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Yu-Gi-Oh GX

Original title: Yugio Dyueru Monsutazu Ji Ekkusu
Judai Yuki, Sho Marufuji, Hayato Maeda, Daichi Misawa, Jun Manjome, Asuka Tenjoin, Ryo Marufuji, Rei Saotome, Cronos De Medici, Napoleon, Samejima, Daitokuji, Fubuki Tenjoin, Edo Phoenix, Kenzan Tyranno, Johan Anderson, James "Jim" Crocodile Cook, Amon Garam, Austin O'Brien, Knights of Shadows, Society of Light, Takuma Saio, DD, Mizuchi Saio, Prince Ojin, Yubel's Group, Yubel, Cobra, Martin Kano, World of Darkness, Darkness, Trueman, Yusuke Fujiwara, Honest
Author: Junki takegami
Production: gallop
Directed by: Hatsuki tsuji
Country: Japan
Year: 6 October 2004
Broadcast in Italy: May 15, 2006
Gender: Action / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Episodes: 180
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The Yu-Gi-Oh GX series (original title Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX) created by Junki Takegami, is the sequel to the Yu-Gi-Oh series, although the main protagonists change and the events take place 10 years after. Composed of 180 30-minute episodes, divided into 3 seasons, the series was produced by Studio Gallop and aired for the first time in Japan, in October 2004. In Italy, the cartoon arrived after severe American censorship, by 4Kids, which brought the number of episodes to 152 and was broadcast on Italia 1 in May 2006.

The protagonist of the series is the young Jaden Yugi, who attends the famous Duelist Academy, hoping to pass the entrance exam. Jaden was able to enter the academy thanks to the "Winged Kuriboh" card, which was given to him by the famous duelist Yugi Muto. Arriving on Academy Island, Jaden discovers that there are three distinct dormitories based on the quality of the students: "The Blue Obelisk" for the best students, the "Ra Yellow" for the younger ones and the "Red Slifer" for the poorest. Jaden along with Syrus is assigned the "Red Slifer" dormitory. The first challenge is with the arrogant Chazz of the Blue Obelisk. Just when Jaden could have the better of his opponent, their fight is interrupted by the security guards, who do not allow the challenges beyond the class hours. Due to his outspoken character, Jaden is frowned upon by the academy professor Dr. Crowler, who, with a ruse, plots to get him expelled from school. The professor writes a love letter signed by Alexis, in order to let Jaden into the girls' dormitory during the night. But he mistakes the locker and puts it back on Syrus's, who enthusiastically goes to the fake date. The reception for Syrus is not the best and Alexis threatens to have him expelled from school, later decides to use the hostage to challenge Jaden, his best friend. If Jaden wins, Syrus will be released without exposing the principal. Alexis and Jaden compete in the lake and the young man is immediately put to the test, as Alexis deprives him of a large number of life points. However Jaden manages to understand the weaknesses of his opponent and defeats the girl, after an exciting comeback.
Yu-Gi-Oh GXIn order to get rid of Jaden, Professor Crowler manages to get all the latest papers, which have arrived at the Academy and gives them to Chazz, hoping that he can beat Jaden. However, he managed to get some cards, thanks to the help he gave to the lady who runs the card shop. Despite the two different levels, Crowler arranges the challenge between Chazz and Jaden. Thanks to the number and variety of his cards, Chazz dominates Jaden, who, however, manages to make the most of his "Winged Kuriboh" and thanks to a very rare card, received by the shop owner, he manages to beat his opponent under the eyes of Chancellor Sheppard. The latter promotes him to the rank of "Ra Yellow", but with a gesture of great humility, Jaden prefers to stay in the "Red Slifer", to keep company with his friend Syrus.
In the episode "The Shadow Duelist" Jaden learns of an old abandoned dormitory, which has been closed due to the disappearance of some students. Jaden, Syrus and Chumley secretly decide to visit him in the middle of the night, but their conversation is stolen by Doctor Crowler, who orders Titan the powerful "Shadow Duelist" to terrorize the boys. One of the missing boys is Alexis' brother, who goes to the scene to warn his friends. Yu-Gi-Oh GXHowever, she is taken prisoner by Titan, who forces Jaden into a duel. Jaden is hindered by a thick fog and a mysterious object possessed by Titan, therefore he is forced to give several cards and life points to his opponent, who has a series of powerful "Archdemons". Thanks to the Winged Kuriboh, Jaden realizes that in reality, all the monsters of Titan are the result of an optical illusion, therefore he does not let himself be intimidated by his opponent and fights him more decisively. Put on the ropes, Titan escapes to another dimension where he is supported by a mysterious evil force. Despite everything Jaden manages to defeat him and return to his dimension, where he finds his friends and happy Alexis.
Meanwhile, Crowler informs Chancellor Sheppard that Jaden and Syrus have violated the rules by entering the abandoned dormitory. To avoid being expelled from school they will have to face a duel in pairs. Syrus, feeling a burden, does not want to involve Jaden in a defeat because of him, but Jaden subjects him to a hard training. During the duel with his friend, Jaden realizes that he has the very powerful "Binding of Power" card, given to him by his brother Zane, which he does not use because he does not yet feel up to it. Yu-Gi-Oh GXJaden decides to challenge Zane, one of the strongest students of the academy, to understand what are the contrasts between the two brothers. Overwhelmed, Syrus decides to leave the island aboard a raft, but is stopped by Jaden. On that occasion he meets up with Zane and the two compete in a card duel. Although Jaden demonstrates a great strategy, he must surrender in front of the Academy's number one, who brings in the Dragon monsters and the "Binding of Power" card, which he manages to make the most of. From this Syrus understands how the importance of a card does not consist in its value, but in the intelligence of knowing how to exploit it in a given circumstance.
Chumley, Jaden's friend is sad that his father Kamuzo wants to withdraw him from school due to his low income. Kamuzo wants his son to help him within his company, which produces spicy sauces. Jaden and Syrus suggest that Chumley challenge his father, a former Duel Monsters champion, to a duel in order to prove his worth. Thanks to the cards lent her by Jaden and Syrus and the Koala cards, Chumley does honor in front of her father, but is still defeated. Contrary to what he thinks, Kamuzo does not withdraw his son from the academy, as he understands his worth and the friendship that binds him to Jaden and Syrus.

Since December 2005, the series has become a manga comic, published in Shueisha's V-Jump and written by mangaka Naoyuki Kageyama.

All names, images and registered trademarks are copyright © Studio Gallop, Tokyo TV and Shueisha and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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