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Rubber - One Piece
The animated series - Anime
Original title: one piece
Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Tony Tony Chopper, Franky, Brookz
Production: Toei Animation
Regia: Konosuke Uda, Munehisa Sakai
Country: Japan
Year: 1999
Gender: Anime / Adventure / Fantastic
Episodes: 723 in 17 seasons
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

The comic - Manga

Original title: one piece
Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Tony Tony Chopper, Franky, Brookz
Film script: Eiichiro Oda
Drawings: Eiichiro Oda
Publishers: Shueisha
Italian publisher: Star comics

Country: Japan
Year: 1997
Gender: Adventure / fantasy cartoon
Albi Tankobon: 79 mm
Periodicity: Monthly
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Designed by the Japanese designer Eiichiro oda, initially as a manga entitled "One Piece", in Italy it achieved success thanks to the cartoon series entitled "All'arrembaggio".

For more than two decades, "One Piece" has been riding the wave of global success, consolidating its position as a giant in the world of manga and anime. The series, created by the master Eiichiro Oda and debuted way back in 1997, has captured the imagination of millions of fans, thanks to its rich narrative, unforgettable characters and breathtaking adventures.

Rubber - Boarding - One Piece

The Journey Begins:
“One Piece” takes place in a vast ocean world, where pirates, soldiers and adventurers explore the seas in search of treasure and subject to legends. The plot follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a daring young man with the extraordinary power to stretch his body like rubber. His ambition? Find the legendary One Piece treasure and proclaim yourself Pirate King. Traversing the dangerous and mysterious Grand Line, Luffy recruits a crew of talented outlaws, each with personal dreams and challenges.

From Ink to Screen:
The journey of "One Piece" is not limited to the pages of manga. The epic has been adapted into a hit anime by Toei Animation, enriching the narrative experience with vibrant animation and an engaging soundtrack. First broadcast in 1999, the anime continues to expand its audience, while new seasons and special films are produced regularly, keeping the excitement and novelty alive.

A Multimedia Empire:
In addition to the anime, "One Piece" has generated a huge amount of merchandise, from video games to toys to soundtracks. These products allowed fans to further immerse themselves in the "One Piece" universe, actively participating in the adventures of the Straw Hat Crew. The series has also made the leap into live-action, with a production recently released on Netflix, demonstrating its ability to adapt to different formats and platforms.

A Record of Successes:
The scale of "One Piece's" success is reflected in its impressive publishing achievements. With over 500 million copies in circulation, it holds the record for the largest number of copies published for a comic series, achieving the Guinness World Record. It's a testament to the series' incredible universal appeal and its resilience to maintain popularity generation after generation.

The story of One Piece

Shanks the Red

The undisputed protagonist of the Boarding - One Piece series is Monkey D. Ruffy, more simply called Rubber, a good, altruistic and courageous boy who has been chasing a great dream since he was a child: to become the king of pirates.

Its model is represented by the mythical Shanks the Red, a great pirate which Rubber would like to match in fame. What's more this famous pirateloses an arm to save Rubber from a sea monster, and gives him the straw hat that characterizes the figure of Rubber.

It all begins when Rubber accidentally eats the seafood called "Gam Gam", which has the property of transforming the cells of the people who ingest it into rubber, therefore Rubber becomes an elastic boy, very strong and invulnerable, he can stretch out of proportion every part of his body: arms, legs, hands, feet etc ...

Rubber baby

Thanks to this power, together with his friend Koby, he decides to go in search of the legendary One Piece treasure of Captain Gold Roger, in order to become the king of pirates. Rubber knows that the only viable route to get to the One Piece treasure is that of the Big Blue, this route is however very dangerous, as it is trafficked by terrible pirates and dangers of all kinds. Rubber is immediately involved in a series of numerous adventures, thanks to which he meets Roronoa Zoro called more simply Zoro who aspires to become none other than the greatest swordsman on earth; fights using three swords at a time, one of which is held between his teeth, Zoro is also a sincere and loyal boy who has a very high sense of honor and of his word.

