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Original title: Asterix
Asterix, Obelix, Idefix, Panoramix, Julius Caesar, Abraracourcix, Assurancetourix, Ordinalfabetix, Automatix, Matusalemix, Falbalà
Texts: Ren Goscinny
Drawings: Albert Uderzo, Didier Conrad (from 2013)
Publishers: Dargaud, Hachette Livre, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore

Country: France
Year: 1959
Gender: Comic / historical comic
Comic books: 36
Pages: 48
Periodicity: Aperiodic
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Asterix, was created in 1959 by the mind of the writer Renè Goscinny and the pencil of the designer Albert Uderzo for the French weekly "Pilote". The stories of Asterix are set in Gaul at the time of Julius Caesar, when the Romans occupied much of this territory. But there is a village on the edge of a deep forest, which does not care at all about the enemy, as each inhabitant, if under the temporary effect of the "miraculous potion" possesses such strength as to take out an entire Roman garrison by himself. Asterix is the undisputed star of the series. Asterix is ​​a small, but extremely intelligent and courageous warrior, characterized by a winged helmet and two blond mustaches.


When under the effect of the filter, Asterix becomes very feared and the Romans run away from sight alone. The merit of this miraculous concoction must be attributed to the druid Panoramix, the sorcerer of the community. He spends his days wandering through the woods with a sickle in hand to collect the mistletoe and herbs he needs to make the famous potion. After putting the ingredients in a large pot, he boils this great "minestrone" and then distributes it to the inhabitants. But there is a very nice character who can do without this ration and it is Obelix, who has always been Asterix's greatest friend. Obelix is ​​perpetually under the effect of the filter as he fell into the entire pan of Panoramix as a newborn, taking in enough quantity to prolong its effectiveness for a lifetime. However, he does not want to be outdone by the others and as a greedy glutton he always tries to sneak into the ration line, together with the other inhabitants. Obelix in fact always has a gigantic hunger that he can only calm down by eating a large amount of wild boars, he goes around the forest with huge stone obelisks in order to take them to the village as sacred objects that can preserve from misfortunes. The head of the village has an impronounceable name: Abraracourcix, a funny but authoritarian ruler who loves to be carried on his shoulders by his subjects over his shield used as a sedan chair.

Asterix and Obelix

Courageous and reckless, he is afflicted only by a great fear, that is, that the sky may fall on his head one day after another. The epic deeds of Asterix and these valiant warriors could not fail to be narrated by a good storyteller and so in this variegated village whoever holds the role of poet-singer is the Bard Assurancetourix, but he is so out of tune, that when he performs accompanying himself with his lyre, all of them flee and plug their ears. The adventures of Asterix they have been published by Mondadori in luxurious color books and have had extraordinary success not only in Italy, but all over the world, starting with France. The deeds of our heroes are not confined only to the territories of Gaul, but also go all over the Mediterranean and beyond: Egypt, Britain, Rome, Normandy, etc ... The famous story of "Asterix and Cleopatra"or the one that sees them gladiators in Rome, in the lions' den of the Colosseum. The key to the" suspense "of the stories is a bit like that of" Popeye ", our protagonists fall victim to enemies when they are vulnerable, that is when they are finished the effect of the filter. Obelix, as a great troublemaker, thinks about getting into trouble on his own. But it is always thanks to the cunning of Asterix and the potions of Panoramix that all the stories end with the victory of the protagonists who ridicule the proverbial Roman power

Asterix, Obelix and Idefix

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The character of Asterix, names, images and trademarks are copyright © Renè Goscinny e Albert Uderzo and those entitled. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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