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A newt for friend

Original title: Ned's Newt
Andy Knight, Mike Burgess
Ned, Newton, Linda Bliss, Rusty McCay
Production: Nelvana, Teletoon
Country: United States
Year: February 7 1997
Broadcast in Italy: 1998
Gender: Comedian
Episodes: 39
Duration: 30 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The cartoon series A Triton for a Friend was produced by Nelvana and Teletoon in 1997 and was broadcast in Italy on both Italy 1 that of Boing.

Protagonist of A TRITONE FOR A FRIEND (Ned's Newt in the American original) is Ned, a nice ten-year-old boy, who buys a very small newt, Newton, for little money. A newt for friendNed gives his beloved "puppy" a food that, inexplicably, transforms him into a giant, capable of taking on a thousand different personalities. However, there is a small problem. Sometimes, just when Ned needs the friendly giant, the newt returns to normal size. However, Newton always remains next to Ned even when the child is struggling with heart problems or has to defend himself from bullying companions. In any case, Ned and Newton become inseparable friends and face together the thousand small problems of every day. For Ned it is to try to communicate with his neighbor, the beautiful Linda Bliss, or to face his rival Rusty McCay, a somewhat snobbish and obnoxious guy.

A newt for friendIn one episode, we find Ned bored from having to wait another weekend before he can play, so Newton suggests that Ned build a racing car. Ned sets to work using various objects, including a strange mixture of gasoline, which however allows him to travel in time. They then find themselves at the age of dinosaurs and here they will have a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčadventures and dangers. In another episode Ned and Newton decide to get involved, but Newton is so naive in the business world, that he immediately creates disasters and debt. Fortunately, it can change shape and hide from those who are looking for it.

All the names, images and registered trademarks of A triton as a friend are copyright © Nelvana / Teletoon, 1997, and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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