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La famiglia Barbapapa'

Original title: Barbapapa
Barbapapà, Barbamamma, Barbabelle, Barbabravo, Barbabright, Barbazoo, Barbalib, Barbabeau
Author: Annette Tison, Talus Taylor
Production: KSS, Top Craft
Direction: Atsushi Takagi, Katsuhisa Yamada, Kouichi Sasaki
Country: Japan
Release date: 1974
Broadcast in Italy: 1976
Genre: Comedy / Adventure
Episodes: 150
Duration: 5 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 at 5 Release dates

The cartoons of the Barbapapa landed for the first time in our televisions in 1978, thanks to RAI DUE who transmitted them in a time slot dedicated to children. The 1978, as we said, was a major turning point for cartoons, in fact, after Vicky Viking and Heidi , Barbapapa is the third Japanese cartoon broadcast in Italy. Divided into 150 episodes and intended for a very young audience, the cartoons of the Barbapapa were a huge success both for the originality of the characters, which could be transformed into anything, both for the very nice theme sung by the children's choir of green apples ", as well as Claudio Lippi and Orietta Berti. The story of the Barbapapa has been written by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor and tells of when one day while the young Francesco was feeding his garden, a strange vegetable never seen before appeared from the earth. It was all pink and had a body similar to rubber, had eyes, nose and mouth and did not take long to make friends with Francesco, thanks to his sympathy, his friendliness and his stunning ability to take the appearance of any object: he was born Barbapapa . Despite everything, that creature was too cumbersome to make her live at home, so she decided to take Barbapapa to the zoo. Here he made friends with all the animals, but he sent the custodian on a rampage, because he constantly came out of the cage, thanks to his plastic body, which could pass between the bars, so the furious guardian decided to drive him away. Soon, however, the whole city realized the value of that special being, because thanks to its shapeless ability, he managed to save a family from a burning building, turning into a ladder, after having said the famous phrase : << Rest of stucco is a barbatrucco >>. Barbapapa so, he returned to live in the garden of Francesco, even if he wanted so much to have a companion. Seeing him so depressed Francesco, thanks to the advice of the veteriario, he understood that it was necessary to look for a Barbamamma, therefore they started to travel in search of the rare example.

Barbapapà e Barbamamma

They went around the world going even to other planets, but Barbamamma did not even see the shadow. Returning home after so many adventures and difficulties, from the eyes of Barbapapa came a tear of joy, which went to wet the ground of Francesco's garden. Suddenly from the ground emerged a strange being all black with a chaplet of flowers on the head: the Barbamamma was born. After searching for her all over the world, what she had always dreamed of found her right in the garden where he was born, a sign that the land had the great property of giving birth to the barbapapa. Barbapapa and Barbamamma decided to form a family and have children, so they laid their eggs in the ground and after a few weeks seven small Barbabebc were born, all very similar to each other, but having different characteristics.

Barbabravo is red, loves any kind of sport and is the strongest of all,

Barbabeau is black and is the only one to be covered with thick fur, has the attitude to art and painting,

Barbabright is blue, he loves science and inventing new machinery,

Barbazoo is yellow and is fond of animals and nature,

Barbabelle is purple in color and is very vain. He dreams of becoming an actress.

Barbalala is green and is brought to music, in fact it plays all the instruments,

Barbalib is orange, has glasses, loves reading and is the intellect of the family.

Just as their parents can take the shape of all the objects they want. Given the large family the Barbapapa decided to build a house near a pond. So Barbapapa helped by his seven children and the Barbamamma, thanks to their ability to change shape, did not have major problems in building the house: they could turn into a wheelbarrow to bring bricks, winch to lift loads and into the mold to let it run The cement. So a little at a time their structured house took shape, like their spherical body. But their happiness was threatened by the bulldozers ready to destroy what they had created, so the Barbapapà, notwithstanding their peaceful nature, thought of defending their work: they turned into guns and fired mud balls that turned heads up to the bulldozers. Their home was safe. Here began the adventures of the Barbapapa family who, with their positivity and resourcefulness, enjoyed the children of half the world in order to teach respect for nature and animals. The Babapaà cartoons were so famous that they gave life to a big merchandising: books, comics, toys, albums, Easter eggs etc ...


The Barbapapà names, images and trademarks are copyright © Annette Tison & Talus Taylor and are used here for purposes of information and dissemination.

Titles of the episodes Barbapapà
01 - Birth
02 - The Fire
03 - The Beach
04 - In the Giro
05 - The Sea
06 - India
07 - America
08 - Barbamamma
09 - The Port
10 - The New House
11 - The Problem of the House
12 - La Casa Di Barbapapa
13 - The train
14 - Through the Desert
15 - Eggs
16 - The Most Beautiful Arts
17 - Sports
18 - Babysitter
19 - Juice & Microscope
20 - The Train
21 - Pottery & Sculptor Factory
22 - The suitcase
23 - Africa
24 - La Tosatura
25 - The weaving
26 - Il Toro
27 - The Baby Bottle
28 - Transformation
29 - Combing
30 - Skiing
31 - Environmental Contamination
32 - The Wood
33 - The Regatta
34 - Fleas
35 - The Harvest
36 - Insects
37 - The Machine
38 - Fashion Photography
39 - The Concert
40 - The Birthday
41 - The mountaineer
42 - The Hunt
43 - The Pic-Nic
44 - The Rescue
45 - The Return
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