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UFO Baby

Original title: From! From! From!
Miyu Kozuki, Kanata Saionji, Lou, BauMiau, Cristine "Cris" Hanakomachi, Momoka Hanakomachi, Aya Konishi, Nanami Tenchi, Santa Kurosu, Nozomu Hikarigaoka, Mikan Yamamura, Miki Kozuki, Yu Kozuki, Hosho Saionji, Hitomi Saionuno, Mr. Yaboshi

Production: JCStaff
Author: Mika Kawamura
: Hiroaki Sakurai

Country: Japan
Year: March 28 2000
Broadcast in Italy: September 2001
Gender: Comedy
Episodes: 78 mm
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The cartoon UFO Baby, taken from the funny Japanese manga From to! From to! From to! Ufo Baby (written and drawn by Kawamura Mika), Was made by the director Hiroaki Safuri and sent to Japan by Nippon animation, in Italy we can see it from Monday to Friday on Raidue at 9,05 am. The story revolves around two teenagers Miyu, nice and pretty thirteen year old, and Kanata, her peer with whom she will soon fall in love. Following the life choices of their respective parents, the two young people will find themselves having to live under the same roof; here someone very particular will fall into their lives, bringing you confusion and greater responsibility, but also a lot of joy and friendship. It all starts when Miyu's parents leave for America to work as researchers at NASA. In order not to uproot the girl from their environment they entrust her to their dear friend Saionji, Buddhist monk and father of Kanata. Soon Mr. Saionji, immersed in the fumes of spirituality and contemplation, leaves for a pilgrimage to India, leaving the two young men to look after themselves; but here is an extraordinary day something extraordinary happens: Miyu and Kanata astonished they witness the landing of a UFO, with the alien-child on board ruy (Lou) and her cat Wannya (Baumiao), who for the occasion plays the role of the nanny. Immediately, little Ruy will call the two boys mom and dad, and they will behave as such for the entire time that the baby-alien will remain on earth (that is, for a whole year). Between school commitments, friendships, first loves and everything that characterizes the adolescent age, the two thirteen-year-olds will be intent on taking care of the little alien, but above all on hiding his identity and his magical powers. The result will be the establishment of a somewhat bizarre family, but also very united and close-knit. The moment of greatest solidarity and friendship occurs during the preparations for the school play at the end of the year: there it turns out that Ruy is actually an alien and at the same time that his real parents are in serious danger because their spaceship is about to be sucked into a black hole. Only the rice balls prepared by Miyu and Kanata can save them! And these, thanks to the help of all their friends will succeed in the enterprise; thanks to this Ruy will embrace his parents again and, gratefully, will create the conditions for Kanata to reveal his love to Miyu: the two will marry and have a beautiful little girl with blue eyes, for whom fate will reserve many surprises Seeing is believing ;-) The animation of Ufo Baby follows a simple and light style, particularly suitable for the youngest viewers. Overall enjoyable and fun in dealing with important issues such as the value of family and friendship.

Review by Helga Corpino

From to! From to! From to! Ufo Baby is copyright Kawamura Mika - Nippon Animation. All rights reserved.

Ufo Baby Episode Titles

First series
01. The little alien
02. The first day of school
03. Surprise party
04. Four-legged escape
05. Miyu failed cook
06. Mother's day
07. Lou goes to school
08. Lou makes her theater debut
09. Tiny friends
10. A new look
11. Pickles
12. A strange encounter
13. Mission to earth
14. Uncontrolled transformations
15. White night
16. The tree of lovers
17. Lost
18. The passport for momoka
19. The usefulness of useless things
20. An inappropriate visit
21. Night stalking
22. The haunted mountain
23. Pajama party
24. The magical Halloween night
25. A day at the department stores
26. News from the stars
27. Lou's parents
28. The extraterrestrial sister
29. The mystery of the precious stone
30. Baumiao's grandfather
31. A gift for Kanata
32. A butler for Christine
33. The childhood friend
34. A promise is a promise
35. The surprise party
36. Trip to the spa
37. Miyu's specimen
38. The office of the 100 Lou
39. One for all, all for Lou

Second series
01. The idol of the girls
02. The beauty contest
03. A story of friendship
04. Family reunion
05. Children's festival
06. Dreams are desires
07. An unusual protagonist
08. Miyu and the reducing machine
09. The vessel of time
10. A surprise trip
11. The lazy disease
12. Mikan's promise
13. The test of courage
14. Trip to America
15. Everyone in America
16. A mysterious toy
17. Lou's kidnapping
18. The flower from space
19. A trophy for Baumiao
20. Baumiao on strike
21. The apprentice
22. The first kiss
23. The halloween party
24. A spooky invitation
25. The pen friend
26. Inventors in jeopardy
27. Momoka's rival
28. A special love
29. The Christmas present
30. An almost perfect plan
31. Santa's sleigh
32. The seven deities
33. Time travel
34. Honey, I shrunk Kanata
35. Goodbye gang of bad guys
36. Valentine's Day
37. Surprise message
38. Secret revealed
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