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The Tofus

Original title: Les Tofou
Fabrice de Costil, Bertrand Victor
Chichi, Lola, Mom, Pop, Buba, April, William Hubbub "Billy", Tidus Hubbub, Elizabeth Hubbub "Beth", Phillip "Phil", Lillian "Lily", Cherie, Nicolas "Nick"
Production: Maple Pictures Corp.
Directed by: Danielle Marleau, Bruno Bianchi
Country: Canada
Year: 1 September 2004
Broadcast in Italy: 15 March 2005
Gender: Comedy
Episodes: 26
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The TofusThe cartoons of the Tofus family are broadcast starting from March 15th on Rai Tre from Monday to Friday at 15,15 pm. The series consisting of 26 episodes lasting 13 minutes each was created thanks to the French-Canadian co-production SIP Animation and Cin groupe.


It is the story of the Tofus family, ecologist and vegetarian to the point of living in a country house without electricity, but equipped with various machines that are activated by the force of the wind and the sun. The protagonists are Cici and Lola, the children of the Tofus spouses who are tired of the inconveniences caused by ecological life, therefore they would like to enjoy the comforts of modern life as well as their classmates. They would like to watch television even when it is not windy, as the windmill blades cannot produce electricity. They would like to dress in fashionable clothes, instead of wearing wool sweaters, which their mother gets directly from the Carlie sheep that runs around their house like a dog. They would also like to eat burgers somewhere, like all their friends do. However, the cartoon, even if in a light-hearted and humorous key, will deal with important issues such as respect for the environment and what we eat.

The TofusIn the episode "Miracle at Burger Palace"we find the Tofus spouses who undertake a protest campaign against genetically modified vegetables, such as cabbage and square salads made to fit better in boxes. Cici and Lola are entrusted with the task of watching the sheep Carlie, so that she does not eat that type of But the kids take the opportunity to go to Burger Palace and eat all sorts of burgers and delicacies. Meanwhile the sheep Carlie has sneaked into the fast food van, attracted by genetically modified vegetables and once inside the Burger Palace, she starts making outside a large quantity of vegetables, to the dismay of Cici and Lola who watch the scene. While they stop the sheep, on the television they broadcast the images of the protest demonstration against genetically modified foods, where their parents are present. Mayor the procession heads to Burger Palace, which is alarmed and ready to close the shutters. The pacifist demonstrators want or for fast food to remove genetically modified vegetables from their menus. Meanwhile, Cici and Lola cannot go out as Carlie got stuck in a bin and the two try to get her out, but once released, she begins to devour half the local and create a flood of damage, even sneaking into the machine that bakes the burgers. The owner of the restaurant calls the agents to remove the protesters, accused of the disaster caused by the sheep, but a providential idea from Lola will be able to unravel the situation.

The Tofus

In the episode "Bio-talk"written by Marc Larmigny, Cici must build a spaceship for the scale model competition, the win will be a mountain bike. Meanwhile, the Tofus spouses hosted an Indian master of Bio Zen who surrounds himself with strictly natural things. Unfortunately, the holy man refuses the food of the Tofus because, with a solution put in a dropper, he is able to establish that those foods are not 100% natural, as they have not respected all the natural processing processes. Mrs. Tofus checks all the foods of her refrigerator and realizes that none of them are fully organic. The guru then suggests stocking up on food at the very expensive BioZen chain. Tired of all this, Cici and Lola devise a plan to send the Bio Zen guru away, having him wake up at night with the rooster's cry and during the day with the deafening music of the radio that prevents him from meditating, but the unpleasant saint takes revenge by throwing the model of the astrona ve. Soon Cici discovers that the master Bio Zen is a cheat who eats hamburgers in fast food restaurants and drives luxurious cars. The boys manage to unmask the guru by altering his food detector and making him eat a lousy cake, which he refuses to eat, thus revealing his true identity as an opportunistic scammer.

The Tofus

The Tofus are copyright 2004 SIP Animation / Cin groupe and of the right holders and are shown for informative and cognitive purposes

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