Zoro by One Piece

Rubber and Zoro immediately become friends and together they form a deadly fighting couple, they leave together for the seas, while Koby decides to stay with the sailors of the village. The episodes of All'arrembaggio - One Piece become more and more exciting especially when Rubber and Zoro meet the piratesof Arlong, here they meet and clash with Nami, a very skilled cartographer girl who has the dream of to become famous by first completing the Big Blue map, something nobody has yet managed. Nami is initially a thief, liar and traitor. Later it will be discovered that she is held hostage by Arlong and his crew as he has to give him the sum of 100 million denarii to get back his freedom and that of the village where she was born, as she is held hostage by the terrible men- fish. Rubber manages to convince her to follow him on the route of the Great Blue, entrusting her with the task of official cartographer on board. The fish-men Nami is linked to are led by the evil and feared Arlong who is convinced that his race is superior to any other living race. He has superhuman strength, shark shark teeth and a sawfish-like nose, but will be defeated by Rubber after a long and grueling fight.

One Piece Nami

The other members of the gang are: Black Belt, one of the officers with extraordinary strength, Hachi an octopus man who fights using six swords and Chuu an officer, who already hits opponents with a powerful jet of water that spits on the opponent. All of them will be defeated by rubber and his friends. After the meeting with Nami there is the one with the very nice Usopp, a guy who is a bit strange and a liar. Usopp is very good friends with Kayaa noble girl from the village who gives Rubber a beautiful caravel with which to get to the One Piece treasure. Usopp will decide to join with Rubber and his companions. Usopp will come in handy during fights as he is very skilled in using the slingshot. The travels of the cirma of All'arrembaggio - One Piece continues and a fourth element will join the group. This is Sanji, a cook met in a very strange restaurant ship. Sanji is a handsome blond boy and has a soft spot for Nami. He fights only with his feet, sometimes even with his hands in his pockets and is always accompanied by the inevitable cigarette. Sanji, has the desire to reach an area known as 'the heart of the seas', where the oceans converge and therefore fish and seafood of all kinds are collected, which would allow him to cook fabulous dishes. Sanji will follow Rubber and his companions, leaving the floating restaurant and his friend head cook to whom he is bound by a large debt of gratitude. Rubber and his crew composed of Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Sanji at each episode of All'arrembaggio - One Piece will offer breathtaking and exciting adventures, fighting with pirates of all species.

Pirates of One Piece

Like Buggy's crew, a Captain powerful and famous pirate who resembles a clown because of his red and round nose. He ate the cut-and-paste sea fruit which gave him the power to detach and attach any part of his body at will. His crew also includes Mohji, a lion tamer who has the ability to tame any animal and Kabaji, a skilled acrobat who fights while riding a single-wheel bicycle. They will all be defeated by Rubber, Zoro, Nami, Sanji and Usopp. The Rubber crew will meet the pirates of Captain Kuro, a ruthless and feared pirate, who uses gloves with blades on each finger to fight. Apparently he seems like a distinguished and polite man, in fact he wears a black jacket and a pair of glasses which give him a gentlemanly air. Posing as a butler, his aim was to take over the properties of Miss Kaya, Usopp's friend. Jango is part of his gang, capable of hypnotizing anyone who looks at him or listens to him Nyaban brothers, special guards of the famous "Black Cat" gang who fight using gloves with very sharp nails. Then there are the pirates of Don Krieg, called the scourge of the eastern sea, equipped with a crew of 5 thousand men. In battle he uses all types of weapons and his body is covered in golden armor. The commander of his crew is Gin who, after a fight and a good bowl of soup, will become friends with Sanji. Another important character of Don Krieg's crew is Pearl, the commander of the second fleet, Pearl has her body covered in a series of shields that protect her. The boarding series - One Piece it is also made famous by the initial theme sung by Cristina D'avena and Giorgio Vanni.

The production of One Piece

Boarding - One Piece

One of the most famous manga worldwide, "One Piece", owes its existence to the childhood passion of its creator, Eiichiro Oda, for stories of pirates and adventures. The genesis of this epic saga, filled with action, camaraderie and dreams, is rooted in historical, creative and personal influences, transforming "One Piece" into a cultural phenomenon that continues to capture the imagination of readers of all ages.

Origins and Influences:
Oda's interest in the world of piracy was sparked during his childhood, particularly thanks to the animated series "Vicky the Viking". This fascination grew through reading biographies of real pirates, significantly influencing the characters and plots of "One Piece." Characters like Marshall D. Teach are the direct emanation of historical figures, such as the infamous pirate Edward Teach, better known as "Blackbeard". In addition to the history of piracy, Akira Toriyama's "Dragon Ball" series and "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" had a considerable impact on Oda's creative development, influencing his narrative style and manga structure.

