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Batman of the future

Original title: Batman of the future
Terry McGinnis, Bruce Wayne, Maxine "Max" Gibson, Dana Tan, Ace
Production: Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Bros. Television
Regia: Butch Lukic, Dan Riba
Country: United States
Year: 2001
Gender: Adventure / Superheroes
Episodes: 52
Duration: 30 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Batman of the future

The cartoon series Batman of the Future (in the American original Batman Beyond) was produced by Warner Bros. Television, for a total of 52 episodes of 24 minutes each, divided into three series. Broadcast in America in 1999, in Italy was known in 2004 thanks to Italia 1 and Cartoon Network. The story is set 40 years after the exploits of Batman, who by now, due to his age, is no longer active in defending the law. Bruce Wayne, in fact, retired several years earlier, after having risked killing a woman, during a firefight with a criminal. retired to private life. From this resulted in the social degradation of Gotham City, which has now become the land of conquest of all types of criminal organizations. His own company is now in the hands of Derek Powers, a powerful man who organizes shady deals. The protagonist of the series is the young Terry McGinnis, son of Warren McGinnis, a former employee of Bruce Wayne. His father was killed by Derek Powers' hit men, as he discovers a nerve gas trafficking by the billionaire. This is what Terry McGinnis reveals to Bruce Wayne, when he is saved by the latter, after an attack suffered by the Jokers, of the followers of Batman's archenemy. Terry McGinnis wants to avenge his father's death and for this he asks for help from Bruce Wayne, who rejects him as he has sworn not to wear the clothes of Batman anymore.

Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne

Terry then decides to take justice for himself and having stolen Batman's suit, ventures to thwart the plans of the criminal organization. Bruce Wayne, understands the courage and desire for redemption of that boy, therefore decides to follow him in his intent, guiding him and enriching him with precious strategic and technological suggestions, which will allow him to face the enemies of Gotham City. In this he will be helped by the beautiful Barbara Gordon, the police commissioner who took the place of his father and who in the past has worn the shoes of Batgirl.
In 2002, the animated film "Batman of the future - Return of the Joker" was released, a sequel to the animated series of the same name, where Joker returns to Gotham City to eliminate Bruce Wayne, a new Black Knight will save his mentor and discover the secret of the immortal villain. After 40 years of absence, Joker breaks into the property of millionaire Wayne revealing that he knows his true identity. Joker is about to kill Bruce, but Batman of the Future, aka Terry McGinnis, arrives in time to save him. The film can be considered the pinnacle of the new line inaugurated years earlier with "Batman - The Animated Series", as, more than in the past, it represents content and situations more suited to an adult audience. The final solution that explains the longevity of the historical antagonist is the clearest example of this. Precisely for this reason, Warner has created a "cut" version for television and home video, publishing the full version on DVD, and rewriting many scenes that have ended up trivializing the story itself.

Batman of the future

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Batman of the future video

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