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American Dad


American Dad - Stan Smith
Original title: American Dad
Stan Smith, Francine Smith, Hayley Dream Crusher Smith, Steven Anita Smith, Klaus Heissler, Roger
Production: Atlantic Creative, Fuzzy Door Productions, 20th Century Fox
Regia: Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman
Country: USA
Year: 2005
Gender: Comedian / Adventure
Episodes: 190 in 12 seasons
Duration: 21 minutes
Recommended age: from 15 years

Starting from Tuesday 12 December at 14,30 pm on Italia 1 American Dad cartoons will be broadcast, made by Seth MacFarlane, the same author of the Griffin, in collaboration with Mike Barker and Matt Weiztman. The 18-episode series was produced by 20th Century Fox Television. Like the Griffin family, American Dad too follows the parody and clichés of "post 11/XNUMX" American families, following a "politically incorrect" style and aimed at an adult audience. The main character of the series is Stan Smith, a secret agent of the CIA who is obsessed with terrorist attacks, therefore behaves in a nervous and schizophrenic way, in a constant attempt to identify plots and intrigues that could threaten the security of America.

The Smith - American Dad family

His family is made up of his wife Francine Smith, a lovely bleached housewife, in love and happy with her marriage, though often involved in the quirks of Stan and his two children Hayley and Steve. Hayley is an 18 year old girl and attends Community Collage.

Hayley Smith - American Dad

Of progressive political ideas (in Italy it would be called "left"), Hayley is the exact opposite of her father, as she is very critical of her homeland, being a pacifist and opposed to unbridled consumerism. Her favorite pastime is smoking marijuana with her boyfriend Jeff during recess.

Steve Smith - American Dad

Steve Smith is a 14-year-old boy and unlike Hayley he shares all the ideas of his father, whom he sees as a hero always ready to save the world. Steve is a bit introverted and his favorite hobby is playing fantasy role-playing games with his friends Barry and Toshi, in fact he loves everything related to Tolkien's world. His big problem is girls, as his shyness prevents him from any kind of relationship. Although a bit bizarre, so far it might seem like a family like many others, but there are two characters who express all the "madness" of these cartoons and these are the goldfish Klaus and the alien Roger. Klaus is the result of a genetic experiment by the CIA, which implanted the brain of a German athlete inside a goldfish, which thus finds itself speaking and reasoning like a human being, with all the advantages and defects of stereotypes regarding the Germanic culture.

Roger the Alien - American Dad

Roger is an alien addicted to smoking and alcohol, coming from the secret American base of Area 51, which Stan adopted to repay his great help, in fact the alien saved his life. Although Roger is hidden in every way by the Smith family, he uses a thousand tricks and disguises to get out of the house and get to know the world. With a lonely and gruff nature, she has feminine movements and loves watching TV. Among the many characters that appear in the series we remember Jack Smith, the father of Stan who despite being seen as a myth by his son is actually a jewel thief. Avery Bullock, a CIA director, smarter than Stan who has his wife imprisoned in Iraq. Then there are the two gay TV reporters, Greg Corbin and Terry Bates, who are also the neighbors of the Smith family. Linda Memari is Francine's best friend. On more than one occasion he has shown his friendship by saving her from Lady Bugs, an association of women who were meant to scam their husbands. Linda is married to Bob, a man of Iranian origin, therefore initially unattractive to Stan.

by Gianluigi Piludu

American Dad all names, images and registered trademarks are copyright © Seth MacFarlene, Mike Barker, Matt Weiztman, 20th Century Fox Television and those entitled, are used here for information and disclosure purposes.

American Dad video trailer

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