The Creation of "One Piece":
Despite clear ideas about the story he wanted to tell, it was only in 1996, working as assistant to the mangaka Nobuhiro Watsuki, that Oda officially began creating "One Piece". The first fruits of this labor were two one-shot stories titled "Romance Dawn", which featured the character of Luffy (or Luffy) and elements later integrated into the main series. These stories attracted attention and led to the serialization of "One Piece" in Weekly Shonen Jump, beginning what would become one of the most beloved manga of all time.

Development and Special Features:
Distinctive elements such as "Devil Fruits" were designed by Oda to embody human desires, while the use of wordplay, language blending and humor are employed to define special attacks and concepts within the story. This attention to detail is also reflected in the production of the manga, where Oda, eager to maintain stylistic coherence, personally illustrates every moving element in his tables, entrusting his staff only with the creation of the backgrounds based on his sketches.

The Production Path:
Oda's dedication manifests itself in a rigorous work schedule, which begins at five in the morning and ends at two the following night. This commitment is necessary to meet production deadlines, with the first three days of the week dedicated to storyboarding and the remaining time to inking and coloring. Despite the shonen nature of the manga, Oda chose to exclude love stories between the protagonists, focusing the plot on adventure, dreams and friendship.

Conclusion and Future of the Opera:
Originally planned to last five years, the "One Piece" saga has expanded far beyond Oda's expectations due to his love of the story. Despite announcements regarding the achievement of various percentages of the plot over the years, the author has reassured fans that the ending will remain what he originally planned, regardless of the time it takes to reach it. With the achievement of significant milestones, such as the thousandth chapter, and the announcement of the approaching final saga, "One Piece" continues to be a series that enchants, entertains and inspires, consolidating its place in the Olympus of manga.


All names, images and trademarks are copyright Eiichiro Oda and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Video trailer of All'arrembaggio - One Piece

Episode titles

First series

01. The rubber boy
02. The pirate hunter
03. The release of Zoro
04. A look at the past
05. A captain clown
06. The tamed tamer
07. The challenge
08. An old acquaintance
09. A nice liar
10. The strength of hypnosis / Hypnotic force
11. Never cry wolf!
12. The wrong landing
13. A terrible couple
14. The awakening of the rubber boy
15. An evil mind
16. The crew of the brave
17. Final act
18. The man in the chest
19. A leap into the past
20. The seaside restaurant
21. Unwelcome guests
22. Hunger for conquest
23. The logbook
24. The hawk-eyed man
25. Fire and flames
26. A debt of gratitude
27. The dilemma
28. The power of despair / The power of determination
29. The end of hostilities
30. It is time to raise the anchors / It is time to raise the anchor
31. In the footsteps of Nami
32. Return to the origins
33. The mask
34. The truth
35. Secrets of the past / Secrets of the past
36. A very close relationship
37. The broken promise
38. Pirates against fishmen
39. A fight without quarter
40. The underwater fight
41. The last hope
42. The challenge
43. The end of an empire
44. The departure
45. The wanted one
46. ​​Adventure on the sea
47. The return of the clown
48. The land of the pirate king
49. The new swords of Zoro
50. A test of courage
51. The cook of the year
52. The past takes back / The past returns
53. The journey resumes!

Second series

01. A mysterious girl
02. A legendary creature
03. Escape from the island
04. The legendary lost island
05. Duel at the ruins
06. We are surrounded!
07. The flying dragons
08. A new adventure
09. The giant whale
10. Promises
11. Welcome to Whiskey Peak
12. Alone against everyone
13. Unexplained duel
14. The sea is back!
15. The power of dreams
16. A question of willpower
17. Has time stopped?
18. The giants
19. Rubber's Wrath
20. The last challenge
21. The wax statues
22. The spell of colors
23. Pirates to the rescue
24. Goodbye island of the giants!
25. Nami is sick!
26. Surprise attack
27. In search of the doctor
28. Are you a witch or a doctor ?!
29. The avalanche
30. The climb
31. The blue-nosed reindeer
32. The doctor and the reindeer
33. A dream to be saved
34. The defense of the flag
35. Chopper's secret weapon
36. The defeat of the king
37. The miracle of the cherry trees

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