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The Avengers (comics)

Avengers - I Vendicatori - fumetto


Original title: Avengers
Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Calabrone, Wasp, Hulk, Capitan America, Golia, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet, Ercole, Pantera Nera, the Vison, Cavaliere Nero V, Vedova Nera, Spadaccino, Mantis, Bestia, Dragoluna, Hellcatz
Testi: Stan Lee

Drawings : Jack Kirby
Publishers: Marvel Comics, Editoriale Corno
Release date: 1963
Genre: Fumetto azione/ supereroi
Recommended age: Boys aged 6 to 12 Release dates

The group of Avengers superheroes (Avengers in the original American) was created in 1963 by the Marvel Comics duo, such as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby . Within the group several superheroes have alternated, but the starting group was composed of: Thor , Giant-man (or Ant-man - Calabrone), Wasp and Iron Man , to which was added, after a few numbers also Captain America . The group also included the Quicksilver and Scarlet mutants ( see x-men ), Hawkeye, the archer who, thanks to the molecular control serum by Henry Pitt (Giant-man), was later transformed into the giant Goliath, the mysterious and enigmatic android Vision, The Black Knight, the first enemy after his ally, T'Challa the Black Panther, the king of Wakanda, the demigod Hercules, The Mantis, the praying mantis, Eros, Sersi the eternal mistress of the molecules and many others. Within the group, however, an agreement was stipulated, so the group must not exceed the maximum unit of six members.

In addition to the aforementioned Stan Lee and Jack Kirby we remember the fantastic stories written by Roy Thomas and the fabulous drawings of the legendary John Buscema, which characterized the superheroes Marvel very well in the 70s. These superheroes come together to fight supercriminals and beings who came from space and time, so powerful that if they faced them individually they would not be able to prevail, like Nebula, Galactus, the Enchantress and the Executioner, Loki, Kang the conqueror, Arkon, Immortus and many others. The first Avengers union (Avengers) occurred when Thor's half-brother, Loki, the evil lord of Asgard took over the mind of the incredible Hulk , in order to harm the earth and humans. To stop the giant green-skinned giant, several superheroes intervene at the same time: Thor , Iron Man , Ant-Man and Wasp to which are added the boy Ricky Jones with his Youth Brigade, but Thor senses that behind these misdeeds hides the hand of Loki , therefore, goes to Asgard and defeats the evil Lord of evil.

After this adventure, the superheroes decide that the land must be protected from the supergreens, so they form the Avengers group, based in New York. In addition to the incredible Hulk, the Avengers in the first adventures have to face characters like Namor, the Sub-Mariner prince of Atlantis (later allied) and it is thanks to his anger that they will later meet with Captain America. In fact, after the burning defeat by the Avengers, Prince Namor reached the North Pole, finds a tribe of Eskimos who worshiped an ice statue, inside which was the hibernating body of Captain America (dating back to the II war period) world). Namor choleric with the human race and for that idolatry, splits the slab and throws it into the sea many miles to the south, which will cause the melting of the ice sheet because of the warmer sea. The hibernating man was found by the Avengers, patrolling with their submarine. From the man's clothes appeared the costume of the legendary Captain America , the hero of World War II.

After a shock awakening, he joins the Avengers and Iron Man alias Anthony Stark will build a sophisticated system to get the shield back, once thrown. But Captain America will draw upon himself also several enemies dating back to the period of the world war, such as the evil Baron Zemo, who swears vengeance against the superhero because he finds his face glued to a mask, because of the powerful adhesive X of his invention. He also hears in the young Ricky Jones the affection that bound him to the late friend of numerous battles Bucky Barnes, therefore against him becomes very protective ending to limit the latter, in his aspirations to be a superhero (Ricky Jones will become later, a "almost superhero" with Capitan Marvel) and then enter the Avengers.

Quicksilver, Wanda, the Vison e GoliaQuicksilver, Wanda, Vision and Goliath The Avengers' adventures will often meet with those of other superheroes in the Marvel universe, such as Spiderman or the Fantastic Four and the X-Men , with whom they will have both intense battles and excellent collaborations. . Collaborations, very often we will have to face the common enemies, such as the Mole Man, the enemy of the Fantastic Four who has an army hidden underground and hatching revenge against human beings, or as Dr. Destino one of the more beautiful negative characters from the Marvel or Magneto universe. Another avid enemy of the Avengers is Count Luchino Nefaria, a very rich European count, head of the powerful underworld organization called Maggia, who moved to America with his castle and which will create many problems for the Avengers, to remember a beautiful story signed by John Byrne, where Count Nefaria becomes a powerful supercriminal.

Another organization that will support the Avengers is that of the SHIELD, captained by the friend of Captain America Nick Fury, formed by secret agents and dedicated to counter-espionage. Later, after a period of crisis in the group, Giant-Man, Wasp and Iron Man were replaced for a while by Hawkeye (born Clint Burton), a skilled archer, former companion of the superheroine Black Widow and the two former mutants - following of Magneto ( see X-men ): the very fast mutant Quicksilver and the sorceress Scarlet (at the age, the brothers Pietro and Wanda Maximoff). These characters, from the not really crystalline past, will create within the group rivalries and misunderstandings both towards veterans like Captain America, and between them (see the contrasts between the impetuous Quicksilver and Hawkeye). the vision But perhaps the enemy number one of the Avengers could be considered the terrible Ultron (in the various versions that start from Ultron-1 and reach up to Ultron-14), a robot created by the scientist Henry Pitt (Giant-man or Ant-Man) with an intelligence capable of assuming a proper conscience and rebelling against its builder.

the VisonUltron, who has hypnotic powers and superhuman intelligence, becomes a super-criminal and thanks to some enemies of the Avengers, first of all the sinister reaper, forms the legion of the Lords of Evil. Ultron will pass through the adventures, from the primordial Ultron-1 to Ultron-5, which in turn built another android based on the prototype of the Human Torch (cyborg version of World War II) and Wonder-Man: the Vision, an android in able to become impalpable and cross walls and objects, or to be harder than diamond. First enemy vision will rebel against Ultron and will become one of the most loyal members of the Avengers. His biggest inner conflict will be to feel like a man, but not to be, which will lead him to constant identity crises especially when Wanda Scarlet, will fall in love with him.

The Animation movie of Avengers

Ultimate Avengers by Curt Geda, Steven E. Gordon and Bob Richardson, USA 2006, 72 '

By themselves they are superheroes, united they form the team of the Ultimate Avengers. And they have responsibility for the fate of the planet. In 1945 Hitler and his Nazi army shake the world and the Nazis have designed their final weapon allied with a force from another world: aliens. The Allies are able to neutralize them thanks to their secret weapon: Captain America, a super soldier with muscles, brains and the courage to put an end to the enemy threat. Sixty Release dates later a new alien threat threatens humanity. Captain America returns from the past but this time he is not alone: ??with him, Nick Fury, commander of the SHIELD, has brought together the most powerful super-humans on earth: Iron Man, Thor, Giant-Man, Wasp, the Black Widow and Hulk who together form ... the Ultimate Avengers!

Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther by Will Meugniot and Richard Sebast, USA 2006, 74 '
Wakanda is a small and semi-unknown state in the heart of Africa that thrives thanks to the isolation and closure of its borders. But now a danger from space threatens the nation. His young king, T'Challa, also known as the Black Panther, to thwart it is forced to fail the tradition of his country and seek help from the most powerful heroes of the Earth: the Ultimate Avengers.

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