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Released in the 1992, Aladdin is the 31° animated movie of Walt Disney, where there are the signatures prestigious of directors Ron Clements and John Musker. Particular importance was given to the voices of the characters, especially for the Genie of the lamp, which in the original version is of the famous actor Robin Williams. The movie is the version of the fairy tale, "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp" from the book "One Thousand and One Nights", but as in all versions Disney, have been modified narrative and characteristics of the characters.
The main character is Aladdin, a boy who make a living with petty theft in the market of the city of Agrabah, along with his inseparable monkey Abu. Aladdin from the walls of his poor home, every day look at the luxurious palace of the sultan and he dreams one day of meet the beautiful Princess Jasmine, the daughter's sultan.

Aladdin and the Magic LampMeanwhile, inside the walls of the palace, Jasmine don't want choose a boyfriend, despite she being courted by the richest princes of the East. The sultan, a little man, funny and good-natured is desperate for her daughter, because according to tradition, must marry a prince before his birthday, which will be after three days. Jasmine is always accompanied by his tiger Rajah, and she dreams of meeting a young man from a pure heart, who don't flaunt material richness, but generosity of spirit. The Sultan seeks the assistance of his advisor, Jafar, an evil individual who keeps in check the sultan, subduing he with hypnosis, and in exchange for his cooperation, will receive the precious blue ring. Meanwhile, Jasmine escapes from the palace, for sneak into the market, between the people of the village. Here she is spotted by Aladdin, who is enchanted by the beautiful vision. Jasmine wants buy a watermelon, but she don't have the money to pay. At that moment occurs Aladdin, who advises her to pretend to be crazy and flee from the wrath of the fruit vendor. Into the palace, the evil Jafar always accompanied by his parrot Jago, thanks the blue ring will find who is destined to enter in the Cave of Wonders, where is the precious Lamp.

Aladdin and Jasmine in the flying carpetThe ring shows the face of Aladdin, accompanied by Jasmine, while watching the sunset. Jafar ordered the guards to stop Aladdin immediately , as guilty of having attempted to kidnap Jasmine. The young princess can't prevent, who this innocent boy is locked up in prison. Many years ago, Jafar had tried to enter the Cave of Wonders a cave-shaped tiger's head, to steal the magic lantern, but he was rejected by the same cave, because just a person can enter the cave, one of the whose rags hide a heart pure, as a diamond rough. Now Jafar, has the Aladdin's destiny in his hands therefore, is transformed into an old prisoner for persuade him to escape and go to the Cave of Wonders. Aladdin manages to escape along with the old (Jafar), even becouse he have the dream who thank at the lamp, achieves his desire to marry Jasmine. Arrived at the cave from the head of Tigre, this opens the mouth and enters Aladdin told him not take anything except the lamp. Although Aladdin see many treasures, he take just a rusty and dusty old lamp. With him, also enters the monkey Abu, who can't resist to temptation to touch a precious stone. Just then a huge roar shakes the cave and all the treasure is buried by lava. Fortunately, Aladdin and Abu are saved by a magic carpet, that takes them flying toward the exit of the cave. Here Jafar, seized the magic lamp and pushes Aladdin into a ravine.

Once again arrives the flying carpet, and saves the young man who faints. When Aladdin wakes up, find Abu with the lamp in hand, stolen to the evil Jafar. Aladdin look carefully at the object, on which he can see an inscription covered by dust. Aladdin rubs the lamp to read better, and suddenly there appeared in all its exuberance, an extraordinary Blue genius that fills to wonder Aladdin and Abu. The genie offers his complete service of his new master Aladdin and promises that can make three wishes, exception to kill, resurrect the dead or make fall in love someone. Aladdin would like accomplish just that last wish, because he would like make fall in love Jasmine, so ask to be transformed into a prince, for aspire to marry the princess, in exchange promises at the Genie his freedom, when they will third wish. Meanwhile at the palace Jafar tries to hypnotize the Sultan, because he wants to marry Jasmine and become the heir to the throne . Once reached this purpose, he may easily subdue the Sultan and get rid of the daughter, to become the only ruler. Fortunately, the Sultan is distracted by the arrival of a new prince on the back of an elephant, escorted by an army of camels, and full of gifts. This is Aladdin dressed as Prince Ali Ababwa, but the Sultan is delighted to see such a handsome young man covered of wealth, so he hopes that his daughter would finally fall in love and marry.

JafarThe only one not so much convinced of ostentation is Jasmine, who don't want to be like an object, who don't have the power to decide. So Aladdin went to the balcony of the palace one night aboard his magic carpet and asks Jasmine to fly with him in the middle of a starry sky. At the end of that magical night, when Aladdin has accompanied Jasmine into the palace, is attacked by Razoul and the men of Jafar, who after an immobilization, throw in water Aladdin for kill him. Fortunately, Aladdin expresses his second wish, and so the genius sets him free. Aladdin comes to the palace and accused Jafar for trying to kill him, however, Jafar uses one of his thousand tricks and disappears in a cloud of smoke. Meanwhile, Jasmine has finally decided to marry Aladdin, with the greatest happiness of the sultan. That same night, however, Jafar steals the lamp of Engineers, to the Aladdin's room. Jafar can therefore express the desire to become the Sultan of Agrabah and become the second magician most powerful on earth. Despite his disapproval, the genius is forced to grant the wishes of the Vizier. The next step is to unmask Aladin and deprive him of wealth , for imprison him in a tower. Jasmine realizes that it was none other than Prince Aladdin, the boy known to the market which had fallen in love. Fortunately, Aladdin is freed from Abu, flying on the magic carpet.

They may well come to the aid of Jasmine, while Jafar as turned the tiger Rajah, into a harmless kitten. Aladdin challenge Jafar to transformed in a magician, more powerful of the Genie of the lamp. Jafar expressed his third wish, transforming himself into a genius, so the clever Aladdin, steals the lamp and shut Jafar, imprisoning him forever. Now that the enemy has been defeated, Aladdin must express his third wish, and as promised is to free the Genie. Against his will not be able to marry Jasmine, because the law prohibits a simple citizen to marry a princess. So despite everything, the Sultan changes the law and also allows the marriage between Aladdin and Jasmine.

The animated movie has received the following awards: 1999 movies "4 stars" Recommended by Leslie Halliwell. In 1993 the best score by Alan Menken and Grammy Awards for Best Song Movies. In the 1992, Best Original Score Oscar, the Oscar for Best Song and Best Sound Oscar Academy Awards.

The Walt Disney Home Video market has produced the sequel to "The Return of Jafar" in 1995 and "Aladdin and the King of Thieves" as well as a series of cartoons devoted to television.

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