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The cartoon series Japanese Bagukan Battle Brawlers is divided in 51 episodes of 25 minutes each and was created by TMS Entertainment in collaboration with The Vistec Japan, under the direction of Mitsuo Hashimoto.
The story is about Dan, a twelve year old boy, cha witnessing a strange phenomenon: he is surrounded by some magic cards with illustrations of imaginary monsters. Taking advantage of the multimedia internet, this spell is repeated and multiplies up to spread around the world. So Dan and his friends have the brilliant idea of ??creating a game called "Bakugan" named monsters depicted. This game is to fight the monsters in the spheres contained within an arena. Each race is divided into 3 matches. For every battle the boys throwing magic cards, which can increase their score and face their opponent.
Each Bakugan owned by each boy has a power which assimilates to a particular element: fire, light, water, darkness, earth and wind. Dan does not know that this game has created a bridge between the earth and the parallel universe of Vestroia, where the Bakugan reside. This universe is composed of six planets, each characterized by the properties of various elements. Currently, the Kingdom of the Dragon (where is the Bakugan of Dan) is threatened by Naga representing the infinite, who wants to take over the six worlds and consequently also enter the planet earth. Dan and his team, along with their Bakugan powers, they decide to deal with this terrible threat and restore peace to the kingdom of Vestroia.

Dan is the undisputed leader of the group of Bakugan Brawlers, thanks to his character very resourceful and determined. His ambition is to become the strongest player in the world of Bakugan. Her Bakugan is Pyrus, the giant Dragon who, during the battle can destroy everything around him, by the heat of his body. Even the dragon Pyrus is the leader of the Bakugan in kingdom of Vestroia and has a noble spirit and a deep friendship with Dan.
Marucho is a boy of eleven years of age, very intelligent and experienced despite his few years. And 'the strategist of the group and knows all of the Bakugan potential, thanks to his studies that use during the fighting. His Bakugan is Aquos and possesses the power of water. Aquos has the power to change its molecular structure and can take the characteristics of all the other elements: fire, earth, light, darkness, water and wind. As temperament is very similar to Marucho.
Shun Kazami is a boy of few words, old friend of Dan and former champion of Bakugan. His grandfather was a warrior ninja who wanted make to become Shun, a ninja like him, rather than see him devote himself entirely to Bakugan. His Bakugan is Skyress Ventus , a giant bird, which has the force of the wind and in his tail has many sharp pens. This Bakugan can resurrect and see the future. Thanks to his experience, along with Dan, Shun is one of the strongest fighters of Bakugan.
JMikimoto Julie is a lively and cheerful girl, able to give enthusiasm to the team, even when events seem to fall. Her Bakugan is Subterra Gorem, and is connected to the earth element. Her body is made of heavy minerals, which make it very difficult to break down. This Bakugan is apparently very quiet, but when he gets angry becomes a relentless fury.
Alice Gehabich is a Russian girl, who like Marucho is very good at developing the strategy of combat. Her Bakugan is Darkus Exdera and possesses the power of darkness.

In the second episode we meet Masquerade, a mysterious Bakugan who manages to defeat all the children playing on the Internet. Dan decides to challenge him, but he quickly demonstrates a very difficult opponent, because he has the secret weapon of the map of Destiny. Dan is defeated in the first two rounds and is therefore one step from elimination.
Following Masquerade, joins with Rikimaru, the young player who has a special Bakugan. Meanwhile, Dan prepares training for his revenge on Masquerade. His Bakugan Drago is still unsure of Dan's motives, but decided to join him in the hope to save Vestroia. During the clash with Rikimaru, following signs of Dan, Dragon suffers heavy shots, but managed to recover only when he decides to ignore Dan's strategies, so he uses a very dangerous fighting technique, which enabled him to win the challenge.


Friday 1st October: four episodes of the second set THE FIGHTERS OF BAKUGAN: NEW VESTROIA, never aired on Cartoon Network, for a special evening dedicated to the action and Bakugan Battle Brawlers. The cartoon has become a big hit around the world, thanks for playing cards and exciting challenges that can be created.
Two hours of exciting game-fighting for an evening in true style BIG BANG.

Ep.74 – Descent in the underground.
Mira is located between a rock and a hard place, while Prince Hydron and Spectra, seeking to consolidate their power. Spectra reveals to Mira that she and their father, Professor Clay, have just finished building a new powerful Bakugan mechanical and Spectra, wants her to use it against his old friends. Meanwhile, the resistance fighters of Bakugan, reaches Gammaville to destroy the third, and final dimensional control. AOnce again, the Vexos fall in hopes of conquering his opponents one by one. The stakes are high and the resistance, deploys all his forces to release the Bakugan. Will Dan and Ace to put aside their friendship with Mira, and destroy it with others Vexos? Or will the end of resistance?

