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Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Alice in Wonderland

Original title: Alice in Wonderland
Alice, Mad Hatter, Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, March Hare, Queen of Hearts, Walrus, Carpenter, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, White Rabbit, Captain Libeccio, Alice's sister, Lock, Biagio, Margherita, King of Hearts, Red Rose, Toperchio, Painter Papers, Singing Flowers, White Rose
Production: Walt Disney Studios
Direction: Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske, Wilfred Jackson
Country: USA
Release date: 1951
Genre: Animation movie Adventure / Fantastico
Episodes: 1
Duration: 75 minutes
Recommended age: Tutti

Walt Disney's "Alice in Wonder Disney" animated film was released in cinemas on July 28, 1951, but did not have the desired success. The animated feature film was directed by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson and Hamilton Luske and is the adaptation of Lewis Carroll's book. Alice's dream is a wonderful fantasy that seems invented precisely for animated drawings. Disney in this film finds its splendid and imaginative vein and draws from the book the maximum visual suggestion, which he had already faced twenty Release dates before, for a short black and white short film, inspired by the blond dreaming girl. The film begins with Alice's sister explaining the story, while she lying on the grass and bored, thinks of anything else while playing with her kitty Oreste. At one point he sees a strange white rabbit, characterized by a bodice and a pair of glasses, looking at his pocket watch, repeating that he is in a hurry, then he slips into a tree trunk and disappears.

White Rabbit

Alice is intrigued by the White Rabbit and decides to follow him, but when he enters the trunk he falls into an endless chasm. Fortunately, his fall is muffled by the opening of the skirt, which acts as a parachute. Alice continues to follow the rabbit, but this does not stop for a moment. The curious little girl arrives at a very small box and is about to open the door, when the lock complains that she was gripped by the nose. Alice also has difficulty entering, as the door is very narrow, but the lock invites her to take the bottle she finds on the table in the room. Alice, even with some hesitation, drinks the contents of that bottle and suddenly begins to shrink. Once entered, he is asked to eat a biscuit and when Alice tastes it starts to get so big, that his head touches the ceiling of the house. Alice is desperate because she understands that, since she can no longer leave the door, she will remain trapped inside that house, so she starts crying so much, from flooding the whole house. He decides to take another sip from the bottle and so comes back baby. But now she must be careful not to drown in the sea of ??tears that she herself has produced, but luckily she manages to escape through the keyhole. Once out of the house Alice meets three strange birds, led by Captain Libeccio, to whom he asks helplessly for help from the waves that overhang her. Fortunately, the waves bring it to dry and after drying clothes, running in circles (as the birds suggest) Alice sees the White Rabbit and then resumes to follow him. Arrived in the woods she meets two strange individuals called Tweedledum and Tweedledee, who stop her to tell her the strange story of the Walrus, the Carpenter and curious oysters. One day (or one night) a Walrus and a Carpenter walking along the beach, wanted to eat some tasty oysters. Armed with flute and stick, they tried to attract the oysters to get them out of the sea. The oysters, happy to go out, were eaten in a flash by the Walrus, which the Carpenter sent on a rampage and the two began to fight. The story fills with sadness Alice, who in any case must resume following the White Rabbit. Finally he arrives at the hasty rabbit's house, who orders her to take her gloves calling her Marianna. Alice enters the White Rabbit's house to look for gloves, but does not find them. In their place there is a box of biscuits with the word "Serviti". Forgetting the previous effect, Alice tastes one and so begins to grow out of all proportion, so much so that her arms come out of the windows and the feet from the walls. The White Rabbit exchanges Alice for a scary monster, so he asks for help from Captain Libeccio, who orders to set the house on fire. Before the unprepared ones start their plans, Alice thinks of tasting something else to shrink, so with her long arms, she manages to taste a carrot that was on the vegetable garden. Said done Alice shrinks and resumes to chase the White Rabbit.

Alice in Wonderland

But now it is too small to keep up with the rabbit and lose sight of it. In the woods he meets beautiful flowers that dance and sing and then, sitting on a mushroom, he meets the Caterpillar who, smoking a strange pipe, draws smoky clouds in the shape of vowels. The Caterpillar asks Alice: << Who are you? >>. Alice is bewildered and would like to return to her normal size, so the Caterpillar suggests to eat a piece of mushroom, if he eats it on one side it will grow, while if he eats it on the other side he will be able to shrink. Alice eating a random piece of the mushroom, guesses the side to make it grow, so as to get to get her hair caught in the branches of the trees and infuriate a mother bird. Alice eating the other piece of mushroom shrinks and finally, assumes a normal size. Once you have taken the path Alice finds signs indicating different directions and does not know which one to take. Thus a strange cat appears to her, called Cheshire Cat.

Alice, il cappellaio matto e il leprotto bisestile

Alice asks him about the White Rabbit and he sends it to the Mad Hatter and the Leap of Leprotto. Arriving at their home sees the two strange individuals who celebrate their non-birthday, singing and drinking lots of cups of tea. Alice states that she too does not make the Release dates of that day and so the two also celebrate the non-birthday of the blonde girl, with a beautiful cake. Tired of all those absurdities, Alice decides to take the path that will bring her back to her house, but suddenly the road disappears, canceled by a broom-shaped animal stano. Alice cries in despair, feeling lonely in this strange world, but at a certain point reappears Cheshire Cat who shows her a road, which will lead her to the Queen of their world. In the royal garden, find soldiers in the form of playing cards, armed with pail and paint, they are intent on coloring white roses to make them red. Alice also sees the White Rabbit, who with a trumpet call Release dateunces the arrival of the Queen of Hearts and her little king. The corpulent Queen invites Alice to play croquet, using birds like clubs. The birds are so terrified of the Queen, they do everything to make Alice lose. In his help comes the Cheshire Cat, who combines a nasty trick to the Queen of Hearts, causing her to end up in the air, but the sovereign furiously accuses Alice and orders the soldier cards, to have them beheaded.

Alice in Wonderland e la Regina di Cuori

Little King manages to convince the Queen that he can do at least one trial. Needless to say that at the trial, all the charges are against her and so to be heard, Alice decides to eat the two pieces of mushroom he had in his pocket. Alice begins to become gigantic and incites fear to both the Queen and her soldiers, who run away in terror. At a certain point, however, the other piece of mushroom that reduces it is starting to take effect and so is found chased by the Queen and the soldier cards. After a breathless race, pursued by all the characters of that strange world, Alice finally finds the door from which she had entered, but the lock tells her she is still locked. When all are now on her, Alice wakes up from that incredible dream and finds the kitty Oreste, who sleeps in his arms.


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