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Bambi is considered by many critics, one of the greatest masterpieces of Walt Disney productions. The movie was released in cinemas in the 1942, but his production began in 1936, during the production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The movie is inspired by the book "Bambi, a Life in the Woods" written by Felix Salten in 1923, but Walt Disney and the animation team, wanted modify the story, to enhance the description of nature and animals. The movie begins with a beautiful panoramic view of the forest, with realistic and evocative images that lead us to discover the animals of the forest. These are characterized accurately, thanks to a careful study of their behavior in the wild. So the owl will fall asleep at dawn, while the squirrels wake up, along with other creatures.
All animals are in turmoil, after receiving a good news by the chirping of birds and so they go to the lair of the doe, which gave birth to a pup named Bambi. The bunny Thumper, named for her frantically to beat the foot is the most curious of all and wants to get acquainted with the little fawn, who he still can not stand on his legs. Despite its fragility Bambi is curious about the world around him and observe all the animals, who greet him when he walk with the phrase "Hello little prince!". The bunny Thumper, guides them toward the knowledge of nature, teaching him the names of plants and of animals, and invites him to jump up the tree trunks as he. But Bambi is still weak and has a lot of difficulty moving his legs long and thin. While he have fun to smell the flowers, encounters a skunk among the flowers and from that moment, will be named "Flower".
Bambi is safe in his den with his mother, looks surprised and charmed to the drops of spring rain who falling through the leaves and draw paths surprising. After the rain, the mom deer go with Bambi, in the prairie and warns him of the dangers of this place. After have carefully inspected the place, Mom deerallows at Bambi to run, so he can roam free and have fun. As he reflected in the lake, in addition to his image, Bambi sees also the young doe Faline and she follows him for know. Bambi is frightened and hides behind to his mother, but Faline is much more enterprising and despite everything, she manages to know. Meanwhile, around them arrive other adults deer, they run and fight vigorously between them. Bambi is intrigued by their movements and try to imitate. At one point all stop, because they perceive the arrival of their leader, the prince of the deer who respect that all. These he carefully to Bambi, who looking with admiration. Meanwhile, they listening the sounds in the distance and the Prince of deer warns all animals, from the presence of their greatest threat: the man. So while all the animals run away in their shelters, Bambi is protected by his mother and the prince of the deers, take them to a safe place.
Time passes and winter arrives, so like the leaves of the forest, also the food is getting scarce. Bambi sees for the first time the snow and he have fun to jumping and playing with his friend Thumper. The bunny invites him to skate with him in the frozen lake, but despite initial enthusiasm, Bambi falls awkwardly becouse he have the weak legs. One day while the little Bambi and his mother, they see the first sprout of grass in the snow, hear the gunfire in the distance. The doe desperate, cries at the puppy to run, without looking back. Bambi can get to safety inside the shelter, but no longer find his mother.
He calls the mother between the snow, who begins to fall more and more dense, but in her place find the prince of the deer, who firmly tells, his mother's death at the hands of the hunters.
Meanwhile, time passes in the forest and with it the changing of the seasons. With the arrival of spring all the forest animals are happy and the birds sing merrily. IThe old owl don't want hear that din, who shake the tree. The vibration is caused by Bambi, who has used the tree trunk for rub his horns; he is now an adult and the old owl does not recognize him. With him comes Thumper the rabbit and Flower the skunk, they also very changed since the last meeting, but everyone is wondering why animals are so happy. So the wise owl tells him, who in the spring all are crazy, because of the love.
the three animals are sure that on them, this strange spell has no effect, But one after another "Flower" and "Thumper" fall bewitched, in front of a female of their species. Bambi meets again Faline and despite his initial shyness, a kiss has the power to send him into ecstasy. The idyll is broken by to a adversary deer , who fighting against Bambi with his massive horns. Seeing Faline in danger, Bambi is full of anger and tackle the deer fighting with vehemently, with his small horns.
After a hard fight, Bambi manages to defeat his opponent and together with the young doe, can run and sing the sweet songs of love.
But the smoke of a campfire in the distance, reveals the presence of man and the "Prince of the deer," warns Bambi. While the animals flee in terror, Bambi must defend Faline by a pack of dogs who trying to bite her. Meanwhile, the camp of the men, a fire blazes and which soon envelops the entire forest, leaving death and destruction.
Bambi is petrified, but his father orders him to get up and follow him in a safe place, away from the flames.
Back in the spring and all the animals have been in turmoil for a news story, which leads them to the shelter of Faline. The doe gave birth to two cubs and Bambi with the "Prince of the Forest", surveying them in the distance.

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