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Original title: Bambi
bambi, Bambi's mother, Thumper, Flower, friend Owl, Faline, The great prince of the forest (father of Bambi),
Production: Walt Disney Studios
Direction: David Hand, James Algar, Bill Roberts, Norman Wright, Sam Armstrong, Paul Satterfield, Graham Heid
Country: USA
Release date: 1942
Genre: Animation movie Adventure / Natura
Episodes: 1
Duration: 70 minutes
Recommended age: Film per tutti

Bambi is considered by many to be one of the greatest masterpieces of Walt Disney production. The movie was released in cinemas in 1942, but its production began as early as 1936, during the processing of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs . The movie is inspired by the book "Bambi, a life in the forest" written by Felix Salten in 1923, but Walt Disney and the animation team, wanted to break away from the story, to give greater prominence to the description of nature and animals. The movie begins with a wonderful overview of the forest, with realistic and suggestive images that lead us to the discovery of the animals of the forest. These are faithfully characterized, based on the study of their behavior in nature. So the owl will fall asleep at the first light of dawn, while the squirrels wake up, along with other creatures.

Bambi and the butterfly

All the animals are in turmoil, after receiving good news from the birds chirping and so they head to the deer's shelter, which gave birth to a cub named Bambi. The Thumper bunny, named for his frenetic way of beating his paw, is the most curious of all and wants to immediately get to know the little fawn, who still can not stand on his legs. Despite its fragility Bambi is curious about the world around him and observes all the strange animals, who greet him as he goes by "good morning prince!". The Thumper bunny, guides him to the knowledge of nature, teaching him the names of plants and animals and invites him to jump the trunks of trees as he does. But Bambi is still weak and has many difficulties in moving her long, thin legs. While he enjoys smelling the flowers he meets a skunk, which he confuses with a flower and from that moment, he will be called just by that name.

Bambi, the skunk Flower and the rabbit Thumper

Bambi, sheltered from her shelter with her mother, looks amazed and enchanted by the drops of spring rain that fall between the leaves, while they draw surprising paths. After the rain, mother fawn goes along with Bambi, in the prairie and warns him of the dangers that may creep in this place. Where I have carefully inspected the place, mother fawn from the go-ahead to Bambi so she can have fun and run free in the vast prairie. While he is reflected in the lake, in addition to his image, Bambi also sees that of the young fawn Occhidolci, who is following him to make his acquaintance. Bambi is intimidated and takes refuge from her mother, but Occhidolci is much more resourceful than he is and eventually manages to know him. Meanwhile, around them come other adult deer, who run and fight vigorously among themselves. Bambi is intrigued by their movements and tries to imitate them. Suddenly all stop because they perceive the arrival of their leader, the prince of deer that all fear and respect. He has an eye towards Bambi, who looks with admiration. Meanwhile, sounds are heard in the distance and the prince of deer warns all animals of the presence of their most serious threat: man. So while all the animals escape into their shelters, Bambi is protected by his mother and the prince of the deer, who take him to a safe place.

Time passes and winter arrives, so along with the leaves of the forest, food begins to run low. Bambi sees the snow for the first time and enjoys jumping and playing in the white cloak with her friend Thumper. The bunny invites him to skate with him in the frozen lake, but despite the initial enthusiasm, Bambi removes the awkward falls, not yet strong on the legs. One day while little Bambi and his mother, they notice the sprouting of the first blades of grass in the snow, they hear shots in the distance. The fawn screams desperately to the puppy to run, without looking back. Bambi manages to save herself in the shelter, but she can not find her mother anymore.

The Thumper bunny and the butterfly

He calls her in the snow that begins to fall ever more dense, but in its place finds the prince of deer, who firmly tells him the death of his mother by hunters.

Meanwhile in the forest time passes and with it the alternation of the seasons. With the arrival of spring all the animals of the forest are happy and the birds sing happily. The old owl can take no more than that noise and even hears its tree shake. In reality it is Bambi who used the trunk of the tree to rub his horns; now he has grown up and the old owl has difficulty recognizing him. With him also come the Thumper bunny and the Flower polecat, they too have changed dramatically since the last meeting, but everyone wonders why the animals are so happy. So the wise owl explains to them that in spring everyone is rincitrullono because of love.

The three animals are convinced that over them, this strange spell will have no effect, but one after the other Flower and Thumper fall enchanted, at the feet of a female of their species. Bambi meets Occhidolci again and despite his initial shyness, one of his kisses has the power to send him into ecstasy. To break the idyll we think of a rival deer, who confronts Bambi with its mighty horns. In seeing Occhidolci in danger, Bambi is full of anger and faces the deer with vemenza, fighting with his little horns.
After a hard fight, Bambi manages to get the better of her rival and with the young fawn, she can run and sing sweet love songs.

But the smoke of a bivouac in the distance reveals the presence of man and the prince of deer warns Bambi. While the animals escape terrified, Bambi must defend Occhidolci, from a pack of dogs that tries to bite her. Meanwhile, a fire broke out from the men's camp, which soon enveloped the whole forest, sowing death and destruction.
Bambi is petrified, but his father orders him to get up and react to follow him to a safe place, away from the flames.

Spring returns and all the animals are in ferment for new news, which leads them to the shelter of Occhidolci. The fawn gave birth to two puppies and Bambi, together with the prince of the forest, watches them in the distance.


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