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Bazoops! - the animated series
Bazoops! the animated series

Original title: Kazoops!
Anthony Aston, Patrick Egerton, David Webster and Scott Langley
Monty, Jimmy Jones, Jeanie, Stan, Violet, Nonna
Production: Cheeky Little Media / Giggle Garage Animations, 2016
Country: Canada
Year: September 2016
transmitted : Netflix September 2016.
Gender: comedy
Episodes: 26
duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 3 to 6 years old

The adventures of a new, hilarious family arrive on the canal.

From 4 February, from Monday to Friday, at 13.45 on Cartoon

Get up there Cartoon (channel 46 of DTT) a new series in absolute TV premiere, BAZOOPS, starring Monty, a very imaginative six-year-old boy and his cheerful family. The appointment is for February 4th, from Monday to Friday, at 13.45pm.
Monty lives with his family and his inseparable friend Jimmy Jones, a very nice pet pig. Every day Monty, to liven up his everyday life, uses his vivid imagination and music to find a new way of seeing things.
As soon as something surprises him and in fact intrigues him, the boy exclaims: "Bazzops!" and this marks the beginning of a new adventure and a new song: who says pigs don't dream? Or that the socks must be worn coordinated? That the end of a story cannot be changed and that all monsters are scary? In the world of fantasy anything is possible, Monty and his friend Jimmy Jones know it well and, once back in the real world, they will tell the rest of the family. The series shows the little ones that even behind the most banal and ordinary thing there can be beautiful surprises, the important thing is to explore all the streets in front of you with curiosity.

The characters of Bazoops!

Monty is the protagonist of the series. He is 6 years old and is noted by a vivid imagination.
Jimmy Jones he is Monty's inseparable pig, companion of adventures and experiences.
Jeanie is the sister of Monty, a great lover of music.
Violet she is Monty and Violet's mom.
Stan he is Monty and Jeanie's dad.
Grandmother by Monty.

Pictures of the Bazoops!

Monty, Jimmy Jones and the characters of his fantasy

Monty, Jimmy Jones and the characters of his fantasy

Bazoops! and the little hamster

The Bazoops and the little hamster!

The characters - Bazoops! - the animated series

The characters of Bazoops!

Videos of Bazoops

Bazoops! copyright Cheeky Little Media / Giggle Garage Animations, 2016 and rights holders


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