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Bastard !! The dark destroyer

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Original title: Bastard !! Ankoku no hakai shin
Dark Schneider, Rusie Renren, Tiara Nort Yoko, Gara, Arshes Nei, Abigail, Kall-Su, Lars Ulu, Sheera Tuel, Anslasax, Geo, Nort Sort, Neils Sean Mifune, Di Amon, Sean Harri, Kai Harn, Yoshua, Belahia , Shen Ker, Vay Steave, Jorge Fisis, Angus Young, Yingwie, Von Malmsteen, Mackpein Toni Strauss, Bol Gil Bol, Ida Deesna, Sheila Ee Lee, Blado Kils, Zack Warder, Ross Szabo Friedrick, Ba, Thory, John Zohr Vandenburg , Seicks Von Snowhite, Ran Dy Rose. Stein Neubauten, Lucifer, Porno Diano, Konron, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Satan, The Messiah, Belzebubz

Film script: Kazushi Hagiwara
Drawings: Kazushi Hagiwara
Publishers: Shueisha
Italian publisher: Panini Comics
Country: Japan
Year: 1988
Gender: Fantasy / Horror comic
Albi Tankobon: 27 mm
Periodicity: Aperiodic
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 14 to 20

BastardRelegate the manga Bastard exclusively in the fantasy category it would be too simplistic for a character that ranges from humor to horror, passing through hard scenes with a lot of ease, up to giving clear references to the heavy metal style. Bastard how genre and target can be approached Berserk (therefore definitely not recommended for children), if we have to compare it with an anti-hero of manga comics, even if there is a lot of difference between the two characters. The adventures of Bastard they begin in the fantastic world of Mate-Likana, a realm of good that after several years is about to yield to the realm of the four kings of the army of darkness. The only hope lies in the birth of little Rusie Renren, who guards the soul of the great sorcerer Dark Schneider (Bastard). Rusie Renren will then be entrusted to the care of the beautiful Tia Nort Yoko, the daughter of the kingdom's high priest. Legend has it that the sorcerer will have to be awakened from the body of Rusie Renren, by the kiss of a young virgin girl and this happens thanks to Tia Nort Yoko. Dark Schneider (Bastard) thus returns to live stronger and you can than ever, but his behavior is not quite what everyone expected, in fact he immediately proves to be a violent, sadistic, lustful and megalomaniac. Dark Schneider (Bastard) thanks to his magic and his power he would like to conquer the world and have at his feet all the most beautiful women of the kingdom.The kingdom of Mate-Likana meanwhile continues to be threatened by the forces of evil who want to awaken the demon Anslasax, but Dark Schneider seems uninterested in all of this. The only one who has the courage to urge the sorcerer is Tia Nort Yoko who forces him to fight instead of thinking about his Harem. Then comes the time of violent battles and confrontations with magic blows and sword duels against the four kings of the army of darkness, who in the past were students of Dark Schneider (Bastard). In the various battles that follow, Dark Schneider (Bastard) killed in a duel and transported to another parallel universe, where chaos reigns.

He will fight against Satan himself and against the sensual flagship of the Demons, Porno Diano. Meanwhile, in order to punish men, God hurls his army of death angels against the earth, while Tia Nort Yoko and Abigail, fighting alongside sorcerers and samurai, try to resurrect Dark Schneider (Bastard), thanks to the Ark of Europea. When Dark Schneider (Bastard) is brought back to life he will find himself fighting against the powerful wizard of the kingdom of darkness Kall-su, who however manages to have the necessary seals to awaken the terrible Anslasax. Another terrible enemy that will be faced by Bastrad is Devil Konron, so powerful as to require the intervention of the angels Serafini Gabriele, Raffaele and Michele. After many battles with demons of the underworld, angels of heaven and busty and sensual women of the underworld, Dark Schneider will succeed (Bastard) to get the better of the terrible enemies and above all the monstrous Anslasax? The manga in Italy is published by Granata Press, while the beautiful cartoon consisting of 6 audiovisuals lasting 35 minutes by Yamato Video, has faithfully reconstructed with the stroke and story of the author Kazushi Hagiwara enriching it with spectacular animations and breathtaking scenarios.


All characters and images of Bastard are copyright Kazushi Hagiwara and the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Bastard video

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