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Yu-Gi-Oh 5D'S

Original title: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Runners 5D's
Yusei Fudo, Jack Atlas, Crow Hogan, Aki Izayoi, Rua, Ruka, Rex Goodwin, Mikage Sagiri, Enemies, Divine, Rudger Goodwin, Kyosuke Kiryu, Bommer, Demack, Misty Lola, Kari Nagisa
Author: Kazuki Takahashi
Production: gallop
Directed by: Katsumi Ono
Country: Japan
Year: 2 April 2008
Broadcast in Italy: May 26, 2009
Gender: Action / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Episodes: 154
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The Yu-Gi-Oh 5D'S series (original title Yu-gi-oh! Faibu Dizu) conceived by Kazuki Takahashi, is the third series of Yu-Gi-Oh, after Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Composed of 26 episodes of 30 minutes, the series was produced by Studio Gallop and broadcast for the first time in Japan, in April 2008. In Italy, the cartoon is broadcast on Italia 1 starting from May 26, 2009 on Tuesday. And on Thursdays at 13.40pm.

The Yu-Ghi-Oh! 5D s takes place many years after that of Yu-Gi-Oh GX, in a super-technological future, where the city of Domino City is clearly divided into two areas: on the one hand New Domino City, where the rich live, on the other the outskirts of Satellite, where the less well-off people live, the desperate people forced to live among the ruins of the ancient city. Here lives the protagonist of the story Yusei Fudo, an 18-year-old boy characterized by three pairs of golden locks of hair, similar to horns and a biker suit. Yusei has a passion for Duel Runner bikes, built to participate in Riding Duel races. The champion of this discipline is Jack Atlas "The absolute king of motorcycle duels", as good as he is arrogant. The challenge for the 143rd duel for the title of king is underway. Challenger Mokuro Enjo will have to beat Jack Atlas, the most powerful deck that has the unbeaten record. The king and the challenger aboard their motorcycles will activate the Terrain Magic, Speed ​​World with Duel mode. This means that spells other than Speed ​​Spells cannot be activated.

The Speed ​​Spell is the biggest feature of the Riding Duel, as they are magic cards that can only be used when the Speed ​​World is active. Their activation differs from normal magic cards and depends on the number of Speed ​​Counters. It means that the duelist's speed is itself a spell. A traffic light appears on the track that starts and the bikes begin their challenge. It begins the turn of Mokuro Enjo who attacks the King with a trap, but he calmly responds with the Red Demon's Dragon, his most powerful monster that with a single attack, heavily defeats his opponent, thus defending the title of champion. Meanwhile in the desolate city of Satellite, Yusei Fudo witnesses on television the victory of Jack Atlas, who was once a friend of his and also lived in Satellite, but who has now become his archenemy after Jack stole his motorcycle Duel Runner and the Stardust Dragon. Now Yusei has a new Duel Runner he built himself and plans to get his dragon back. Rally, a young girl who lives on petty thefts, gives Yusei a particular micro chip, which she says she found in the garbage, but which she actually stole. Despite the disapproval of his staff, Yusei mounts him on his bike for the challenge against Jack in order to go faster. But things do not go the right way, as the Sicurity arrives chasing Rally, suspected of theft and orders him to surrender, Yusei evades surveillance by disturbing their identification signal.

Sicurity, however, becomes suspicious and chases Yusei who whizzes with his bike. Sicurity has no evidence of the theft as no signal comes from the bike, but Yusei stops and challenges the Sicurity agent in a race: if he wins he will have to let him free. The arrogant agent accepts the challenge, despite his colleague reminding him that he is against the rules, because he is sure to win. Once Duel Mode is activated, the two begin the challenge. The Sicurity agent makes the first move by summoning the Assault Gundog, then places a card face down and ends the turn. It is the turn of Yusei who summons the Speed ​​Warrior with a doubled attack in the Battle Phase, which with the Sonic Edge, defeats the Gundog. The agent now uses the special strike with another Assault Gundog who sacrifices himself to summon the Cuff Dragon, a level 5 monster. Yusei activates a trap with the Scrap Metal Scarecrow, which blocks the opponent's attack. The agent's counter is the Wiretap, which cancels Yusei's effect, so the Cuff Dragon is free to attack. Yusei summons the Road Runner in defense position, places two cards face down and ends the turn. The agent, convinced that he has victory in his pocket, summons the powerful Montage Dragon, whose attack is equal to the sum of the levels of the 3 monsters he sent to the cemetery, multiplied by 300 and thus easily eliminates the Road Runner. Montage Dragon launches a direct attack with the Power Collage, which decreases the speed of Yusei's bike, who now only has 100 Life Points. He just has to summon the Tuner Monster card, Junk Synchron with the Angel Lift trap card, which allows the special summoning of a level 2 monster. By tuning the Speed ​​Warrior with the Junk Synchron, he transforms into the Junk Warrior.

To reach the Montage Dragon's power level, the Vision Mind Speed ​​Magic is activated, increasing its speed and summoning another Level 2 Speed ​​Warrior who, combined with the Junk Warrior, destroys the Agent's Cuff Dragon. But when the Cuff Dragon is destroyed in battle, you can equip it to an opponent's monster and decrease its attack by an amount equal to your attack power. Yusei activates the Equip Shoot trap card, a card that re-equips an Equipment card and attacks the Montage Dragon, which loses several points. So the monsters in question will have to fight each other. Junk Warrior attacks the Montage Dragon with the Scrap Fist and finally destroys it. The agent is incredulous that he was defeated by a resident of the Satellite, whom he dismissively calls "junk". Yusei is now free to go challenge Jack Atlas. Will Yusei Fudo be able to take back the Stardust Dragon that was stolen from him by Atlas and become the king of the Riding Duels?
Among the other characters we find Aki Izayoi, a powerful Riding Duel warrior, who has the characteristic of giving life to the monsters of Duel Monsters, through anguish and sadness. This forces her to isolate herself and hide her face from a mask and cloak.

All names, images and registered trademarks are copyright © Studio Gallop, Tokyo TV and Shueisha and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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