Ep. 75 – Battle confrontation
Despite the objections of Prince Hydron, Mira sends Spectra and Gus, to challenge Dan and Ace, with the new Bakugan mechanic. Meanwhile, Baron manages to assert herself with a Volt, getting the better about Bronte, while Marucho and Shun defeat Mylene and Shadow Prove , in a joint attack. The boys rush to help Dan and Ace, and they are involved in a battle to the death against Mira and Gus. Although fighting with grit, Mira commit many errors, of which Dan and Ace take advantage without hesitation. Tired of missteps of Mira, Gus pushes her away, taking command of the battle and challenging Dan and Ace, by any means at his disposal. Will Dan and Ace to stay afloat against the brute force of the mechanical Bakugan? And they will understand what is in mind Mira before losing it all?

Ep. 76 – The strongest Bakugan
While the resistance Bakugan Vespalace, fly for freedom of their friends from Prince Hydron, the monarch vestal reveals the presence of another line of defense: a regulator dimensional final. Surprised, the Bakugan regain their spherical shape, leaving precipitated fighters. Shun save Marucho and Mira, but Dan, Ace and Baron seem to be doomed. Fortunately, Dragon, Nemus and Percival, last moment come to their rescue. Meanwhile Hydron learns from Lync, the betrayal of Spectra, the same loyalty Lync is tested by other Vexos. Shun, Marucho and Mira invade the palace, and in the meantime Spectra use the Bakugan manual, to give a decisive turn in the battle between Cyborg Helios against Dragon. Dan desperately tries every way to give to the resistance a chance of winning. Drago must join the six Bakugan, who Dan has won from Myra, for a final meeting between the two Bakugan stronger.

Ep. 77 – Countdown
Together the six Vestal Virgins of mechanical Bakugan, Drago tackles the last powerful Helios. While their combat shakes Vestpalace, Mylene convinces Prince Hydron to attribute to Spectra, the blame for the destruction of the dimensional control and to abandon New Vestroia. The battle between the Dragon and Helios threatens to destroy the royal palace, but Mira, Shun and Marucho not give up searching for the code that will free the five Bakugan guardians from their prisons of bronze. The number combinations are endless and time is running out. Will the three to reverse the transformation process, before to Mylene and Hydron activate the code of self-destruction, that the Vestpalace crumble ?

SECOND SEASON. The Bakugan are finally returned to live in peace on New Vestroia, as long as the Vestal Virgins do not invade the planet: the invaders bring Bakugan to their spherical shape in order to kidnap them and take possession of their planet. Not even Dragon, which maintains the balance of the planet, can stop them. It must then return to Earth to search for Dan, who will help to fight to save New Vestroia. A long series of exciting challenges are therefore about to begin, with new and amazing characters.


On Cartoon Network from September 5, comes the third, incredible season which saw the return on the screens of Bakugan fighters. Our protagonists this time are faced with new and spectacular battles, and a new dimension: the Clearance Bakugan, a virtual reality where the warriors will compete with each other.

In this new, exciting chapter Dan, Marucho and their families have settled in a town near the southwest coast of the USA.
In the second season, Marucho had intercepted a strange signal with the information encoded on the DNA to Bakugan and the Battle Gear. Using this new information, Marucho has created a virtual reality called Bakugan Interspace.

But a new conflict is coming up: Gundalia is at war with another planet called Neathia. Both planets are inhabited by alien factions and "Bakugan lost", finished on the planets after the catastrophic events of the first season.
Ren, the new aide in the development of the interspace, convinces Marucho, Shun, Dan and his new friend Jake who Neathia is attacking Gundalia, forcing the Bakugan to fight. But the truth is different: Gundalia, under the command of the evil Emperor Barodius, is the true aggressor planet. Barodius is indeed aware of the incredible powers of the Bakugan Brawlers and on Earth and decided to take possession for control of not only to Neathia, but of the entire universe! PTo achieve his goal, he sent Ren Bakugan in the gap as an undercover agent who has the task of capturing the powerful group of Brawlers. The terrible plan, however, is hampered by the arrival on Earth of a girl, Fabia who seeks the help of the team, to be able to free Neathia, now besieged. Initially the Brawlers do not believe, but when they see dell'imbroglio Ren, they run to help the planet. Dan and Brawlers, find themselves catapulted into an epic conflict of Gundalia, where the same fate of the Earth will be in danger.

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