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Original title: Aquaman
Aquaman, Mera, Garth, Aquagirl, Topo
Testi: Mort Weisinger
Drawings : Paul Norris
Publishers: DC Comics / Arnoldo Mondadori Editore

Country: United States
Release date
: 1941
Genre: Comic superheroes
Recommended age: Boys aged 6 to 12 Release dates

AquamanAquaman is the comic book character created in 1940 by the authors Paul Norris (draftsman) and Mort Weisinger (screenwriter), who appeared for the first time in the number 73 of the comic book Moore Fun Comics and later in the Adventure Comics. Aquaman is the son of the lighthouse keeper Tom Curry and of Atlanna, descendant of the ancient people of Atlas, who reigns in the depths of the sea. They called their son Arthur, who soon realized that he was endowed with extraordinary powers in contact with the sea. Aquaman has all the characteristics of the people of Atlantis, which reigns in the depths of the ocean. It can swim at speeds greater than those of ships, communicates with fish using telepathy and has superhuman strength, able to compete with sharks and whales. His most fierce enemies are Black Manta and the Shark, but in the fight he is also helped by his friends: the young Aqualand and the beautiful Aquagirl. Like Superman , Batman , Flash and Wonder Woman, he also belongs to the Justice League, which thanks to his contribution from the News Venice sea base, can face all the dangers that come from the sea. During his adventures Aquaman will have to deal with marvelous sirens, terrifying sea monsters and not least the unscrupulous man, who does not hesitate to pollute the seas and the environment. In 1967, Aquaman became a cartoon series entitled The Adventures of Aquaman (The Adventures of Aquaman), produced by the American studios of the Filmation for a total of 36 episodes, in which we find Aquaman riding a huge seahorse. In the 90s the character of Aquaman was revisited to the point that he would no longer be the son of Tom Curry, but a magician who abandoned him because of his blond hair.
Currently Warner Bros is grappling with a production of telefilms on Aquaman, on the false line of success with Smallville, in fact its executive producers are Miles Millar and Alfred Gough.

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